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Spectrum Corporate Office 

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Spectrum Corporate Office is located in Wisconsin. More information to reach out to Spectrum is listed below, including the Spectrum Cable corporate office address, phone numbers, and websites. Also, customer reviews and Spectrum complaints.

How to Contact Spectrum Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Spectrum Headquarters and Corporate Address:

Spectrum – Charter Communications, Inc.
Main Office
3001 Deming Way
Middleton, WI 53562
Email:  PriorityEscalationTeam@chartercom.com

Spectrum Phone Numbers and Contacts

Spectrum Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-203-905-7801
Spectrum Human Resources HR: 1-203-905-7801
Spectrum Home Office: 608-275-3340
Spectrum Main Office Fax Number: 1-864-297-2236
Spectrum Customer Care Phone Number: 1-833-780-1880
Spectrum Complaint Department: 1-833-780-1880
Accessible Products: 1-844-762-1301
Stock Symbol: SPB

Spectrum Mailing Address:
Charter Communications
2 Digital Place
Simpsonville, SC 29681 USA

Spectrum Corporate Office HQ

Map and Directions to Spectrum’s Home Office in Wisconsin


Spectrum’s Competitors

Spectrum competes with industry giants such as AT&T, Comcast (Xfinity), and Verizon, among others.



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Spectrum Mobil Best Customer Service People

January 19, 2024

Spectrum Mobil has some of the Best Customer Service People I’ve ever dealt with!

When I read bad reviews it’s usually from people who don’t get what they want and blame it on customer service. Well, our issue was NOT solved to our satisfaction, but the individuals we have dealt with between Jan 2 and Jan 20 have been the most understanding and, in some cases, just as frustrated with the “system” as we have been. Thanks to: Joshlene, Rhonda, Melvey, Brian, Megan, Joshlin, Ashley & Patience. Some in Service, some in Tech, and some in Billing. Yes, we talked to ALL of these folks, perhaps one or two we did not list. The issues seem to be a “glitch” in the “system” that no one seemed to be able to fix between January 2nd and January 20, so I’ll write a letter to the corporate office somewhere. But to the people who tried, Thanks. IFF my issue had been fixed. 5+++ stars.


Spectrum Main Office - Dispute With Spectrum

January 10, 2024

My name is Henry Baze. My wife and I decided to change phone service providers for our personal and business phones after 20 years. We changed from Verizon to Spectrum since we like Spectrum service to our business location. We ordered phones online through spectrum and several days later we had phones, but my wife’s phone was the wrong phone. We called Spectrum and they sent the correct phone and a FedEx shipping ticket and we took the package phone to FedEx. Months went by and we found an 1100 dollar auto-pay charge on 7/16/23 for that phone.  We contested that with our bank. There is much more to this story most notably the customer service abusive behavior! We were threatened when we paid our last payment because of the dispute that they could still be shut off anytime. We took our service to ATT at the beginning of the next. We were not allowed to take the wrong phone to the Spectrum store in person. We followed return shipping directions and will not be held accountable because FedEx did not due their job. We were told by Spectrum Customer Service there was no tracking number, then at the end of the year, there was a tracking number. Now I am stuck with 3 Spectrum phones (less than 7 months old) that we have a balance on and had to buy three more from ATT since yours are locked. I would like to resolve this but I refuse to pay for a phone we took to FedEx because we couldn’t take it to our local store. I am prepared to stop this from happening to anyone else! I am 66-year-old businessman. I don’t need to steal a cellphone. 

On January 2 2024 of this year the 1163.87 was removed from our bank account again thru our this time internet cable account. We have disputed this charge as well. The same day we switched to ATT!!! I guess I need to get rid of Spectrum/Internet service also. I have already reported this banking practice to my Attorney General’s Office.

We will wait for a response from headquarters until the 15th and then we will start legal proceedings.

I would say Spectrum Mobile Headquarters got shot in the foot by your customer service over a phone that we lost control of when we followed your return policy and handed it off at FedEx.

Very Unhappy Spectrum mobile/Internet/cable customer


Spectrum - The worst Customer service ever

December 22, 2023

I am going to change to another service because of the unprofessional and non-caring service representative on the phone. More than once for the past couple of years the representatives have been rude and insensitive and have hung up on you also. I will try and get a hold of the CEO and let him know what we think too.


Zero customer service

November 6, 2023

The manager or “Leadership” person refused to give me his last name and doesn’t care about the sales representative in telling me lies to get a sale.


Horrible Company

November 5, 2023

I just switched to streaming. I called and asked what they had to offer as far as streaming. I was asked several (way too many) questions as far as what I watch on TV etc. After asking several times for their best option as far as getting rid of my two boxes, and keeping my internet speed and phone line I was given 3 choices and two that were way too expensive and were not what I had asked for. I was on the phone for over an hour begging for a better price. The last option that I was given I accepted even though I thought it was too expensive for what I would be getting. I asked what I needed to return to them and was told to return the boxes and power cords. We have a store near us where we have always returned or exchanged our equipment. We went to the store to return our equipment and we were told that they do not receive equipment there anymore and that we would have to go to the UPS store in that area and return our equipment there. The Specturn employee that I spoke to on the phone NEVER mentioned that to me. The UPS store was 30 minutes away from the Spectrum store and the employee at the store gave us wrong directions. I have been with them since the 1980s and their prices have continually increased and they do not offer good options for customers and their service is horrible. My internet speed is always less than they tell me. When you get a plan with them they do not abide by the agreed price, they continually come up with increases. Their outages are way too often. When I call in I get a different answer depending on who I talk with. I am so tired of being pressured to go with their cell phone service.

Corporate Office Headquarters