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  1. I have tried in vain to reach someone in order to lodge a complaint. I'm given numbers that are supposed to be corporate numbers but they aren't. Left a request for a call back on a so called complaint line, no one called back. My only recourse is to complain on this site, but I'm sure it won't go beyond this page. I have been a customer ofr years but NO MORE!! When I place an online order, I expect it to be delivered on the date & time as it shows when order is placed. I don't expect the date &/or time to be changed online prior to original delivery status. A 3 hr. delivery window is ridiculous enough, but me not knowing this until time passes & I go online to call about it & see it's been changed. This has happened too many times including with today's order. Your products are no longer that good to warrant me spending 6 hrs. needlessly waiting for a driver to show up. I am no longer going to order from your company & I will let all relatives & friends know how you lack the kind of service that your high prices should reflect.

  2. This company is a crock of you know what. They don't give a crock of you know what about their customers. They don't want customers,,,sit around waiting on them to show up on the day scheduled,, and where are they? No where to be found and they don't even have the decency to call and say why they didn't show up,,,,,Goodbye Schwan's,,,,never again will I get sucked into your lies.

  3. My delivery time is 2-5pm I watched the truck drive by my house. I left for work at 5:45PM and no delivery. This morning I get a delivery confirmation email. So they gave it to my 13 year old who does not have authority to use my card and didn't have the actual card anyway. He then in turn put the order downstairs on the floor where I find it this morning. The bag had a leak and now I have melted ice cream and thawed seafood liquid on the floor. I called the call center and get I'm so sorry I'm just a call center and I'll put in for a refund on the credit card. I called the local manager who hasn't shown up for work by 8:30am so I left a message and I still haven't heard from them. I called the Corporate number and all I get is the banking department will call with the refund and we will send an email to the local office. What a crock of S%$#. My father was a manager for many many years in Penn and LA and this never would have flied back then. I will never be ordering from Schwan's again. I've always been a loyal customer except when I was stationed overseas and this is how you treat customers. GOOD BYE SCHWAN'S!

  4. We were suppose to get an order today. The truck stopped, but did not come to the door. I called three times about this and have received three different answers…..the truck driver said we were not home…..we would have it later……we would not have it at all as they said I ordered the order today (which is incorrect)and it would be delivered on June 5th. Absolutely wonderful customer service……the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing in your company!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Schwan's is a sinking ship. The company culture is toxic and the quality of executives has deteriorated, bottom of the barrel leaders. No ability to grow the company, lining their pockets is their only objective. Bankruptcy in a couple/few years is possible. The family and Board of Directors needs to wake up and clean house. Higher quality executives are available in the market.

  6. My home service has changed in the last couple months. I am no longer able to order what I need when I need it.
    Being unable to get to Dave Muscato one of the CEOs at Schwans I decided to write here.
    Things I have been told by corporate office customer relations are very concerning. My circumstances and delivery are as well. Lake County Ohio
    Schwans really needs to step up.

  7. Delivery Service really BLOWS. You go and Order several days before your scheduled delivery date, you pay for the order on-line, then you do not receive your food order. You do not receive a phone call, you get no where talking with Customer Service in Minnesota, you just feel like you are nobody with this Company. I have been a customer for 25 years, and this is just getting ridiculous. No it is asinine. WE plan our food shopping on what we will order from Schwan's, but we can't depend on Schwan's being reliable any longer. We enjoy their food, but the human Delivery system and their customer service is bottom of the barrel. PGH_Magick

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