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  • Quicken Loans Corporate Office Headquarters

Quicken Loans Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Quicken Loans Corporate Office Headquarters

1050 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI 48226 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-863-4332
Customer Service Number: 1-800-863-4332
Quicken Loans Phone Number: 1-800-251-9080


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  1. Why do you have an image of an old white guy as your advertisement. So old White guys lend us money? Or wait, I get it, your credible because you have a WHITE OLD MAN in glasses in your ad? Is that what Quicken is? Old White guys?

  2. You have the very worst "recruiters" I've ever had the horrible experience is dealing with. One guy lead me on for weeks without telling me they were not interested and a lady kept me on the phone for an hour and then never followed through on her promises for an appointment for a interview. It was all set up and then without calling me…I never got the instructions on parking, etc that she was suppose to email to me. If that is how you work your hiring process…I'd never ever want to work with such a evil and horrible company. Quicken Loans suck!!!

  3. What kind of company are you that you lead someone on that you will give them a mortgage and 2 day before the expected close date you deny the loan. You pre-qualified the loan and the denied it with the same information that you approved the prequalification. Merry Christmas, now my daughter and her family have 3 weeks to move. Not only did you lead my daughter on but you lead on the current home owners. This all happened in Harperferry (Bakerstown)West Virginia. So the money and hard work she spent getting the house ready( per your representative direction), she will loose. Useless corporate America, Thanks for nothing.

  4. Quicken Loans started out of the gate strong but their affiliation with Titlesource has killed my loan from getting finalized. Over 60 days and they are holding up my loan over something that is not essential for the proper recording of the deed. Don't go with them.

  5. Quicken Loans is the worst company to do business with. They equate speed with quality. Quicken must pay high wages for the amount of work that is done; use to be called "piece work". they promised to take money out of my account on one day and did it another; now they have put me in a position that I must declare bankruptcy. People be careful when you jump into this shark pool

    avajon fraizer

    1. You are so very correct. Quicken Loans is a evil and rotten company – period. Very horrible place…and downright evil.

  6. Nothing against you ,but i have been receiving calls the last 4 days from someone in Ohio quicken loans asking for a Christine . i am not Christine asked for them to stop spam calling me just thought you should know . i would never use quicken loans do not need to

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Corporate Office Headquarters