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Ninety Nine 99 Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Ninety Nine 99 Corporate Office Headquarters

O’Charley’s Inc.
3038 Sidco Drive 3038
Nashville, TN 37204 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-781-933-8999
Customer Service Number:  1-866-998-3558

  • We have eaten at the Glastonbury 99 restaurant nearly every week since they opened. It was good food,a nice atmosphere for a fair price. We knew and loved the wait staff. Recently a total makeover occurred and with we noticed a change. Twice I tried the "tender prime rib" selection . It used to be very tender but not for the past several months. I suspect a new meat supplier. It is not an improvement. We had our final meal last Friday. I had the prime rib and I struggled with it. It was a different texture , hard to cut, or chew. I managed to eat half of it. Gone is the day where it just fell off the knife and melted in your mouth. My husband had the sirloin. It was somewhat chewy but he managed. The music is now loud and obnoxious. It is annoying. Our bill of $45 is something we would tolerate but not for the meat given us. This is the 2nd time and sadly the final time. We are moving on to other restaurants.

  • Tina Servideo is the best 99 Bartender in Auburn. Sad that you think its okay to take her shifts away!!!!! Maybe you need to look at the two other girls that are hateful.

  • please do us all a favor and either get "professional staff both kitchen and wait staff or close the 99 restaurant at 10 Main St. Stoneham, MA. The wait staff is slow and forgetful and the kitchen can't get an order HOT or Correct. More than once the meal have arrive COLD and improperly prepared. I ordered a well done classic burger, it took 25 minutes and it arrived Rare, while the steak tips took the same time and arrived medium well, not medium rare and COLD both orders. Sent burger back, manager came over, joking that the "burgers wasn't right and offered a "slice of pie" to fix the oversite (which I declined) the burger was what was wanted but no offer was given to address that issue. Your Lynnfield and Saugus MA locations are just as bad, one might as well go to Wendy's/BK/McDonalds as the service, value at least give you a fair deal.

  • A group of 6 ladies, ranging in age from 45 to 70 meet once a month at the 99 in Nashua, NH and have been for many years. We worked together at one time, enjoy each other's company and like catching up. Four of us are retired and only 2 still work. Most staff members know us and know we tip well, so they like to see us come in. We asked if the music could be turned and were told, "corporate policy says it needs to be at a certain level". We thought corporate policy was to PLEASE THE CUSTOMER??? What has changed?

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