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  • Ruby Tuesday Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Ruby Tuesday Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Ruby Tuesday Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Official Address:

150 West Church Avenue

Maryville, TN 37801 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-865-379-5700

Fax Number: 1-865-379-5004

Customer Service Number: 1-865-379-5700

  • Ruby Tuesday in Inverness, Fl. has a room on the right side as you enter which is usually noisy and crowded with tables set too close to each other. On Sunday, Nov 6, after my husband and I (both USAF retired and veterans of the Vietnam war era) left a concert performed in honor of the military veterans, went to this particular Ruby Tuesday. We were wearing attire showing that we were veterans. There were plenty of open tables and booths on the left side where we prefer to sit and the right side was again fairly crowded. We were refused a seat on the left side. Before we walked out, I spoke with a young guy who claimed to be the manager on duty. His explanation for the refusal to sit us on the left side was that he had just released the server from that side. It is sad to hear that a server could not walk 10 or 15 feet to the other side to put a plate on the table while those of us veterans left our homes and families to serve thousands of miles away and put up with hardship that does not compare to an additional few steps. This location is one of the worst when it comes to customer service. Someone forgot to tell the staff that this is veterans appreciation week all over the United States. It is likely that I will send this to our county newspaper to let our other people know how Ruby Tuesday shows their appreciation of military veterans. Needless to say, we chose to leave instead of having a meal in an uncomfortable area of the restaurant.

  • I went to lunch today at the Gulf Breeze Florida Ruby Tuesdays (as I often do) and the majority of lights kept flickering on and off. It wasn't just a few lights it was all the lights over the salad bar and in the bar area. I spoke to several servers, and they informed me that the lights have been like this for weeks. My initial thought that is a short somewhere because how they all went off and on at the same time. Unfortunately, I was unable to finish my meal due to the flashing lights I felt a seizure coming on and had to leave. I hope you are able to resolve this issue because I would like to frequent your establishment again. The food was wonderful, and I will enjoy it at home, but I would rather be able to eat in the restaurant.

    Thank you for your time,

    Tina Marie McCurdy

  • Today 4/2/21 we waited 20 minutes for a table. Then we got our table and ordered 30 minutes later we stopped our waitress and asked how much longer until we get our food. She checked and realized she forgot to put our order in. So we waited another 20 minutes and still no food. We got up and left. Terrible!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I work at the Rudy Tuesday in Alexander City, Alabama and the management is horrible there is only one good one. It seems like I am in a prison. It is a living hell hole. The restaurant had really gone downhill. IT IS VERY NASTY THERE!!!!! They don't mop the floors they just get buckets of water throw it on the floor and let it run down the drain. the general manager think that the whole world revolver around him, he thinks that he can talk to people any kind of way. One weekend when I was working there we had four people to quit in two days all because of our general manager, we really need a new one

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