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  • Friendlys Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Friendlys Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Friendly’s Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

1855 Boston Road
Wilbraham, MA  01905
Corporate Phone Number: 1-413-731-4000
Customer Service Number: 1-800-966-9970

  • Good afternoon,
    I have enjoyed your ice cream for 60+ years. I am suggesting a new flavor. I mixed some crushed Oreo cookies in your red rasberry ice cream. I put a little whipped cream on top. I think it is delicious, what say you?
    Stay well,
    Dan Bombard

  • Please check out Medford long island NY. Very poor. Cold coffee
    We received our check and never asked for dessert ending. We spoke to !Anager she said she goes to ,7-11 ???? Really.
    Very discouraged.

  • I really don't understand your company. I feel as customers are just talking — what will it take to wake Friendlys up? Do you not care about your customers. I have been to several sites and it seems everyone is angry over service, the atmosphere and food. Humm maybe its time for a national news wake up.

  • Our local Friendly's is the most inefficient restuarant in the area. This visit 13 total tables were in use and it took an hour and fifteen minutes to get a tuna melt and grilled turkey nuggets. The waiters and waitress were serving tables that were not located in the same area, so they weren't very attentive. After an hour the kitchen help came to apologize, noting that the problem was understaffing. We tried talking to the manager, who gave the elderly couple, who came in after us and were served before us, a free meal; but he wasn't particularly interested….maybe we just weren't old enough.
    Just before we left the waitress said the manager was new. I appreciate the problems that go with being new on the job, but what it tells me is that corporate doesn't have a good training program, exit eval, or support.

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