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Lucky Brand Corporate Office 

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Lucky Brand corporate office is located in Los Angeles, California. This post is designed to provide comprehensive information about Lucky Brand’s headquarters, suitable for those looking to contact the company, share reviews, file complaints, or seeking general information about its operations in the fashion retail industry.

How To Contact Lucky Brand Headquarters Address and Phone Number

Lucky Brand Corporate Address: 1411 Broadway, New York, NY 10018 USA

Lucky Corporate Office Phone Numbers and Contact Pages

Lucky Brand Corporate Office

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Lucky Brand: Company Bio

Founded in 1990, Lucky Brand is a distinguished name in the fashion industry, known for its unique style of jeans and a variety of other apparel. The brand caters to a wide audience seeking quality and stylish clothing options.

Lucky Brand’s Competitive Landscape

Lucky Brand competes in the fashion retail market, facing challenges from other clothing brands like Levi’s, Gap, and American Eagle. Its strategy includes focusing on high-quality materials, distinctive designs, and maintaining a strong brand presence.

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Lucky Brand Complaints, Reviews, Feedback, Ratings, and Comments

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Lucky Brand Horrible Customer Service

February 17, 2024

Customer Service told me I had to wait to get a return label and when I asked to speak to a supervisor she said her name was Paula and SHE was the supervisor. She also hung up on me numerous times and said she was not allowed to hang up on people so no, she didn’t do that. I’m not going to just let this go. It was unprofessional poor customer service and clearly Im not the first to experience this. They really need to find some new employees. The experience was horrible. I will not be ordering from them again.

Jillian Veilleux

Lucky Brand Fuzzy Socks

January 15, 2024

Fuzzy socks! I received a cute box set of fuzzy socks from my Mother-In-Law last Christmas. Opened them today & they are shedding all over the place. (See picture attached) There were 2 things that I would rate highly: 1. The packaging was really cute. 2, The appearance of the sock was cute. But I cannot imagine what will happen when I wash these. I feel like maybe all of the socks will end up in the lint trap of my dryer. Very disappointed in the product quality ☹️.

Deirdre Swaim

Lucky Brand Return/Exchange Policies

December 6, 2023

Hello, to whom may it concern.

Recently, I ordered two jeans mid-rise. To my surprise, it was not complimenting my 67-year-old body. I went to Glendale CA, store for the larger size. They told me they didn’t have a regular style. I did the exchange for a larger size. I washed the jeans and air-dried them. The fit was too low and I was not happy. I emailed Lucky Customer Service to see if they can make an exception for an exchange. After a few emails and sending my online and store receipts back and forth not get my concern resolved. I called and spoke to your representative and she said since you did an exchange in the store maybe the store manager will make an exception. I went back again and spoke to the store manager/Supervisor. She informed me that it is store policy. They can’t take or exchange washed jeans back. I explained my health issues and that I needed to wash the jeans before I put them on.

I am very disappointed as a loyal customer with your customer care and service. I have raised my four Children with the Lucky Brand.

I am sharing my disappointment and my experience.

Silva Tchakmakian
Corporate Office Headquarters