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CookOut Corporate Office 

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CookOut corporate office is located in the Southeastern United States, in Thomasville, North Carolina. Cookout is a well-known fast-food restaurant chain primarily Below are comprehensive details about Cook Out’s corporate office, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company.

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Cook Out Headquarters: Overview

Cook Out Corporate Office

A Snapshot of Cook Out’s History

Founded in 1989, Cook Out has grown from a single restaurant in Greensboro, North Carolina, to a beloved chain across the Southeastern U.S. Known for its fresh burgers, barbecue, hot dogs, and famous milkshakes, Cook Out prides itself on quality food at affordable prices, served in a casual, drive-thru setting.

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The Fast-Food Industry and Cook Out’s Position

In the highly competitive fast-food market, Cook Out distinguishes itself with a focus on classic Southern-style fast food. Competing with chains like Burger King, Wendys, McDonalds, Sonic, Whataburger, and Five Guys, Cook Out is celebrated for its extensive menu, quick service, and commitment to maintaining a local, family-owned feel despite its growth.

Cook Out’s Customer-Centric Approach

The cornerstone of Cook Out’s success lies in its dedication to customer satisfaction, offering a wide selection of quality fast-food items at affordable prices. With an emphasis on speedy service and a welcoming atmosphere, Cook Out continues to be a popular choice for customers seeking a quick and delicious meal.

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Cook Out Corporate Office Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback

We encourage you to share your experiences with CookOut corporate office and services. Your feedback in the comment section is invaluable, providing insights that help others understand Cook Out’s operations and customer service.

CookOut Elizabethton TN

March 20, 2024

My family spent a total of over $50 at Cookout March 16 after getting home and getting the food out of the bag there was a cockroach 🪳 in the bottom of the bag!


CookOut Disgusting Food

December 6, 2023

My photos tell all. Disgusting crap.


Review Poor service at Cookout in Bartlett, TN

December 13, 2022

My wife and three grandchildren ate at the Bartlett Tn cookout yesterday. The young man taking the order was rude and curt with wife while ordering. Also, my three grandchildren and my wife got orders of fries and onion rings and was told by the manager on duty that we were only to get “5” packets of ketchup for the entire four orders. When I asked for more the man taking the order said there would be a charge of 3cents for each packet of ketchup after the initial five we go there anywhere from 2-3 times per week and spend $40 and most times more. There are plenty of other restaurants we can go to if we’re going to be treated this way. Lastly, I asked to speak to the manager and he would not even come to the front to speak to me about all of this. Overall it was a very very poor experience.

David Medlin

CookOut Columbia SC

December 13, 2022

I visited the Harden Street Location in Columbia, SC, and went through the drive-through at 1:23p. The cashier taking my order, Jveahna was absolutely rude and nasty. She has no sense of customer service. She was rude and nasty from the beginning to the end of my drive-thru visit. She was on her cell phone the entire visit; never once greeted me. I parked my car, took my food back, and requested a refund. There was no way I was going to support an establishment that hired such bad characters. When I walked up to the drive-thru window after parking my car, the manager was on the register and the nasty cashier, Jveahna, was standing around. The car at the window heard my complaints and she noted her experience with this cashier was awful as well. Never once did the manager apologize for the cashier’s behavior or ask how he could make my visit better. The manager had no backbone – never once did he address the cellphone cashier. It’s very apparent this cashier thinks the customers work for her. She was awful! I can’t say enough just how rude and nasty this cashier was. Why would you hire someone like her? I spoke with someone over the phone from corporate who took my verbal complaint. Oh, and when I asked the manager for the corporate contact info and the cashier’s name, he told me to google corporate and look on my receipt for the cashier’s name. Really! And he’s management! Today’s visit has confirmed that Cook-out Restaurant is not the place to visit.

Jeanette Y Gray

CookOut Radford VA

December 13, 2022

We went to the cookout in our town of Radford, VA. The drink was carbonated and the grounds looked horrible. I left an email with corporate no response whatsoever I know they have a hard time finding people to work but this is ridiculous

Debbie Poe
Corporate Office Headquarters