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Huddle House Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Huddle House Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

5901-B Peachtree Dunwoody Rd., NE
Atlanta, GA 30328
Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-325-1300
Customer Service Number: 1-770-325-1300
Website: HuddleHouse

  • 1. I and several others walked into the Huddle House in Jackson, Georgia. We were not together. I was a party of one. This was Sunday, May 8th, Mother's Day.
    2. Waitresses were running to wipe off tables and get us all seated. There was no list to keep us in order of who came in first, or where we were seated. We were interspersed among all the other customers.
    3. After not having my order taken after 1/2 hour, I excused myself to a waitress who was at the table next to me and asked if I could get a sweet tea. She asked for a minute, and then she brought my sweet tea.
    4. After another 30 minutes, a waitress dropped another sweet tea to my table as she was hurrying along but did not stop to take my order.
    5. I got the attention of a waitress at the next table again and asked if I could order. She asked, "You haven't been waited on yet?" She asked for a minute, and in a minute she did return and take my order.
    6. After 1 1/2 hours, my food was still not at my table. The family who had been seated before me had eaten, paid, and gone.
    7. I realized that this was the "ignore women eating alone" problem that many restaurants have.
    8. I went to the front of the restaurant and asked to speak to the manager. The woman I spoke to said that she was the manager. That took me by surprise, as she was wearing a crocheted hair wrap, and was dressed as if she was janitorial staff. Every other employee was dressed in uniform.
    9. I said to her, "Could I please get something to eat? I've been waiting an hour and a half. She said, "No!" I was speechless for a moment. When she saw this, she said, "I don't want to sound rude, but we have to take to-go orders in the same order that we give to customers in the restaurant.
    10. I explained to her that I felt as a woman I had been ignored, and about the family in front of me. She demanded to know what table number mine was, and which waitress was supposed to wait on me. Seeing how hard the waitresses were working, while she was standing in front of the line of tickets just staring at them most of the time, I told her I didn't think it was the waitresses fault.
    11. She said, "Well, I am looking at your ticket now, and you are still just in the middle of the line. I said, "So am I supposed to leave the restaurant after 1 1/2 hours and find somewhere else to eat? She said, "you do whatever you want to do." I said (angrily and wrongly, I admit), I think if a woman came in here alone, and slumped over and died, you wouldn't notice it until the next day. Then I left.
    1. If the lack of organization at the front end is the corporate responsibility, then your policy should change. If it is the manager's responsibility, then this manager has not lived up to her responsibilities.
    2. This manager does not know how to speak in a respectful manner to customers.
    3. If you look up any site which speaks to customer curtesy, you will find that in house customers must be given priority over phone customers.
    Your waitresses are paid for the most part by customers who are in house, and who get good service. If you are a law-abiding company, you must make up any hours when the waitress does not make enough tips to make the minimum wage. So placing the to-go orders ahead of in-house customers does not even make sense financially.
    Training in equality (female/male) is essential. Women are sometimes treated as unimportant or invisible when they are not accompanied by a male partner or by children. You are not the only restaurant who is guilty of this, but most are trying to improve.
    If the corporation is responsible, managers must be re-trained. If these problems are management problems, I would check the manager's record. If this is the first complaint, I would like to see re-training. If there have been many complaints, I would like to see a write up or more serious penalty, according to the amount of complaints there have been.

  • My husband and I were at the Garfield NJ location on 4/15/22. Aweful to say the least. We arrived around 12pm and never left until 1:45. The service was horrible. We ordered breakfast. The OJ was warm,service was poor and the food when it did come out was disgusting. My husbands Pecan waffle was spongy and not cooked. The hash brown potatoes were so dry you nearly choked on them.He sent it back and spoke with the manager and she said we had to get anUBER food out first. She offered 10% off. The second waffle was just as bad as the first.I was livid. You have people waiting for food and UBER was more important. Sadly there was only 8 people in the restaurant.Almost 2 hours for a waffle and omelet. We will NEVER return to that place again.

  • I went to the st pauls huddle house and when I went to sit down the waitresses came over and said the grill is closed. I asked why and she said that the cook wasn't cooking anymore. It was 9pm and the cook didn't get off until 10pm. This is not the first time this has happened. One of the people at are table had a coupon. She stated only one person at the table could use coupons. I said but it will be separate bills. She stated her manager told her no only one. Sorry service. I will just throw the coupons in the trash and never go back.

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