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  • Hollister Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Hollister Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Hollister Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 


6301 Fitch Path

New Albany, OH 43054 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-614-283-6500

Fax Number: 1-614-577-6710

Customer Service Number: 1-866-426-1286

  • Unfortunately, my teenage daughter loves this store. Every time I go to the Hollister on Torrance is ridiculous. The lines are always long and kids that work there just chit chatting. During the Christmas rush they had 2 cashiers open only. I asked to speak to the manager and she never came by to speak to me. Poor management! Not the first or the last time I encounter this. This store should have better customer service and be mindful of the customers that are unable to stand in line for 30 minutes. Atleast, have the courtesy to have more cashiers open. I hate shopping at this location. Hope to see a change soon.

  • Horrible online and customer service. Lost my order and wouldn't help me. Darla Hulbus, manager, refused to talk to me because she was going into a meeting. I'm out $$ and no clothes. Worst experience online shopping ever!!!

  • Customer service ans customers should be first. The manager needs to come down a few levels. Manager checked in two employees with their 5 minute meeting at the check out(take that the office or back of the store) while 3 people are in line who choose to spend their money at the Freso CA store. Then she answered the phone, told customer she couldn't check that right now and they could call back later. I was suprised and disappointed in her attitude and wanted to mention my suggestions. It's your companys representation that needs attention.

  • I love Hollister's service in the Twelve Oaks in Michigan! Service is friendly and helpful. The app is amazing as well. No problems at all. Worth shopping again! Shipping takes about 2 or three days. Clothes is incredibly soft and unexpensive

  • I placed an online order my delivery date was to be 1/13 to be delivered to the store closest to me. I never received a confirmation that my order had been delivered so I called customer service they told me there was another date of 1/14 but there were no updates in the system…so I called the store directly and they told me the expected delivery date was to be 1/16 seems that this retailer is not as efficient as most other reputable retailers I wonder why they are still in business this is disappointing as I was looking forward to my order to be delivered on time, I would at the minimum expect the system to be updated with notes so customer service could better inform their clients. I will definetly think twice about ordering online again this was terrible service and not what I would expect from a well know brand. I am patiently waiting for my order but at this point I'm uncertain that it may even be delivered. I will definetly spread the word about this terrible service and this does not appear to be a reputable company.

  • I used the In Store Order Pickup Feature on the Hollister website and ordered a jacket. The jacket was supposed to be ready On 11/25/16. So since I was out I stopped in the store to see if they had the jacket in a larger size and to see if they had my order. They had the larger size but told me they had not seen my order as of yet. So I asked if I purchased the jacket will I still be charged for the order. The rep told me I would not be charged until I picked the order up. So I purchased the larger size. I contacted customer service via email to see if they could just cancel since I had already purchased. They advised the order was processing, shipping to the store. I told her no the order was already an item they had in store and I selected pickup for the same day. Her response was that they did not have the item in store. Mind you I was at the store seen the rack of jackets all sizes available. The next day after not receiving any notice regarding my order was ready for pickup I called customer service. I requested to speak to a manager the girl hung up the call. I called back the girl told me they do not have managers to speak to. They aren't allowed to transfer calls to anyone. I asked what was her escalation process she told me she was not allowed to tell me their escalation process. Low and behold 4 days later I still have not received a call or email notifying me that the order was in store for pickup. But they money was definitely taken out of my account. I've tried calling both numbers listed above and no answer. Finally I just filed a dispute with my bank to get my money. I don't have the jacket still so I must be refunded. It's just so disappointing that such a great brand has such horrendous customer service practices.

  • Hollister,,, please start making so cal for women again… please…. I love that perfume I have not worn anything else since you stopped making it.. I promise to help promote it if you start making it again….Rebecca Beattie 347 e tara court Hernando fl 34442 352-228-0767

  • I shopped at the Hollister in Kobe, Japan. Jeans were on sale and I bought two pairs. I came home and realized that I didn't get any discount. I called the store and the lady on the phone said very rudely 'See 'item discount' on the receit.' Since the receit is all in English probably she thought I can't read it but I can! Also she said I had to come back to the store because she can't do anything on the phone. I went back to the store to let them make their transaction correct but they never say sorry for thier mistakes nor inconvenience. The store is in Japan but most of thier staff are not Japanese and don't know how to speak to customers. The store is trying to make the atmosphere like in the US but remember here is Japan! We don't want good looking staff nor billingal staff! We want someone who speaks JAPANESE politely and knows how to treat customers!

  • I have received 8 E Mails and responded to all 8. I E Mailed Hollister to see if I could return a pair of light blue Jeggings that came apart after a month or so of wearing. I was told to take pictures and send them to Hollister along with their label, sku # and size and They would send me a new pair. Needless to say I have never gotten the 6 weeks later but I keep getting E Mails asking for additional information which I've already supplied. The treatment I've been given is disgusting. I will never shop Hollister again.

  • I ordered and pair of Cali shorts from hollister and when I finally got them in the mail they ended up being the wrong color so of course I called and complained and they said there were going to send me the right color and let there shipping department know about the problem.. Well finally after they sent me the second pair or shorts that were supposed to be the right color they were still the wrong color.. Now they told me that hey already sent me the shorts twice that they can't send them again and then proceeded to tell me that the pair of shorts I ordered are out of stock and there not.. So not only did they fail to get my order right once but twice and then lied to me.. And are telling me I can't have corporates number.. I'm never shopping at hollister again.. There rude and don't appreciate there customers..

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