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Value City Furniture Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. I am so upset I have been waiting months for my furniture to come in and its supposed to be tomorrow I just got delayed ANOTHER 2 WEEKS FOR THE 2ND TIME ! They offer no discounts or refunds so I'm just waiting around for $1800 worth of furniture to be delivered whenever they feel like getting it to me. Beyond frustrating and not to mention when I call I have to let the phone ring for 10 mins just to get someone to answer it. WORST STORE EVER do not buy anything from here customer service sucks, policy suck… remember this ABSOLUETLY NO REFUNDS OR DISCOUNTS ON ANYTHING

  2. I ordered a sofa bed and dresser from your store in Plainfield, IN,in April and was told it would be delivered in April, then I received a call saying it wouldnt be delivered until June 10th, I called today to verify and now they are telling me July 1st. If I hadnt called, no one would have notified me. How is a person supposed to plan when you dont notify them, people have jobs and have to plan. My wife recently had cancer surgery and cant climb stairs, we needed this for her to sleep on, your customer service is atrocious and they do nothing but lie to your customers. Please contact me at 317-292-5322 or tbaker1330@comcast.net

  3. Bought a California King sized mattress. It wound up being a regular king sized mattress. Called the store. Still has not been resolved. Do not shop here without double checking.

  4. Value City Furniture in Cuyahoga Falls, OH.
    This store is not worth purchasing products from due to poor customer support on delivery and still waiting for an ottoman. That I will take care of by canceling it soon. Talk with many associate "sorry I will check on that for you". Still have not received what they say like 5-star delivery that I would not even say because it is like NEGATIVE 5 STARS. I was supposed to get a credit for the delivery that still has not shown up on my bill. This was my first time and last time purchasing anything from Value City Furniture unless corporate gets involved to make this right by my standards. STAY CLEAR OF THESE STORES OR WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY. They don't deliver inside the time frame.

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Corporate Office Headquarters