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  • Santander USA Corporate Office Headquarters

Santander USA Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Santander USA Corporate Office Headquarters

Santander Holdings USA, Inc.
75 State Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02109 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-617-346-7200


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  1. Very corrupt business. We are a military family and they are denying us protection through SCRA even though we qualify. Trying to reach corporate now, but we are definitely taking legal action. This cannot continue!!!

  2. Just received a check from Santander for MONTHLY fees that were mistakenly charged. This account was closed several years ago. Why were these fees charged? Why weren't they refunded upon closing the account? Why did it take years to get this $$$. Why don't they answer their phone. Why do you need an account number to get service? If you have answers to these questions, let customer service know. Oh, that's right, they don't answer their phones!

  3. Wow. It's really disturbing how when you call the corporate number you get the customer service menu. When you all finally decide to take the hold of my pending check deposit, I'm changing banks. Santander is one of the most deceitful companies in this country.

  4. As the trustee of a trust, I knew some complicated paperwork would be required to set it up, so I set it up in advance so there would be no urgency when it began to be needed.
    I went to your bank in Middleboro, Massachusetts on Friday 9/16 with a deposit slip with my account number on it from your bank, to make my first meaningful deposit. Much to my surprise, the teller reported to me that there was no such account even though I had my transaction slip of my small initial deposit of $20.
    As it turned out, the bank had closed my account with no notification to me and simply essentially stole my $20. Upon seeing what had happened, the teller next door, actually took a $20 bill from his drawer to give to me.
    Since opening the account, none of my requests such as receiving printed checks, or establishing online banking have been attended to. As the bank kept sending me surveys, I kept complaining about my experience but no corrections were ever made.
    Because of the initial significant paperwork, I chose to reopen an account with Santander, in spite of the fact that it is without a doubt, the worst bank I have ever used.
    I thought you should be aware of the very negative presentation that branch is presenting to the public.


    Trustee Therese Snow Marital Trust

  5. Santander sent out an August 11, 2016 letter stating the will start charging $3 for paper statements. On the phone they claim seniors will not be charged. NOTHING IN THE LETTER ON THIS. Seniors are not the only people without online service. In addition there are persons on disability and unemployment who are barely surviving. With 5 million plus customers Santander hopes to collect over $15,000,000 per month from already cash strapped customers. This kind of greed has to stop. I will be moving my account from them and encouraging my friends and associates to do the same. THey do not need my zero paying interest account.

  6. What a bunch of frauds…. They called me on a Monday to inform me that there was fraudulent activity on my card. Turns out there was which is awesome they called…. This guy spent 1000$ at dunkin donuts online. That is proof enough it is fraud in my book. Rent is just around the corner and they tell me they wont give me my money back for 2 weeks which is after the date I need to pay rent. I asked why, they said that is how long the process takes…. So apparently they have a bunch of incompetent clowns working for them because it doesn't take a genius to realize 1000$ to DD online is fraud…. Also I find it funny I go to New York and go to the ATM and they freeze my card and I cant use it, but somehow they cant kill 10 100$ transactions to DD online. You all are a bunch of crooks and I cant wait to leave this foolish band of misfits called Santander bank. I have been a customer for 10 years and I have never overdrawn or caused them any headaches, now in a time of need when I need their support this is the help I receive. I will have you know I have a very large family all of which use Santander…. well they are about to lose this families business and some of our close friends. They cant be trusted and they sure aren't reliable so why am I going to trust these clowns with my money. You all are a bunch of incompetent pencil pushers who have no backbone. You are pathetic, give me my money that I didn't spend back so I can close my account and never deal with you fools again.

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