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  • Pepsi Corporate Office Headquarters

Pepsi Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Pepsi Corporate Office Headquarters

700 Anderson Hill Road
Purchase, New York 10577
Corporate Phone Number: 1-914-253-2000
Fax: 1-914-253-2070
Customer Service Number: 1-800-433-2652

  • I was wondering how I can get Diet Pepsi with Mango flavoring ? I found it ONCE an can not find it since. Alot of my friends really like Diet Pepsi with mango. Could you try an send this Pepsi to Galion Ohio 44833. Thank You Judy Johnson

  • Shame on Pepsi and Gatorade to allow your brand to show disrespect to our country and anthem and those who fought for it. To have these kneeling NFL players kneel during the anthem then have your Gatorade towel wrapped around their face and shoulders is outrageous. In every news shot of the players kneeling the Gatorade logo is proudly displayed. Your company and your representatives must be so proud of yourselves to allow this unpatriotic display to help promote this product. Too bad the Quaker Oats Company and the Gatorade brand was sold to your company. Your company has no values or integrity anymore. BOYCOTT PEPSI AND GATORADE!!!

  • I would love to know, why here in the Carolina"s Pepsi is becoming second behind coke.That drink( Pepsi) was born and bread in New Bern NC and for that alone wouldn't you think it should be served and even supported in our state without coke interfering.Today we went to a local restaurant that has served pepsi for years, when i ordered one they told me, they had gone to Coke because Pepsi told the owner that he wasn't selling enough to keep him coming back. i am disappointed with that kind of reasoning to begin with. it's almost like a scare tactic. I hope Pepsi will consider the customer instead of the profit, and allow pepsi to step back into the rightful place it deserves to be #1 I'm a die hard fan of Pepsi and was given some on a spoon when i was about 2 weeks old, because my mother, being a new mom could not get me to quit crying as a joke my aunt said she wants a sip of pepsi when i was given a taste mom told me i batted my eyes a few times, but i quit crying, now hows that for a loyal pepsi drinker

    Thanks for at Least reading my concern
    The Weeks

  • CEO won't shut her mouth. Flavor is weak compared to before. It's always flat. Time to boycott. Make Pepsi Great Again.

  • PEPSI machines at my place of employment are not maintained, maintenance or filled. I called the local Sales Manager who states that the branch/company in Puerto Rico is short on drivers. Since August 2013, a driver has been to this high school three times. The last was right before holiday break but no drink machines were filled; However, the snack machine was filled even after the driver was told that we were going on three weeks of holiday leave. This is a huge waste of funding. I called the Miami Corporate office and shared my complaint regarding the lack of merchandise, and was promised that a follow up call would be made in a week, to no avail. I instead called the woman back myself and left several messages but again no calls were returned.
    I ma sure that PEPSI stock holders are proud of their management staff!!!!

  • i use to but Pepsi now i buy coke the reason is coke has the eight ounce bottle if Pepsi had the eight ounce bottle i would buy Pepsi more…

  • I purchase A LOT of Pepsi and all the ones I got that had the date of April 2013 were bad. I have thrown away 2 6pack 24 ounce and they are not cheap. I just opened one this morning and it is the same and I have 2 of these. That makes 4 that I have thrown away and that is very costly. I have been drinking Pepsi for years, will not touch Coke but if this keeps up I won't be able to afford to buy them just to throw them away. What had happened, is the whole batch of April 2013 bad.

  • I'm just glad Pepsi is choosing not to shove anyone's religion down my throat. Thank you Pepsi. I'll be drinking more of your products.

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