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  • CookOut Corporate Office Headquarters

CookOut Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact CookOut Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Cook Out Restaurants – Capital Blvd, LLC

25 N. Ridgewood Ave., Suite 200

Daytona Beach, FL 32114 USA

Official Website: Cookout.com

Chat and Email: Cookout Contact Page

Corporate Phone Number: 1-336-431-1094

Fax Number: 1-336-544-45085

Customer Support Number: 1-866-547-0011

Cook out Restaurant’s main competitors in the fast food hamburger restaurant industry include Mcdonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Culvers, Sonic, Jack-in-The-Box, What-a-Burger, 5 Guys, Hardee’s, Carl’s Jr., and In-n-Out.

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Cookout Corporate Office
Cookout Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. We went to the cookout in our town of Radford, Va. The drink was carbonated and the grounds looked horrible. I left an email with corporate no response whatsoever I know they have a hard time finding people to work but this is ridiculous

  2. I went to Cookout in Rock Hill SC. there is only one. I had to repeat my order to the young woman at minimum 10 times. She started getting irritated and was very disrespectful in tone. The other employees were laughing and cursing because of way she was talking to me as if it was a joke, and i was an idiot. Finally made it to the window after at least 20 minutes, and my order was correct but I was overcharged. I brung this to their attention and they asked the manager to come deal with me. He gave me a flimsy answer to why I was charged the way I was charged, and I just gave up. Common sense failed to prevail. I check my bank statement tonight and someone charged me an additional $15.00 that same night.

  3. Yes my family and I went to the cookout in Conway SC twice this morning because they forgot half my order and we had to go back and was going to order a few more items while we were there. We sat in the drive through for 15 20 mins kept saying hello and asking if anyone was there and after sitting there with no response they shut the lights off on us and it was only 430 435am and they close at 5am so we arrived at 410am thats almost an hr so we drove to the window and they said oh we closed we explained how we had been sitting there for 20 25 mins and that they didn't close till 5 that if we had been waited on when we arrived we wouldn't of had a problem then we were told oh well we ran out of food so we then explained that we had called about our missing food from our first visit and told them we were on our way and they said ok he asked us what we were missing and yelled back to his coworker what the items were and asked him to make them..but yet we were just told they ran out of food if that was the case how could they make what was missing…my family and I were very appalled with the customer service the way were treated and just how the whole situation went down…

  4. Your firing of the shift manager in the Roxboro incident was completely inappropriate and indicates that corporatist hackery and cowardice has taken over your organization. It's organizations like yours that generate contempt towards business in general and the South as a region. In this case, keep your lackey rear ends-and probably nasty food-below the Mason-Dixon.

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Corporate Office Headquarters