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  1. Does the Dr. Pepper corporation know Walmart is hoarding your Dr. Pepper Zero products and selling them for 10 times the normal price ($32.00 per 12 pack)? Go to their online ordering and you will see it. I have screen shots that I will send it necessary. I made 5 calls to your customer service line. I was put on hold or transferred and then the calls were dropped. I stated the issue once and the person ended the call without replying. I finally was able to talk to someone who told me the retailers can set any price. That's understandable to a certain extent, but a retailer as large as Walmart is now controlling your product. I cannot buy these products at any store within a 20 mile radius. I can only buy them online for 10 times the reasonable price. Walmart is hoarding and price gouging.
    I asked that I be contacted about the outcome of any investigation and was told I would be but he hadn't taken my information. When I asked to give my information he seemed to simply be pacifying me. I will be watching this and if nothing is done I will be contacting U.S. Representative Michael Burgess for a government investigation into price gouging.

  2. WHY are there NEVER any Dr Pepper 10's on the delivery truck??? You get me hooked and then take them away!!! Diet Dr. Pepper is NOT the same taste!!!

  3. has anyone noticed Dr.pepper don't taste like dr.pepper what is going on!! I only drink dr pepper and I can tell you this something has changed I don't like it!!

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