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Kedplasma Corporate Office 

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Kedplasma Center

Kedplasma corporate office is located in Alabama. More information for Kedplasma is listed below including their address, phone number, customer reviews, and Keplasma complaints.

How to Contact Kedplasma Corporate Office Headquarters HQ:

Address – 3103 Airport Blvd, Ste 160 Mobile, AL 36606 USA
Email: n/a
Website: Kedplasma.com
Kedplasma Corporate Number: 1-251-479-2224
Kedplasma Human Resources Phone Number: 1-251-479-2224
Kedplasma Phone Number for Customer Service: 1-251-479-2224

Kedplasma Parent Company – Kedrion Biopharma Inc.

Address – 400 Kelby Street 11th Floor Fort Lee, NJ 07024 North America USA
Phone Number – 1-201-242-8900
Phone for Kedplasma Customer Service – 1-855-353-7466
Website: Kedrion.us

Maps and Directions to Kedplasma Headquarters at Kedrion Biopharma

Kedplasma Corporate Office
Kedplasma Headquarters Address and Phone Number

Retail Healthcare Competition

Walmart, Target, Kroger, Publix, CVS and Walgreens, who are not just content with dispensing prescriptions but are moving into health services like minute-clinics, health screenings, and even minor medical treatments. They may start offering services like blood donation and plasma donations like CSL Plasma.


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Kedplasma Augusta GA

March 23, 2024

I wouldn’t never go back again went about 10 times! But a needle through your skin but deep under my skin that was pain that really hurt I say you take that out told to come back no more I’m not going back it not a enough money making my skin on Wrightsboro Rd in Augusta GA the other day I when bruise up my skin like that

Maurice Hobbs

Kedplasma Tucker GA

March 30, 2024

Unprofessional work environment and attitude.The employees talk very loud across the floor about lunch and other personal issues. They don’t always follow protocol like concerning an issue that I experienced. They deferred me for depleting my saline bag..They input the wrong date that it happened on into the system. I also observed a donor profusely regurgitating one day and one of the employees verbally out loud stated that she was not going anywhere near the mess to help clean it up cause she doesn’t deal with other people’s bodily fluids. They don’t tend to the machines in a quick manner when they give faults. I can attest to this personally myself. This prolongs donar time efficiency. They don’t always ask you to verify your donar number also. All of the clocks on the wall are all set at different times. They carry on personal conversations on the floor in front of the donars. I overheard a conversation once with 2 donars and an employee concerning smoking marijuana and how much they love to smoke it. This is the facility located in Tucker GA on Lawrenceville Hwy.

Nathaniel Gantt

Kedplasma Phone Questionnaire Issue

March 14, 2024

I’ve been donating at BPL for the past 10 years. Kedplasma has taken over and now every time I do the questions on My phone and scan my barcode it won’t let me take my questions.


Kedplasma Customer Service

February 27, 2024

Kedplasma is a Germany owned location connected to the U.S and one of the soul providers whom support Ukraine which is kept as a secret from donors and they’re daily hard workers.

Germany, Ukraine and U.S Owner’s, Co-signer, Corporate Management and The entire Kedplasma Management Team has a terrible history and chemistry with they’re workers and also donors, Germany supports Ukraine In they’re longtime battle with Russia unfortunately American Citizens do not mind helping others but when they are treated and paid as if they are valued lesser, it becomes a personal issue for workers and donors that are actually providing Aid to others in different countries for the Government so workers are stripped of the title and they are pay as normal Class C Citizens with the same pay as any other employer that works for any other plasma center as for donors they are giving more plasma but they are receiving less pay this is a very dangerous practice that could that could impact many lives in the near future just simply trying to give plasma to save lives, amputates and those who truly needs and appreciates where it’s coming from.

Did you know some of the corporate managers at this location specifically the human resources manager does nothing but sit in her office all day she only comes out for lunch and dinner than she heads home she has no floor experience front or back it’s a waste of management space that could be for someone with alot more experienced and active, she also has a nasty way of reacting or dealing with certain human resources issues she lacks the kindness for her fellow team including donors with issues.

Your experience here will be the longest days of your life for example if you where to go as a returning donor be prepared to be there for 2 to 3 hours tops and be prepared to stand for maybe 45 mins of that time hopefully you’re pressure won’t be too high.

Terrible terrible terrible place I look at Germany, Ukraine, and the U.S totally different now.

My observation and investigations on this specific location has brought me to this conclusion after 6 weeks of full donations and witnessing hard working employers give they’re all day in and day out without the quality help or care enough to provide aid or assistance to those trying to help provide aid, as for donors they are unaware, vonarable, not politically educated and willing to help people they do not know there should be laws that protect U.S citizens but greed and hatred doesn’t care if it’s your blood or plasma for them it’s like paying for water.

Terminate the Columbia SC Human Resources Manager she lacks the experience, leadership and team values that is important to the team that should be valued.

I’ll say as for the corporate manager from Texas including his 2 active floor managers have been the most helpful, somewhat understanding, patient and very effective with certain workers and donors issues I would actually give them 4 stars as a management Team.

I’ll give screeners and the entire crew that’s sticking and cleaning 5 stars they have been working under tense pressure daily, frustration, short staff and they still manage a much appreciated time fashion as best to they’re ability daily they deserve a Bonuses, a vacation and raises.

This is my complete review and conclusion I hope everyone remain healthy and make daily healthy choices, I also want all management including employees throughout many agencies to be kind, understanding, honest, aware and welcoming to all those who are supporting, donating or fellow employees or team.

James Davis

Kedplasma Customer Service Issue

February 22, 2024

Disappointed and wronged! I did everything they requested but because they can’t get organized and get their stuff together, like a fax or email that works, I’m not gonna get the $100 bonus! I think it’s intentional. I donated twice a week every week at BPL for nearly 10 years till covid. I came back and because the person doing the physicals was uneducated, I had to get signed off by a real Dr. Permission had to be faxed to KED. I did everything they requested but they couldn’t find the fax! Even though my Dr was on the phone with them at the time! Not my fault! But it’s gonna cost me!

Janice Abbitt
Corporate Office Headquarters