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Xfinity Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Xfinity Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Official Address
One Comcast Center
Philadelphia, PA 19103-2838 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-215-665-1700
Corporate Fax Number: 1-215-981-7790
Customer Service Number: 1-800-266-2278
Website: Xfinity.com

Xfinity’s main competitors are Spectrum, Verizon, Cox, Optimum, Wow, Mediacom, and Breezeline.

Xfinity Corporate Office

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  1. My name is William Andres, and I am so tired of your awful customer service, I have been a loyal customer for three years, now, and recently my current bill had increased from $166 to $220 a rise of $56, so when I phoned to enquire, I was told my plan had expired, and was instructed to phone back a week later and a similar plan or cheaper one was promised, also I was told that the $56 would be credited to my account, well, I did what I was instructed to do, but all they could offer was a $194 plan, and no credit was applied as promised, and they would not stop pushing me to get a phone, which I declined over and over, so reluctantly I agreed to the $194 plan, and paid it, but now you still want me to pay the additional $27, see every time I phone, I get a different story!!

  2. well its been 28+mins. and still no answer ooops 29 mins. well now 31 mins. and the agent been back on the phone 41 times saying "hold on sir be right with you" 43 x now, i'm gonna keep a running total cause i have no choice but to sit here and listen to this crap. 45x now 33 mins on the phone.46x 35mins still a joke. still waiting for the supervisor. now no money off and its a valid charge .

  3. this company is the rudest piece of crap ever, i'm on the phone right now with xfinity and its a joke, arguing with me about my bill , went from 100 to 50 to 30 ask them if they really need that money that bad and no answer of course, comcast xfinity your phone service and people suck really bad. sorry but you people money hungry assholes that truly don't care about any of your Customers, were just dollar signs just like everybody else.

  4. Good afternoon my name is Eilleen Brady I live in Francestown N.H.I am disabled and on Social security, I was asked from SS to give them copies of my Calls made to them from June 22 till April 23, I just need to know how to find them.
    I call Comcast /Xfinity at lease 20 times and everyone I talk to told me to go to the Mall of N.H. to the store they will be able to help me I was treated so poorly and did not want to help me I Please just show me how to find them him I just need to know were to look. I have until June 3,2023 to come up with these documents.
    I called through last year's months, and they said I never called so I need my placed call list from June 22 to April 23 from Comcast. I tried and it lets me go to Feb,23
    no further. Please help me out. You need to call and act like you are a regular costumer and see how you are treated not pretty.

    Ps just send me the steps to find them.
    Thank you very much!!!!

  5. The agents that work as chat members are a bunch of liars. I was told during a chat that I would get 1,000 Mbps internet, 185+ TV channels and 1 BG cell phone for $142.00 per month with taxes and fees included. Three days later, I found that I only had 400 Mbps internet plus tv and phone but the cost was over $190.00 per month. What kind of business are you running? A business to rip off hard working people. Once this package expires, you WILL lose me as a customer. By the way, I have proof of the 1,000 Mbps, etc. for $142 a month. I printed it from the chat

  6. I signed up with Xfinity/Comcast because the retirement community in which I live has a plan with Xfinity. The Wi-Fi is ok but my Motorola 5g phone is a disaster. I cannot answer many calls, the phone sua sponte deleted my contactss, it repeatedly drops calls, I cannot hang up as that function does not work, I cannot set up email on the phone, and if I miss turing on the speaker (a "page" away) I can't return to the call, so I have to hang up and call again. All I was given was 14 days to determine if the phone was suitable, and if I did not complain within that narrow window, I am stuck with paying over $300.00 for a useless phone. The phone is worth $0.10.

  7. I am looking for an email for xfinity corporate. I switched over to Xfinity mobile in March and mailed my trade in immediately. My old phone has been with them since March 29th with no updates or credit to the system. I call weekly for updates and keep getting the same bull. I switched to you guys for a reason but maybe i made a mistake. I would like my old phone back if i am not going to get any credit. The fact that it still shows i never mailed (which i have the tracking number to prove it was received back in March) is a huge red flag.  I would like someone other then the front line customer service to contact me please. I keep getting the run around. Thanks

  8. My wife and I have been customers of Xfinity for some 32+ years! When we first joined, Comcast provided Norton security for our computers/emails! But later on Comcast replaced their Norton security with their own Xfinity protection and promised that my AOL computer service would still be protected! However, it now turns out they lied to me, and I am not protected, even though they tried to evade this issue by pretending that they would correct my current cyber-attack while I struggled with a very problematic attack!
    For 3 days I've had to change my password per AOL instruction 20-40 ties, so to evade the attack while thinking Xfinity was working to correct it as promised! Only to find out today from a comcast technical support that I was not protect, nor had I ever been, even though I've been paying for the service. This leaves me no recourse than to pay Norton an additional amount for my computer's protection and to notify both the Oregon AG and Face Book of Xfinity's/Comcasts deceit!

  9. I’m having a terrible experience with customer service trying to get a return label for my phone. I’ve spent hours on the phone to no avail. My old phone suddenly stopped receiving service, and I have health issues and no way to contact anyone for help. I’m feeling overwhelmed and considering legal action.

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