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  • New Balance Corporate Office Headquarters

New Balance Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact New Balance Corporate Office Headquarters

New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.
Brighton Landing, 20 Guest St.
Boston, MA 02135-2088
Corporate Phone Number: 1-617-783-4000
Fax: 1-617-787-9355
Website: New Balance

  • Is any one of the commentators receiving responses from NB? Quality control seems to be an issue. For myself it's the sizing that has changed, requiring that I order 3 different pairs of NERGIZE from 8.0 to 8.5 to 9.0 and none fit like the pair purchased in 2019.
    NB please know that many of us are looking forward to the return of manufacture to the U.S. = standardized sizes.

  • Twice already I'd texted New Balance about their labelling. Each time they were evasive. The 2nd time i requested they include my text in their reply. Which they failed to do word for word. (Just now i discovered this corporate contact-form so i tried yet a 3rd time to get a straight answer.
    Here's how it went via text to 800-595-9138:

    My Q: "Which NewBalance label was produced at an earlier date? The labels that state Made in USA of imported materials, or the ones that say Assembled in USA ditto?"

    [Sure enough, in their reply-text, disregarding my forementioned request, they didn't even copy paste my original accurately, rather persisted in using their own language – I.E. they excluded the part about imported material when quoting my Q]

    "Made in USA means virtually all parts of the shoe was made here. Manufactured in USA normally means it was made here in USA but some parts of the shoe were outsourced elsewhere."

    NOTE: Aside from the fact that the latter is untrue, for the 2nd time they didn't bother informing me which were made earlier. They are unconscionable! I'm sick of all the CEO's who run ever worse companies in this ever-more deteriorating world. It's time that the tables were turned, and let them feel all the foot pain of people whom they withheld decent-fitting shoes from! (as well as the frustration caused by withholding honestly-made, good-quality materials .

  • New ad for New Balance (instead of the Nike "believe in something even if it means not knowing blah,blah….crap") New Balance – Know what can keep the American dream great…. it's the goodness in America's souls(soles?) that we at New Balance all create

    • You are absolutely right about the souls/soles. I always feel completely compforatble when I purchase a new pair of "New Balance Sneakers"'
      This year it was number "624"
      Amazon is quite the salesan when it comes to trying to order one pair and ending up with three. LOL I returned the first pair successfully. But some how I am being charged for 2 of the same pair "624". I would not mind if I physically had them in my possesion. But I was to inform the amazon driver to return them. I don;t know where they went. The only reason I am telling you my story is because Amazon and Bezos are no where to be reached .LOL. I do know what the solution is but I can't seem to get to talk to anyone at Amazon. Adios my listener. Its too bad for business signing off

  • My comment is based around myself and many other readers who were staunch buyers of the 608. But it seems as though New Balance is not at all concerned about customer service or quality. Again I digress, I bought NB 608's for years but after finding out they left the States quality has sunken to a NEW LOW! The last pair of shoes I purchased had the glue brushed so thinly that I had to glue them back together with contact cement. Apparently they have so much money at the Corporate Offices that they need not worry about selling what used to be one of the TOP BRAND sneakers but rather make them as cheaply as possible.

  • THE MINIMUS 10 V 3 WAS THE GREATEST SHOE EVER CREATED ON EARTH! PLEASE BRING IT BACK THERE ARE ATHLETES ALL OVER AMERICA WHO NEED THIS SHOE RE-RELEASED!! i understand non-athletes complaining about it, but they will sell incredibly well i assure you!!

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