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  • Kedplasma Corporate Office Headquarters

Kedplasma Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Kedplasma Corporate Office Headquarters HQ:

3103 Airport Blvd, Ste 160
Mobile, AL 36606 USA

Email: n/a

Corporate Phone Number: 1-251-479-2224

Customer Care Phone Number: 1-251-479-2224

  • I am at the Las Vegas NV location and the employees that work here take their sweet time to call people back to the floor all the employees want to do is talk and talk about personal things on their phones hiding out from work the last time I was a rude employee was talking and left me with a needle in my arm because she didn’t want to do her job every time I come here the same employee always on her phone just standing around talking to everyone about things that nothing to do with her job all she is worried about is what’s on the t.v and her phone must be nice to get paid to be on their phone instead of working as much as she talks and stands in the back by the lab talking … almost the worst place that I have been to.

  • Amarillo Texas Kedplasma center employee by the name of JT. Very unprofessional and inmuture. While waiting to be screened he yells out across the room for me to go to a specific screen station, I refused to delay my screening due to an important phone call and suggested I would wait for another station seeing how other people were also in line and were willing to go Infront of me. JT and other staff stated to me I had to go now or come back tomorrow. So I said I can wait till number one station was open to go then. I felt they retaliated by making her go on break therefore leaving me no choice but to go home. I felt so degraded and humiliated seeing how other doners where present.

  • I go to the Altoona pa. Location. I applied for a position but was turned down. No problem until I heard another person say they applied but we're turned down. This person mentioned they are over 30. I am over 30. Do they not hire older dependable people? Their comments have me questioning their hiring. Due to a comment made during my interview

  • I'm from Longveiw Texas and I've been a donor for over a year not once I had a problem til this pass Saturday when one of the workers felt like she shoved the needle in my arm yeah it hurts but the problem is another worker by the name of Dee "TRIED" to adjust the needle at the same time causing more pain to my arm now my thing is if someone says stop doing something to them because it's hurting don't ask is it hurting the person say yes you keep doing it cause blood to go everywhere it made me mad I didn't wanna donate nomore for the day they patch me up I left so today o called at 6:15 p.m today I asked if I could donate a woman told me I couldn't donate til December 29th because I left because I refuse to take the pain your employees put upon my arm causing bruises so I can't donate for y'all til the end of December so I asked for a corporate number the number 903-249-2020 really thays not no corporate number period I ask for the guy last name she said I'm not giving it to you plus they'll know who you talking about B.S I'm not stupid she refuse to give me information so I coming here needing to talk to someone ASAP 9 feel like she refuse to help me she lied never not once injad a problem with this facility til now

  • KED plasma in College Park Atlanta GA is horrible. It used to not be this bad. Last time is was here, I sat for over an hour just to have my vitals done. I asked to speak to a manager and I was nice about it. They deferred me in the computer because they said I was rude. I would like to know when I was rude. What just because I talked to management? Be serious!!

  • Hello, I have been donating at the Buffalo office for a couple years now. They are only open 4 days. I can only donate at night because I work during the day. Every now and then I have a pulse over 99. sometimes its 102 or 103. The nurse (when on duty) told me she can ok it under 110 when she is there. Well that is the problem, she is gone home most times when I am there and I get turned away because no one else can approve me for the donation. I always pass my protein, my iron and blood pressure. I work out regularly. My question is, shouldn't their always be a nurse on duty while the place is open? Or someone who is also able to approve my pulse when the nurse is not there? There should always be a nurse on duty..

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