Jewel-Osco Corporate Office Headquarters

Jewel-Osco Corporate Office Headquarters
150 Pierce Rd.
Itasca, Illinois 60143 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-630-948-6000
Customer Service Number: 1-877-932-7948

  • There is a pc at the 63rd and main Downers Grove il Jewel. She works 12 hours a week at her leisure. You should have someone who is in charge of human resources at the store (the pc), available more than 12 hours a week. The prevailing attitude is that she's just there for the insurance. She does a horrible job simply because she is not there enough. A PC should be there full time.

  • IM FURIOUS! I placed an order online at the South Holland, Illinois location around noon on yesterday. The earliest I could get it was from 4-6pm! I received notification around 2 that my order was being shopped for. I called just after 4 and was first told the order has been but then back tracked and said shes still shopping for it but shold be finish soon. *BTW…. when I call the Drive up and Go phone rings and noone answers so I call the main store. I was placed on hold for over 9 minutes and was told the driver came and saw how big the order was and left. They were in the process of calling another which they say arrived while on the phone. I spoke with store manager Joe. He about was sending at 25 gift card too. There was so much horrific minutiae in between all this that led to this gesture (which I had to actually insinuate).
    I got a message saying order was delivered but it was not!!! Now someone has my personal information from the receipt – Im out of 300.00 – and no groceries. I was also shopping for an 86 year old who had been waiting all day.
    Joe the mamnager said Doordash would call me to return my money. I have not spoken with them however Im not looking at them im looking for a resolution from JEWEL-OSCO. He seem to have washed his hands. I called the customer service and siad they can have it delivered tomorrow or give me 5 dollars off my next order…. WHAT AN INSULT!
    Ive shopped Jewl since i was 10 years old but this shoddy service and care im experiencing is nothing like the Jewel I knew before now. Im so disgusted in how this has been handled – WHERE IS MY MONEY??!

  • IM FURIOUS! I placed an order online at the South Holland, Illinois location around noon on yesterday. The earliest I could get it was from 4-6pm! I received notification around 2 that my order was being shopped for. I called just after 4 and was first told the order has been but then back tracked and said shes still shopping for it but shold be finish soon. *BTW…. when I call the Drive up and Go phone rings and noone answers so I call the main store. I was placed on hold for over 9 minutes and was told the driver came and saw how big the order was and left. They were in the process of calling another which they say arrived while on the phone. I spoke with store manager Joe. He about was sending at 25 gift card too. There was so much horrific minutiae in between all this that led to this gesture (which I had to actually insinuate).
    I got a message saying order was delivered but it was not!!! Now someone has my personal information from the receipt – Im out of 300.00 – and no groceries. I was also shopping for an 86 year old who had been waiting all day.
    Joe the mamnager said Doordash would call me to return my money. I have not spoken with them however Im not looking at them im looking for a resolution from JEWEL-OSCO. He seem to have washed his hands. I called the customer service and siad they can have it delivered tomorrow or give me 5 dollars off my next order…. WHAT AN INSULT!
    Ive shopped Jewl since i was 10 years old but this shoddy service and care im experiencing is nothing like the Jewel I knew before now. Im so disgusted in how this has been handled – WHERE IS MY MONEY??!

  • Why would a store manager think that during a pandemic it is a good idea to reset the shelving in the Jewel Osco on Green Bay Road in wilmette. As we try to get in and out of the store quickly to avoid crowds, shoppers find themselves searching the store for their grocery items. Staff is either too busy helping the many folks wandering around or they don't know where the item is located. Is there no regard for the health and saftey of the employees and consumers, who are now forced to spend more time in the store? This reset couldn't wait until the pandemic was under control? Is profit more important then peoples lives?

  • My company gave me $50 worth of groceries for Christmas dinner. All I want to do is change pick up date since my plans changed and our little Christmas dinner is happening after the December 25th. OMG they sent me to 4 different transfers on the phone only to tell me they can't change the pick up date. WHAT??????? WHY????? Why is it so hard to change pick up date to a LATER date so groceries are still fresh??????? I am giving 4 days notice of this change. All 4 people they transferred me to said "I can't do it for you but maybe so and so can" and transferred me to another person only to get the same runaround. WHAT A STUPID POLICY THAT THE PICKUP DATE CAN'T BE CHANGED!!!!!!! NEVER WILL I ORDER A PICK, DELIVERY, OR ANYTHING FROM JEWEL AGAIN.

  • I have been living in Palatine for over 27 years and have never been disappointed with the friendly helpful customer service at the Plum Grove Jewel. I want to thank the staff for working through this health crisis and being there for the customers.
    Today I went to pick up a Thanksgiving dinner and discovered that I had mistakenly ordered it on line for the wrong date…my bad ,no order. The manager and staff at the hot foods came to my rescue and put together a new order in 5 minutes . Saved me a lot of grief and aggravation.


  • Jan Burke Happel I saw a produce worker at the Jewel in Antioch, IL, that wasn't wearing gloves while placing fresh romaine lettuce on the racks. Geez…people wearing mask and gloves, cashiers with plastic to shelter them from germs and this guy NOT wearing gloves putting lettuce on display. I said "Dude, where are your gloves?" He looked at me like I was saying something in a foreign language!!! I told my cashier as well as the supervisor. I also saw this at the Jewel in Elmhurst not during this pandemic. Maybe that's what the produce workers do at the Jewel stores. So I'm not buying any fresh produce at Jewel. If I do, it will have to be in a bag, zipped or sealed! Also shoppers do taste grapes with unzipped bags. Saw that twice. Jewel, you are FILLED WITH GERMS.

  • I am an employee at the Jewel/Osco in Bensenville Illinois. I got injured in April… been off work ever since! Had surgery and going to therapy and they denied my Workers compensation and disability. I am taking this matter further because it’s ridiculous how they neglected me.

  • I am an employee at the Jewel/Osco in Bensenville Illinois. I got injured in April… been off work ever since! Had surgery and going to therapy and they denied my Workers compensation and disability. I am taking this matter further because it’s ridiculous how they neglected me.

  • I am an employee at the Jewel/Osco in Bensenville Illinois. I got injured in April… been off work ever since! Had surgery and going to therapy and they denied my Workers compensation and disability. I am taking this matter further because it’s ridiculous how they neglected me.


  • I don't know why I am wasting my time writing this when you won't do anything. Your 1485 Palatine Rd store in Hoffman Estates has a consistent problem. Your manager needs to take the course Inventory Mgmt 101. They just don't have too many empty shelves, they cannot even stock major Staple likes like coffee crème and cheeses. I have experienced this problem for several years. They just don't have anyone stocking the shelves during the work day, and Sunday is atrocious. I appreciate the fact labor is expensive but not as costly as lost sales and worse yet customer irritation. The fact is I switched shopping for produce and fish to Valley, fresh meats at Costco, high quality specialty meats/fish at Mariano's, and budget items at Alde & Walmart. I use jewel today like I used to use Seven Eleven, emergency items I just ran out of stock on. It is not that costly to have at least one employee stocking empty shelves at all times.

  • Why is it that can't give an explanation on why couldn't call or show up for work for 5 days instead just gets terminated? There are employees who show up 15 to 20 minutes late everyday and nothing is done about that. And same employee goes on break for hour to hour an a half and yet nothing is said. Maybe because her uncle is best friends with the store manager and that is why nothing is done. Talk about favoritism. Also when department manager is not around most of the employees in that department slaack off and not do hardly anything

  • After the treatment I got today from a so called "asst. manager" at the Bourbounnais, Il store,and another customer witness his rudeness, and told me he is always like that, Well if this "man" is so unhappy with his job, maybe he should do something else. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT JEWEL AGAIN!!!! I have put up with rude clerks at the fish counter, old produce and now this, DONE. Jewel is not the only store in the area and they have finally driven me away for good !!!!!

  • i just want to send a BIG THANK YOU to Jewel Food Store in Munster Indiana..for supplying Kosher items(matzos) for Passover and items for Chanukah. I do not know what i would do without you Jewel Foods, as these items are essential for our holy days and nobody else other than Jewel sells them!!!

  • Jewel – Osco / 87 W. 87th Street, Chgo.,IL 60620 Very disappointed with the level of service you provide to our Black Community. First of all when you enter the store, there are no carts available. When complaints are directed to the front desk, I am told "we don't have enough carts because they were stolen" This was over a year ago, yet you have not replenished the store with atleast the theft deterrent carts. The shelves are poorly stocked and you seldom have the items listed in your weekly sales paper.

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    I often shop at Jewel and every week I buy 12packs of A&W diet cream soda (which is a favorite with my family). There is usually only 2-4 packs on the shelf so I've basically made a habit of buying them all. Sometimes there is a sale of 4 for $10 limit 8 and when that comes around I always get a raincheck because there is never 8 available. This is usually not a problem because I live close and don't mind going in weekly to buy whatever is on the shelf. Since there is only a few at a time cashiers usually change the quantity on my raincheck and let me keep it until its written quantity has been met…in my case we want 8 total but I end up going back multiple times getting only 2 or 3 per since that is all that is available.
    Just today I was at store 3316 and my cashier Prashant refused to update my raincheck and said I can only use it once regardless of quantity. I explained that the reason you I have a raincheck in the first place is because the store doesn't have the quantity I'm trying to buy. There was only 4 on the shelf and I took them all but because my raincheck is for 8 then I expect a new raincheck for the remaining 4 so I can come back and get them, this is exactly what has happened to me many times in the past without issue…but this cashier, Prashant, made it an issue for me and stopped his line and turned off his light to call over his manager saying "we dont update rainchecks" and the manager lady was very rude and didnt even say hi, she just walked over and said "no, I've worked at jewel 40years and we never update rainchecks" as if she was talking down to a child and trying to make me feel stupid for even asking. I tried to explain to her that this happens to me often and previous cashiers have taken care of me because it's not my fault the shelf is empty. She just repeated "No" and told her cashier to "call grocery department" and walked away. So here I am standing in line with people behind me who are now looking at me like I'm a problem person and making me very uncomfortable just for trying to buy our soda. After a few minutes of standing there awkwardly the cashier asked me to stand aside and wait so he can help other people…I can understand needing to move your line but dont be rude and make me feel like I'm a problem when I'm already being singled out and having my time wasted. Eventually some person did find 4 more in the back room and I was able to buy all 8 but the overall experience was a joke. If the shelf is empty then why not just update my raincheck and let me leave and maintain the normal flow of the line. Is it worth it to unconvince me and everyone behind me while you send some person on a hunt in your back room? My time is valuable as well and I should not be pushed around or made to feel like problem. I am not an inconvenience to your cashier, they were the inconvenience to me and I will not go back to that store. There have been many othet cashiers at other stores whose name I wish I had to tell you how nice they are. But at least I can tell you about these people and hopefully save future customers from my experience.

  • I have shopped at the Jewel/Osco on Lee St in Des Plaines for 45 yrs. What has happened to this store? #1 It is always freezing in there. I would spend more time shopping, and buying if it wasn't so cold.#2 The produce (most of it) is horrible, and shouldn't even be for sale.#3 They are always out of a lot of items, especially when something is on sale.#4 Rarely do they have baggers….What is happening to this store???????

  • I had a lousy experience yet again at the River Forest Jewel yesterday. Does corporate ever look at their Yelp reviews? Jewel is sitting at 2 stars. Pretty pathetic. I am vertically challenged at 5 feet tall. Every time something i want has been sold down to the item being on a high shelf and towards the back there is no way for me to purchase the item. I can't be the only person with this problem. There are no employees around to give any help. Either you have to try to climb the shelves (I think not) or you need to try to find a long strong object to try to move the item you want to the front of the shelf or you have to hope to find a fellow customer to prevail upon. Yuk. Then you go to the checkout area. The store has removed the self-check out. I prefer it. The cashiers are trained in running the food over the scanner but nothing else. They may gab with the bagger or customer while the line is crazy long or yesterday the cashier had rung up everything, all was bagged and ready to go when there was an issue about one item and then the price check etc. The line was bogged down and backed up for another 5+ minutes. I switched lines and endured the delay only to leave the store and as I am trying to exit the store there is a man sitting right outside the exit door begging. Really? Nobody called the cops to have him moved? Most unpleasant shopping experience. Either have staff in the aisles to assist customers or have shelves that move items to the front as the front ones sell.

  • Need enclosure at flagship, Clark/ Division. Architects messed up. Cashiers next to open doors, wear jackets, hats, gloves. Eight hrs -25° is unacceptable-might as well be winter sidewalk sale. Fix please

  • I have never seen a more disorganized Osco pharmacy in my life as the one at Arlington Hts Road and Golf Road in Arlington Hts, IL. This place does not know it's ass form it's nose! You drop off a prescription and they tell you a half hour, so you give them 2 hours and then show up and they either can't find it or have not even filled it! I sat at the drive thru and rang the bell 5 times, honked my horn twice and had the people behind me honking and it took 9 mins and 28 seconds before anyone acknowledge that I was at the drive in!!! Really! I could see them walking around and NO customers waiting on!!! This was totally unacceptable plus when they came I was told my scrip needed to be checked by the pharmacist. I said to have him check it and I would wait. She told me he was going on break. I said he was standing right there and better do it now!!! Finally he did because I screamed at him through thru intercom. This is totally unacceptable! If I could go somewhere else I would but I have to get from Osco so I will move to another Osco. You need to get this Osco Manager to have a staff that knows the new system from last April and they still don't know how to use it. Fire the staff and start over.

  • My husband needed a medication that my local store did not have in Stock. They looked for another store that carried it and the closest store was 25 miles away (Spring Grove). My store added the script in the system and I made the 35 min trek. I get to osco and they tell me is an additional 45 min wait. I was livid! This was a pack, no pills to even count out. I was so mad, the staff wouldn't even take that into consideration and just dispense it (ahead of others) but no one was in line at the store.
    It's just crappy customer service! If I would've had a small sick child they would've let us suffer. Horrible

  • And I might add I called a lawyer for falsely accusing me of theft and got me a healthy settlement of 1.9 Million dollars so thank you jewel

  • I have worked at jewel for 24 years 1988 to 2013 they accused me of stealing six times during my service(I mean why would I steal was making great benefits) and the 7th time of them saying that I was stealing I told them I quit so I signed the papers as soon as I sign them papers they told me that they didn't want to pay benefits any more to me that's why I got terminated

  • I was a bager 1988-2013 until they started accused me for stealing and they accusing me six throughout the years and the 7 time was enough so I said I quit but I got terminated

  • Jewel-OSCO at Green Bay Road and Grand Avenue in Waukegan, Il. cut way back on its store and pharmacy hours. I transferred my prescription there from Walgreens because it was a 24-hour store. My hours do not allow me to get there during the new, truncated hours that took effect October 16, 2017. I was told that Gurnee, the suburb to the west of us, now has the 24-hour pharmacy service that our Waukegan store used to have. That is small consolation. Very, very disappointed. Signed DM

  • Without exception every single women's restroom in the Jewel stores I frequent is beyond disgusting; there is no one adjective to describe how unacceptable they are. I don't mean things like "no paper"- this is filthy EVERYTHING: toilets, floors, counters, mirrors,…you can't don't touch any of it! It also makes me think twice about the food I'm buying and how sanitary those conditions are? It says something that Jewel Mgmt thinks this issue isn't important; I'm assuming the female employees are expected to use the same facilities? You should be ashamed of yourselves!
    Locations that come to mind are Jewel Skokie, Jewel at Sheridan and Montrose Sts., Chicago, Jewel at GATEWAY CENTER PLAZA, 1763 Howard St in Chicago…and the list goes on.
    I do not know if anyone at Jewel Corporate reads these posts; considering all the surveys I've completed for the employees who went out of their way to provide good service, this issue deserves to be in writing. Where this issue is concerned I would be glad to included my name; considering internet protocol, I won't. But in this age of Food Stores struggling to keep their clients, wouldn't it be something if someone from Jewel Corporate actually responded to this and took it seriously?

  • I'm 71yrs old with bad Fybermialgia and I have few food stamps and I'm charged tax on all my pop…why They aren't suppose to charge Amy taxes on food stamps

  • On August 17, 2017 at approximately 3:07pm I was checking out with Johnathan (even though on the receipt it doesn't have his name as it was in the 25 items or less checkout). He is not friendly at all and when I told him about incorrect prices, he gave an attitude and still didn't adjust them accurately. They have two carts full of items for 75 cents and they werent scanning prices correctly. A associate like this ( I think he's a manager) shouldn't be working in this type of position if he can't accept mistakes of any kind. The store number is 3426. Every other employee have been amazing except for Johnathan ( who is newer to the store). I've been shopping at this store for over 12 years.

    • Jewel used to be a great place. I worked there 1988 to 2013I say it started going down hill around 2003 they changed hands too many times but I do not miss that place at all ( I used to have seizures because too much pressure I left and no more seizures)

  • I do not have time during business hrs to call etc. I take care of a adult handicapped person and they are on link card/snap benefits. Your store in Burbank Illinois and Oaklawn Illinois both charge him tax on his food when he uses his link card . Also they charge him to use a manufactures coupon . I just seen with the legal fights over this sugar bev tax it states that you are not allowed to charge tax when someone is using link card . please send me a response to this. inform me on how your store for yrs has been doing this to him and many others. send me a response to

  • Y's Antioch, Illinois Jewel selling Signature Light Ice Cream, and it contains entirely way too much sugar? Saturated Fat amounts not bad. Higher than it should be, but bearable. But sugar amount/content in your Signature Light Ice Creams ridiculous!

  • Jim pinsak and his girlfriend Zerina iwish president mike fire them because they make a lot of trouble to the employer at skokie jewel 9449,zerina she still bother everyone there president mike u have to worry about people work at jewel not just worry where u money going! go go jewel .

  • Hello,

    Always we have a lot of news about jewel osco skokie store.
    first thank you a lot because we have a new store manager bill kugler u are great yes GREAT!!!!! because we had the worst store manager before him yes i am talking about jim pinscak and his girlfriend zerina in osco even Jim left the store but his news and his bad things that he did for the employees wont finish. Last news that we got about jim and zerina that they wont give one cent raise for the employees specially for the middle east people!!! Really jim you are such an Ass…… . We work for jewel and we can not talk about color religion and nationality. If an employee talk about religion or nationality they will fire him and terminate him but a store manager did and he still doing all this the company didnt do anything they just transfer to a small store Wheaton .
    Front End always need help always there is no bagger and always calling for help from another department . but i am sure Mr kugler he is trying to fix this problem too. we are really happy that mr kugler is there .
    Mr kugler i hope you will be more strict with roger the new osco manager because a manager can not have a favorite the people in osco they do whatever they want zerina doesnt work anything and the other employee they dont do their job too unfortunately but no one knows.

    The scan coordinator in skokie please could you work a little bit always no signs and tags always expired You really need a gd scan coordinator.

  • Please check into the Crest Hill, IL Jewel, dirty as can be under the egg crates, old cheese sticks sold, not always friendly people

  • Go go store manger jim Pinsak New relationship with his new girlfriend at his store nasty Manager Go go go jewel Osco.

  • The Jewel I go to on 8801 S Ridgeland Avenue in Oaklawn ILLinois is pretty decent I've Been going there for years

  • They really need to clean up their act at the st Charles jewel on Kirk. Need more cashiers. One always open and the express. Lines are backed up into the aisles. You have to seriously wait in line about 20 minutes. Night time crew is a circus.

  • Jajaja jewel osco circus👋👋👋 heatqueater is on action gogogo by the ticket to watch president Mike and he's crew rebeca Jhons dan kaller preformed that why you don't published all are coment we got lots to says

  • We wish the new Store manager at Skokie Jewel He will be good not like a Jim Pincsak A lot of relationship with his employer nasty !! Good luck Bill Kugler .

  • Dan kaller rebeca President Mike how the spoil food business is going you put for dog only on the sale paper go go go jewel osco

  • This is for Mike Withers President and Ken Doine District Manage , Dave Goodwin Please bring back Banquet Sausage & Biscuit snack size mini they are greatly missed I will have to go to Walmart to get them. And I may just start getting all my food at Walmart.

  • so let's me give some news !!! yes i am talking about jewel osco in skokie blvd.
    let's start :
    – jim pinscak( store manager ) he is always working very hard but nor for jewel for his girlfriend taking care of her going upstairs for lunch for hours and hours. and doesn't go to the backroom or reciving room for work but will go only to see his girlfriend.
    – Zerina in Osco thats she is should be working in receing in osco and scaning but usually what she does is staying upstairs doing nothing.
    Larry haveman the co manager that he should be working and runing the store what he does he tell people to take the calls and he like for some reason to stay at register.
    the scan coordinator that she got her promotion couple month ago. guess what now her brother that he lives with her in the same house he is working with her like her back up . how can brother and sister work together same store same department and same time.
    – Always the employees in this store the fight a lot when i say a lot it means too too much always people talking about each other but the bad thing they talk next to customer. like one of the people at service desk he was talking about another girl that she works at the service desk and saying bad words about her in front of people and no one say anything!!!!
    -I am talking instead a bunch of people that they can not say anything because
    they will get fired or TRANSFERRED
    I was reading the comments in this page i think im not the only person talking about this store but nothing happen ??
    Come on Ron harris you shouls do Something about it.
    I hope everything will be better because we have now a new president..

  • I wish you left at least 2 do it yourself register. There is always one person on the fast lane register out of 4. Really slow.

  • I wish you left at least 2 do it yourself register. There is always one person on the fast lane register out of 4. Really slow.

  • I just want to say from my heart to our New President mr. segan congratulations and good luck , and good luck To President Mike you are awesome .

  • Where is President Mike go see Jewel at Skokie blvd love story and drama Store manager with employee , shame on you guys !! They work so heart inside Jewel and outside .

  • May 20th, so you think it is okay for men too go gets carts and not women? You sound like you're not working, or you got fired. Going too correct you too get an life or stop acting like an child or get an job. if men can get carts, so can women, its called doing your job. You so so dumbfounded.

  • Jewel at Skokie blvd 9449 its terrible I go to shop there no store manager no assistant just a employee that's it how they run the store and I wait in line almost 20 minutes because no help and nobody care I'm not going no more there I shop at Marianos !!!!.

  • Why don't you do something about the wrong doings in your store …what am I suppose to do I dontwork there ??? Get it done!!

  • i am a part of group of people we work all of us at jewel osco 9449 n skokie blvd. we all work unfortunately with jim pinscak yes unfortunately because he is the manager that he promise and he doesnt do whatver he promise. promise people for raise and he forget and when the eemployee ask for the raise that he promised and always and always has the same answer ron harris or holly the hr they refuse the raise. does ron or holly know how people work very hard in this store .. if they know they will give raise for everyone and took money from jim because he doesnt work. yes hhe doesnt work he is busy with his phone and his all his problem. i can not understand why no one does anything for him . i can see too many complaint here in this page about jim so why ron protect him. or maybe ron doesnt know whats happening there!!! i wish someone can take a look at these comments here. i hope someone can go to skokie store and figure out all the mess we have there. you will loose all you employees and your customers too if jim will be doing that.

  • Jim pinscak jim pinscak jim pinscak Jim pinscak !!!!!!! Out of jewel no one like u ,and every one say go jewel goooooooo.

  • If you are a black men don't go to the dirty jewels on 75th & Stony they think we all steal and will follow you around making you feel very uncomfortable

  • At Jewel on Dunton in Arlington Heights,Il
    Why is it that when ice cream is advertised 2 for $ 6. I can buy 1 for $ 3. But when I want to buy one bunch of flowers that are advertised 3 for $ 12.,I have to pay $ 5. for 1 ? That is not fair. Divide 12 by 3 = $ 4. That is double standard!

  • Shame on you jewel- osco in the city of Joliet.I recently purchased ajar of your name brand vaporizing rub for $6.59. The very next day I ran to thelocal walmart and reviewed their price for the same rub that I bought at the Larkin store. Their price is $1.97,so I could have bought 3 for the price of your 1 jar!I quess I'll be shopping at Walmart for all of my over the counter drug related items!Shame on you !

  • yes go go jewel if they have store manager like jim pinscak i probably will never shop !! at jewel let corporate office keep him for ever go go president Mike.

  • dont forget joe Boston in 11730 marshfield in Chicago the worst market manager you can find better for $10hrand how he treat the worker head quarter how many nap you take a day to make this decision go go jewel osco goooo

  • Jewel osco 11730 s marshfield in Chicago sell a lot aut code productsand the market manager joe Boston is the worst how treat the worker in the department lazy people in the head quarter do the right job how many nap you need a day go go go jewe go go osco

  • jim pinscak from other jewel he was like that always and big lire and he was with girl sit and talk,why he still in this company he so not going to jewel no more ishop from Marianos naw ,so isay go jewel go.

  • She is working on her nex promotion that how jewel osco like to rans this company those manager are the ones they work the best for them go go go jewel osco

  • jim pincsak ???? really you are the worst store manager. if you don't know jim pinscak he is the store manager for jewel osco 9449 n skokie blvd skokie il 60077.
    he treat the employees the worst treatement if he doesnt like the employee will find a way to transfer him from jewel. he is sitting upstairs all the day in his office with the workers . will give the raise for whoever he wants but the people that they work very hard he doesnt give them anything even if he promise them. he does whatever he want in the store and my question where is ron harris where is tom cairns where is holly why no one is doing anything why no one say anything. and until when . the people work there and give the store everything from their heart to be a very good store so after all the good work that they are doing jim pinscak has the bonus and enjoy it and doesnt give a raise or doesnt take care of his employees. i will always write for you all the news from this jewel because always we will have more news and exciting news until jim pinscak leave this store.

  • shame on you jewel u have store manager have Relationship with his Employee where is district manager and president just want to make money i never respect that shame u have to Fire store manager like that because hes not respect his job.

  • At jewel osco in 9449 skokie blvd there is no fair with the break time of the employee, so some of them took more time that they should have, this is not fair. the store manager should fix this problems in order to not be a problems between each other. We prefer to use the punch machine for punching in and out. thank you

  • I shop in jewel in 9449 skokie boulevard and i love the deli department its amazing service and great workers especially the lady who always helps me asia thank u so much jewel.

  • Ilike to say thank u so much to president mike withers u are the best in the world we love u so much u are so gorgeous and so Handsome president.

  • the wood dale jewel is the worst grocery store, the worst store to shop at, poor customer service in most dept. the meat department is by far the worst i have seen, the service is bad! the department is dirty and filthy, nite time service is terrible, the meat manager should be fired along with the store manager for allowing this dept to get that bad will never spend another penny at this store, jewel corporate should also be ashamed of them selves and it seems no one cares, bad store

    • we agree my wife and i do not like there meat dept. at all they need to over hall the management team completely from top to bottom they should close the store to allow a better grocery store to come in a very unhappy ex customere

  • Hello – I shopped today at the Jewel-Osco on 1224 S Wabash, Chicago IL 60605 and my receipt number is: TRX 91 OPER 302 TERM 4 STORE 3345 DATE 01/17/2017 TIME 13:12:46.

    I realize the store is in an area which was at one time considered either very low income or inner city. It has since been gentrified. However on a few occasions I've seen people in the store who are more comfortable in a 'rougher hood' by their social behavior. But in a transitional area where it is common for different socio-economic groups to live side-by-side, differences are expected and I never thought about it much.

    Big mistake!!

    Today, out of the blue while in the express check-out line, I was unpleasantly bullied twice. When I got to the cashier, I mentioned that I had an 'unsafe' experience from 2 other women in the express check-out line, and the cashier ignored me. I paid for my item and began to walk to the exit door. As I did so, the 2 bullying women -middle aged, I should point out- walked to the check-out cashier and all three had a very loud laugh.

    I'm not interested in shopping where there is a personal risk. In other words, what was at one time a 'potential' for personal risk has now become an environment where a viable personal risk is probable.

    I don't know what you can do about shoppers. But I certainly know Jewel-Osco employees should be better screened and exhibit a better understanding of what customer service and courtesy means.

    Not a safe store. Best treated as an inner city profile and enter at your own risk.


  • so sad to say that about jewel at skokoie il 60076 thay have store manager so terrible his Name jim pinsak i shop in this store Always he doesnt have any personality sorry!

  • I applied at the Jewel on Rt 30 in Montgomery. After a 5-minute interview, I was told I was hired by the store manager, Victor. I asked if he needed an answer right away and he said no. I told him I would call before 5pm on Friday and he agreed. I called back on Friday as agreed and he told me that the position was filled. I asked if we had an agreement and he said yes, but he filled it anyhow. I know this was just for a bagger position but I felt that someone should live up to their word. So disappointed not to be given an opportunity.

    • I'm sorry Mr Unknown but when you asked the mAnager if he need an answer right away …he said no …heat was he suppose to say …you should of never asked him that question …you gave him the wrong answer you should of said Ill take the Job!!!!!!

  • I'm 71yrs old have Fibramislhia very bad on medication I take a bus to Jewel-osco all the time I spend at least $100 or more for 1person My only problem Is I realize you hire Handicap employees I bring my own wheeled cart …why does your bagger put ice cream in with my potatoe chips he doesn't even know how to stack pop and milk in my cart …why do I have to do it myself every time …please train your help properly…sincerely Mary Harding other wise I loveJewel-osco

  • I a complain on jewel osco that in marsh field plaza is my third time that I got spoil meat from there I complain before and you has not solve the problem I not happy that I'm paying for garbage …

  • Are decisions about the music played over the PAs in your store in the evening made by the corporation, the store managers or the employees on duty in the store?

    I ask because I have had to leave three of your stores on the Chicago North Shore area and go Whole Foods or Grand Foods, (which are a little further from my home,) because I could not tolerate the country music blaring from the PA in the evening.

    I find country music offensive at any volume at any time of the day. It is irritating, unmusical, and does not create a pleasant atmosphere for shopping.
    I have shopped at each of these stores during the daytime and have heard no music at all, which is perfectly fine.

    I am sure country music is very popular in some parts of the US, but I can assure you that no one who lives in this area listens to or enjoys country music. It is dead last in popularity for area residents of all ages.

    It is obvious that many employees, including some of the people in charge in the evenings, do not live in this area. Are they forcing their personal musical taste on customers because they view the stores as their personal playground, or has Jewel made a corporate decision to play music that is popular in some parts of the country, but so annoying and distasteful to the residents of other parts of the country that they would rather shop elsewhere than listen to it?

  • This complaint is about the Jewel @ 79 Mc Henry Road in Buffalo Grove: Today, Wednesday, the first day of the new sales flyer – 10AM most sale items; Pillsbury Grands, 85/15, boneless rib eye roast, cold water lobster tails, Johnsonville Italian Sausage , Oscar Meyer Bacon, Red Baron Pizza, Signature Kitchens Ripe Black Olivesetc. NONE TO BE FOUND!!! WTFK!

  • I'd like to file this as a complaint, the Jewel-Osco at your Roosevelt location, has people on your intercom saying anything they please, and on this occassion today, having one employee claim on the intercom ..that "We are your wife's pimp" This must stop and something must be done.

  • Thankyou for your coment there are lots of hard working employees at jewel osco but the headqauters and some mánager are doig half ass jobs this is for corp revew

  • i just like to say to jewel at skokie blvd 60076 u have beautiful cooking at hot bar shes amazing she nice and friendly her name asia she cook delicious food u are the best asia thank u very much jewel.

  • Pretty sad you guys can't even acknowledge you are in the wrong! This gas leak still has Not been do you expect to stay in business?

  • I had gone into one of your locations in Chesterton Indiana on November 17th at 9:35 pm and noticed a Very strong natural gas smell as soon as I had gotten to the doors as I proceeded it had gotten worse, I told one of your employees to notify a manager he then found one immediately, the managers response was "Yes, we know it's been like that all night we're not worried about it!" I then paid for the things I had come to purchase while coughing and gagging from the smell. I then got back to my vichele and called Nipsco's emergency number. Come to find out your location has three gas leaks.Not a safe environment for your customers or employees alike!!!As the date of notice I have been very sick.

  • jewel at skokoie 9449 skokie blve il 60076 the problem always we go there we ask about store manger thay say he is off what kind business that how thay ran the store if store manger hes off always so funny.

  • I am a loyal customer of jewel/osco of crown point, indiana, and I am very saddened by how/what this store has become. I've lived in crown point for 30 years, and jewel has always had our business, but I was in there yesterday around 3:30 pm and the service at the deli was ridiculous!!!! had to wait for at least 10 minutes before someone turned around and saw me, and it was only 2 black girls and 1 white girl and of which I do not recognize, but the service was absolutely horrendous, who waves slices of lunch meat from a distance and ask you is this okay? and my american cheese slices were not wrapped between paper, it was just slapped and broken on a pile that is absolutely stuck together. whomever is the new manager of the store better wake up and smell the coffee! and this jewel has been my favorite! well I guess I will have to travel either to the dyer or munster jewel now.

  • she is so nice and beautiful worker at deli department at jewel osco in skokie blved 9449 skokie her name asia she is excellent withe me and other customer thank u vary much asia Again.

  • What a waste of time shopping at Jewel on Foster ave and Pulaski ave. Spent 20 minutes looking for package biscuit gravy mix. Two counter girls BS'ing about their weekend, one young lady putting food on a shelf didn't have a clue, and the manager too lazy to get off their ass wherever he/she was !!!

  • You not the only one
    I stop shopping at jewel
    Because they just don't care about anything or take care the customer
    They turning customer away

  • I just threw this week's add out because who stupid idea was it to print a portion of the ad in color print and some in colored print. R U now starting to divide the people like the dam Democrats and CNN news. Besides that it was annoying to the eyes. So I will shop where the stores ad is readable and not dividing people

  • his name jim pinsak store manger he is vary good with his employee and customer the jewel at skokie blvd 9449 thanks for u jim.

  • To whom might Concern you need to conduct a full investigation how your corp office and the manager been treading the worker in jewel osco in 11730 marshfild in chicago spesial the meat market manager joe Boston the corp office is not capable to solve the problem they just did nothing more that cover themselves and continue doing thank for your time

  • For couple day I visited jewel at skokie (9449 ) Illinois the store manager his name is Jim pinsac was so nice with me and with other costumers .thank u very much for u

  • Hi I want to say thank u for the great manager in jewel in skokie blvd 9449 he was so nice with me yesterday

  • Hi I have compliment for employer she works in service deli in jewel at skokie blvd her name is Asia I visit jewel yesterday she was so nice and helper with me and she respects all customer .thank u so much I hope u have a lot of employee like her

  • Hi, my name is Anijah Gaston. I have a complaint against your store in Waukegan, IL on York House Road. My reason is I have a dog, yes a dog. I was told its against the law to have him in the cart, and for him to be in store. One my dog is training to become a service dog for me since I have severe panic attacks and can't be alone he's there. I have my paper work and permit for him to come with, his vest was home it was a in and out job for us to get some waters. I was in the check out lane and a man approached with a blue shirt and told me "it's against the law for him to be in the store" and so and so, he followed me out the store so he could sanitize the cart because it was a dog in it but if he felt some type of way and didn't want him to be in there than he could've said something! I should not be embarrassed and be walked out the store, if he felt so bad about dirt he should've cleaned all the carts and not just mines! �� And that's usually not my regular Jewel Osco but I went there because it was in the area, my home Jewels know my dog by name and they treat me equally, never embarrass me and never follow me out the store to clean a cart. I'm so disappointed.

  • I have asked 2 Jewel stores to carry 5oz paper cups – they used to carry the brand Essential or Everyday. Now they only carry Dixie and raised the price from $3 to $4.50. Really?

  • it be saying on your bags 99 way to us be using them but the store dont be having a list…i only figgered out 51 ways what one is im missing?

  • Jewels on Wise Road and Bloomingdale Rds in Roselle and Glendale Heights have changed bakers. For the worse! Muffins dry and crumble, not as tasty and no peach flavor this year. I suspect a financial decision—made in China now?? I suspect other stores have made the same change for the same reason. You need to change back!!

  • The Jewel on Division & Sedgewick street in Chicago is one of the worst I have ever been to. Many of it's employees also worked the one down the Street at Division and Clark which was torn down. My problem? The help. They spend most of their time "shuckin and jivin" with each other while we, the CUSTOMERS have to wait until they're finished. Then, when you say something to them, like "Err can you wait on me and talk later" they get an attitude. And the Manager, he's also useless. Instead of spending my money there, I get on a Bus and ride 2 miles away and shop at the Walmart. Jewell, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!

  • The store at Addison and Elston has been a disgrace for years!! Selling rotten produce, expired foods, and generally just run down. I was excited to see a remodel happening until I realized they removed the self check out!!!! Top that with excruciating long lines mine took 40 mins to check out because there were only two registers open. All I could do is glare at the useless express checkout lanes in agitation. I very nearly walked out leaving my groceries on the conveyer belt. I'd rather spend the gas money to get to a store with a self check out than subject myself to the torture this Jewel Osco inflicts. What a nightmare, they didn't even ask customer opinions!

  • The prior two monopoly game campaigns failed to produce a positive experience for me with Jewel Osco, and seemed to be most tiresome, boring and time-squandering activities.

    Please do not bring it back again. PLEASE!!!!

  • I was just checking out some of the comments here, and I have to agree with the one who says something about the women pushing the carts. I was doing some research on this, and some of your stores don't send the girls out at all to push carts. If one store doesn't do it, then why don't all of them stop sending out the girls, especially the older ones.

  • The store manager at 95th and Roberts Rd is very rude to the employees. I even saw an employee crying because of the way he treated her. That is outrageous.

  • I think it's disgraceful that women at the Hickory Hills location are sent out to push carts. I have even seen women over 60 out there pushing carts. You should be ashamed and embarrassed to be treating these women like this.

  • Dear Management,

    I have been shopping at the Broadway and Addison location for years and have always loved the convenience of it being open 24 hours because of my work schedule. Also, because I live so close, I used to be able to run in for a few items at a time and be out so quickly.

    Now, however, with self-checkout removed, there is only one register open after hours and the lines sometimes stretch all the way back to the middle of the store. Today at 12:40 am, the line stretched almost to the liquor aisle, all waiting for one over-worked cashier, who was doing the absolute best he could in that circumstance. I had only four items, and when I saw the line, I just put everything back and went home. I will buy the items elsewhere tomorrow. Far from being the exception to the rule, this is becomming typical of my late night shopping experience, and my frends in the neighborhood are similarly more and more frustrated by the long waits in this new set-up.

    This used to be a popular location for people to shop late at night for relatively small purchases. The experience is now so thoroughly unpleasant, it makes us wonder if you are trying to dissuade people from shopping after hours. If so, why waste money keeping the store open at all?

    Again, this is NOT a complaint about your employees. I have never seen anyone check customers out as fast as the late shift employee who works there does. And he is very friendly as well, especially with the regulars. But no one person can handle that kind of volume for an entire supermarket at one register with no assistance. It's not fair to him, and it's terrible for your customers.

    I hope you will consider this feedback, as I sincerely hope the experience there improves along with the new decor and arrangement. I know many others feel the same way I do.


    A Longtime Jewel Customer