Five Guys Corporate Office Headquarters

Five Guys Corporate Office Headquarters

10718 Richmond Hwy

Lorton, VA  22079

Corporate Phone Number: 1-703-339-9500

Customer Feedback Line: 1-866-345-4897


  • I thought about sharing an experience, but it seems there are adequate negative reviews. I understand the reason for poor management, no one seems to care. I hope they go belly up.
    2595 SE Burnside Rd., Gresham, OR
    After waiting 25 min for my burger, I approache dthe counter to find it on the shelf. I asked how long has it been there, The Manager "10 min". I stated that I have . After I finished eating the cold burger, I approached the manager and told her they may want to find a better method for announcing the order number until the mask mandate has expired, that I have a hearing problem . She was still trying to explain what she did when I walked out the door. This is a graduate of Five Guys Management School or someone that merely shows up for work, talking rather than listening ?

  • I used to love Five Guys and even did my birthday parties there on Route 90 in Jubilee Shopping Center, Daphne, Al. Before that used another Five Guys in Mobile. I will, now, officially boycott Five Gus because of what employees at place did to police. When they entered to eat, the whole staff turned their back, Police then left. I would like to know why ad recommend the firing of those who turned their backs. the law requires that you not discriminate against anyone. You did. Is legal action required on this matter. I do not care where you stand on Black Lives Matter, discrimination is unwarranted on any group. I'd like an answer. Albert G. Applin. I will look forward to hearing from you.

  • i am gettig so disgusted with companies that gouge customers for fast food . i wend into a local 5 guys with my wife to get somesomthing to eat i almost passed out when i saw the price for a simple ( HOT DOG ) over $5.00 for a bun and a hotdog a corn dog was $6.00 we left and drove one block a to a costco ware you can buy a hebrew national or polish dog that was bigger and that included a refilable soft drink all for $1.50 so at 5 guys t hotdogs and 2 reguler drinks would cost a little over $14.00 and at costco it was $3.00 so who's gouging who? there is no justification for this its just pure gread . the bad thing about it is there are stuppid people that pay that money . think of this . mom and dad take there 2 kids to 5 guys for lunch . mom and dad get bacon burgers and the kids get hotdogs they all get regluer fries and drinks . that bill come to over $51.00 . you can buy all the ingredient and have left over supplies for under $15.00 . so that works out to be a little over $35.oo to cook it and pass it to you . i have a problem with any one paying what i pay form a monthly car insurance payment is to feed a family of 4 for one meal . if you give these gready people your money your not a sucker your stuppid . Dan

  • I have been going to 5 guys in Kingman, az a very hard working pretty young lady has been working there for over a year, she is the hardest working person there hands down, I was happy to see she is now manager. this restaurant will do well under her managment

  • Faisal owns 5 franchise stores in Seattle. He asked me to help him with his computers and then tried to weasel out of my invoice using lies. He is a cheat and he abuses his workers. You can't trust him, he will lie but with the effectiveness of a child. He fired me after paying my invoice then withheld my last paycheck for no reason. He asked me to apologize but then won't say why. He said to come pick up my check at a given time, then to my face refused to give it to me.

    Anything you can do to make this guys life miserable, he deserves it.

    Five guys corporate, your store is a joke if it allows people like this to steal from people and play these ridiculous games with peoples' lives.

    I need that money to eat, I spent 70 hours taking orders for his customers then I get treated like a criminal for expecting to get paid.

    Ruin this guys life. Take everything he has and have no regrets.

  • I would like to say that the Five Guys that recently opened in Carlisle, PA is totally unprofessional. The Manager Kandy makes sure that she gets her hours but will only give hours to the personnel that she like. A worker called and reported this and since that time Kandy only schedules the person to work 4 hours a week knowing that she is messing with the person's ability to pay their bills. She even told everyone that the person needs to apologize to her for calling Human Resources on her. I don't know if anyone has reported any of her actions but it is crazy. The individual has faced threats of physical harm from Kandy's family if she were to every call on her again. Kandy even needed a babysitter once for her child and told the individual to stay home from work to babysit her child. I am another employee and am sad to see what is going on but I need my job as well. Since nothing has happened to Kandy we all feel that we need to walk on eggshells as not to have the same thing happen to one of us. Nothing is being done to help us and I am not sure if any of this issues get reported higher than Human Resources but I am sure that this is against the law what Kandy is doing. Most of us love working for the company but the management has made many of us search for employment elsewhere. Someone really needs to check into what is going on.

  • I just want to say that i went to 5 guys today to get food for my son. There were about 15 kids off from school vacation. There's only 2 people working behind the counter. The cashier and the cook EDWIN. This guy was AWESOME and FAST. EDWIN was EXCELLENT the way he worked. HE WAS GREAT. THIS GUY IS A HARD WORKER. ANYONE WOULD BE PROUD TO HAVE HIM . I wish him well and good luck in the future. YOU GUYS should take care of him. That show under cover boss would take care of him.

  • Your Oshkosh WI store GM has refused to send my paycheck. A paycheck I only know I deserve due to receiving my W2 in the mail.

  • Something needs to be done with the GM at the five guys in Tallahassee the killarn store he disrespectful to his employees n customers I over heard him telling a employee that he will make sure he cuts her hours n may not put them on schedule until he see fit for them to work.

  • My faith in humanity is restored. Let me tell you why. I'm in Hattiesburg,ms picking up a few clothes and trying to get things for my family. I say I'm hungry but as always no one else is lol. Anyways I've never ate at Five Guys before, so I wanted to try it. So I went in to get something to eat. I stood at the counter looking he asked was I here to pick something up or ordering. I said I've never been here so he began to explain how it worked basically like our mooya's in Baton Rouge. Well I got to order and he asks what would I like. I told him what I would like and when he got to the fries. He asked regular or Cajun. I told him Cajun all the way. Louisiana at the heart. He said oh cool what part. I said proudly Denham Springs. He said how hard did ya'll get hit. I said we lost everything we had. While he told me the total I pulled out my card and was going to wait to swipe. He said you're good. I was like what? He said I took care of your meal. Now I'm no military or a hero by no means, but to know this kind man had hit me at home and done this little act of kindness. I almost couldn't hold my tears back. He said "every little bit counts." So I got back to the truck and I broke out into tears and Whitney didn't know what was wrong because I couldn't barely even tell her with everything I was trying to hold back. To that manager for the day shift who did that. God bless you. I mean it, every bit of it. You sir are why I love this country. Because the good will shine when all the bad is around you. It will always rise to the occasion. I hope everyone has an experience like this. Chad Smith

  • I worked for 5 guys for 2 years, at the Lorton, Culpeper and HBurg locations. All in Virginia. I see all of these negative comments about 5 Guys, which I assume are Franchise stores, If you work at Corporate stores they are wonderful, hard working red shirts and managers. I have many good things to say about my experience at all three of those stores.

  • I have been working for five guys in dothan alabama for 2 years after 6 mnths i was promoted to shift leader when i first started working everything was running very well. We lost the gm we had when i first started and the asst moved up. I was dedicated to five guys team member doing everything by the books,i would even take time away from my 3 children to dedicate myself to hopfully move up. Even helping off the clock on my days off to make the store the best.but then on the other hand the gm (asst that moved up) started having sex with the majority of the team member, would go to the car and sleep, stole money from the safe..ect the list goes on well to make an even longer story short i got fired for not covering my tattoos (gm has one one her NECK) and for being on my phone at the desk…(everybody was on there phone) i am just so confused how this person is still there but yet they fired the most dedicated worker/manager. Ive never owned a business but anyone in their right mind would not run it this way

  • My husband and I went to Five Guys for lunch. While waiting on the food, I went to get ketchup. A roach ran across the table! I wrote them a message just to inform them of the problem. A couple days later the manager called me to explain the problem and what they were doing to fix the problem. She then asked us to come back and when we did to ask for her, that she would give us a complimentary meal.
    We went back 12/20/15 for lunch. Walked to the register and proceeded to ask for the manager. The response, with great bad attitude, "why". I explained that she had called and asked me to ask for her when we came back. She then turned to another employee and told her to get her. The second person said something that I couldn't understand, due to lack of phonics, but with her head bobbing, bad attitude gestures and evil stare, I guessed it was nothing nice.
    The first person came back and told me she was not available. Neither of them attempted to get her. With that, we left.
    I am here to say that place has more problems than roaches!!!! With the toleration of that behavior from their employees, I am so disappointed.
    I am going to post my experience on Facebook and will tell this to everyone!!
    To be asked to come back and then to be treated that way, they were so disrespectful and hateful.
    Needless to say, we will NEVER go back!!

  • My daughter went through management training and passed till other management didn't like her where is hr she is a hard working girl ! Will never eat there nor my friends or again. My daughter deserves better she worked hard for that position. I will pass this on social media until your buisness goes down we make better burgers at home see ya

  • I am a employee at a store in Kansas City, Missouri, and the store I'm at is in such a disarray that we've had to hire a new manager and she is worse than the one that was here prior.
    She is manipulative and already has fired 3 employees for her advances towards them and now has caused some issues in my private home life due to her actions. I think there should be an investigation on this store and the practices of the new managers. Money is coming up missing, ppl are standing around while we have rushes, crew leaders abusing their authority with crew members, the list is a lengthy one and I love working for this company, but am in fear that I may lose my employment due to the fact that these issues keep occurring. I feel that all General managers should be at the service to all employees, not just store managers.

  • Five guys in Knightdale NC needs a new manager ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are you going to require a 17 year old high school senior to work a set schedule. This is not a bank or hospital! So she decides she cant accommodate my daughters basketball schedule so therefore she cant be put on the schedule!

  • I work at five guys. I've worked there for three years. Recently though one of our new managers has been demoralizing his employees. And also only sees what he wants to see. I'm treated like I'm doing everything wrong when I'm honestly giving 110%. Today it got so bad he sent me home. I went into tears on how many things he yelled at me for. None of which I did wrong or was responsible for… I'm at a loose. I don't want to quit or get fired. But I feel I have no say in the matter.. I've worked hard these 3 years.. I feel like I'm not going to get a say in anything…. I hope I don't get fired.. I really do

  • We ate at the Levittown location on Hempstead Turnpike, L.I. N.Y. on 5/9/2015 at 8:00. There was no manager there, just staff. They were playing Heavy Metal music that was so loud and not conducive for eating. I didn't enjoy my visit and if I hear similar music and loud next time, I will walk out.

  • I am a former employee at a 5 guys in Texas. The corporate office should really look at some of the GM's in the company. I can't speak for the other locations but I know that my former GM has employees clocking her in and out when she is not there, she lies about inventory, she retaliates by taking you off the schedule and cutting your hours and alot of people are afraid to speak up because they don't want to loose their jobs. They make you feel small if you are not salary. I had to quit because it was just to much disrespect and to much favoritism. There is a clique, and if you aren't a part of it, you are treated like dirt. It's a asskissing contest that the GM is judging. Believe me, if she doesn't like you, you're gonna know it.

  • Five guys on Ridgeway have a lot of smokers and stealers they take everything from cashier register to tips and all and they are allowing it to go on somebody need to do something about it and their manager let them get away with a lot at the job very few do their job right

  • I work for five guys franchisee D and J Broadway Craycroft location. Ran into a recent issue where the operation manager wants to take our secret shopper bonus money from its employees because broken hood and a lost piece to our fryers. Is it even legal to take that money away from us when we worked hard to get that bonus and help the franchisee D and J Holding maintain top franchisee in the nation for Five Guys. Every resturant has wear and tare as the resturant ages. It's not simply right to punish the employees for it.

  • The women employees are very rude when answering the phone to take order its been like that for months now Memphis TN Ridgeway location

  • Just a Fyi, the five guys in florissant missouri have managers and employees are serving their customers high and drunk on a regulat basis. So if you want to be served by drunks and pot heads this is the store to go to.

  • I worked for the company for 4 years was a hard worker and never complained. The management mostly hired hispanics to work in kitchen and hired whites to speak to the customers. Of all the years I worked for the company I was called named in spanish making me feel harrassed and unwelcomed. When i told supervisors we all had a meeting and discussed the situation nothing happened. So I was left no choice but to stick up for myself and confront those talking about me. Doing so all the hispanics made up a lie about me and got there story straight resulting in me being terminated. Thanks five guys ive now been officially unemployed for the last few years.

  • 5 guys is a slave trade and they disrespect the employees that work for them.Let start a petition to start closing them down one by one.

  • I have a Son that works for the Five Guys Burger here in Chattanooga,Tennessee on Gunbarrel Road.I do not think he gets the credit he deserves always at work on time never calls in sick unless he really sick and will come in on his days off or stay there and work if some one else calls in and he has taken the test twice for serve safe and missed it by 2 points my son Gilbert Shelton is a hard worker and is going to Collage for Criminal Justice.

    • I have a daughter that works for Five Guys in another state and they are exactly the same way. My daughter never calls in. They call her in consitently to the point I told her NO you are not going in on your days off. They have her clock out and continue cleaing after closing, which is illegal. They are clearly taking advantage of their employees. I would not recommend working here.

  • Seriously u guys need to take this guy on this video and have him do your comercials,,, he is very convincing in making people want your burgers, he would make you guys good money.

  • My boss is anal he has not feelings he is bipolar I've got offerd a job someone else but I've been debating for 2Mons because I love five guys just not my gm

  • I was an employee for a franchise and I must admit that it was very unprofessional and they showed favoritism. The GM and AM never closed nor did they complete their shifts but got paid for the day. they show up when they felt like it and us as shift managers had to do all the work. we we're never properly staffed and always got yelled at when things wasn't completed. I enjoyed working for the company but the franchise itself was horrible and to this day I regret ever quitting my job to work there thinking it would have been better!!!!

  • I work at five guys in cincinnati and it is one of the best jobs i have ever had. The experience is great. What you learn is great and stays with you. The only down side is that you notice a lot of stuff at other resturaunts that youve never noticed before And it makes you not want to eat there anymore. Some help can be used in management but no one is perfect. Overall, its an experience I will never forget and carry with me to all other jobs..

  • Going through the Atlanta Airport on 11/13, we visited the Five Guys location for a quick lunch…..One of the best experiences ever. Everyone was friendly, helpful and seemed to be having the time of their lives working there. We live in Temecula, CA and have two Five Guys operations here….they do not come close to the experience we enjoyed in Atlanta. Send all your employees there for customer service training…..they are the BEST!!

  • Five Guys hires Illegal Immigrants in droves and even puts undocumented workers in charge of US Citizens as Supervisors and Managers. Here in liberal Massachusetts it's completely out of control and these Illegal Immigrants need to be fired from their jobs and US Citizens and Legal Residents need to be hired.

    • my girlfriend who is an american citizen tried to apply for a job a few times at the five guys location in torrance california, and she went back there to see if they are still hiring and also to let the manager know she filled out the application and she saw several mexicans working most likely undocumented i think any business in california hat hires illegal immigrants before american citizens and legal residents should be liquidated and bankrupt.

    • I worked at a Five Guys in Mass. We have a lot of people working there of the Spanish speaking culture. Every one of them were legal. Don't assume.

  • Five Guy at Newport on the Levee in KY needs corporate help badly. The district manager is having sex with an employee who gets away with murder and every write or verbal warning that goes in her file ends up missing and he is also having sex with a manager that he's trying to make GM when she has less then 6 months manager exsp, and a GM at the Forence KY location that only got the job because he is the district managers friend from high school. I just hope to see or hear from you guys at corporate office very soon because i don't think the franchise owner either don't know or just don't care i know the director of operations dosen't care. I mean I feel that i wont have a job here much longer and I have worked for 5 guys for 3 and half years and i am a manager and i love my job i want to open my own restaurant and take what i learned from 5 Guys to my own company kitchen. I would say names if the people i spoke of in this comment but i think that would be going to far.

  • This place sucks they have the worst management period the food is average & the Murrels should be aware how their name is being dragged thru the Mud this Restaurant Chain should & will go out as the very worst in the Globe !!

  • How can someone own a five guys franchise and does not know a thing about running a business or even following the five guys standard? I have worked for this company for over 4 years and the owners that I worked for are selfish, discriminate and sexist. They have women GM that does not work nights or close and believe anything they say. They do not distribute shop money when they are due, they take the money and go on vacations. They take the patties off the grill and put them back in the meat drawer. How do they get away from this and they are behide opening other stores. I had quit because of the BS that I had to take from the owners and the GM I was working for. GOD does not like ugly and corporate needs to check on these things but everyone will deny everything and they will continue to get away from it again.

  • My name is marnita maddenand i was in training and the on camp creek and it was very disorganize and disorderiy when we ask the trainer something she asumed that we know homm to do it and the expectation was high and the unruly profanithy was of disrepect and the music was loud it so and you could not concentrate and as i spoke with a manger about and she immediatly took side wuth the of trainer was parcaility Mr. Murrell iam a Christian a i respect people was never work in a resturant enviroment but was egar to learn and i want to work but was treated unfairiy please check with mangers and see if they are handeling them self professtionally that could cause for bad business just hire last week and didnot a fair chance

    • I was a customer at the Five Guys restaurant at camp creek pkwy in Atlanta, Ga. I order a large 2 stack burger with mayonnaise ,mustard, lettuce, and tomato. long story short bit into my sandwich with no mayo or mustard. I drove back at 10 pm to get my money back or a free sandwich did not receive any. the manager wrote a free meal note, witch was ok with me . What was not ok he had no apology . You keep losing customers like that you will be out of a job with a store close manager.

      P.S. The manager was the one who fix the sandwich need more training.

  • All I have to Say is PAY YOUR FU%$KING BILLS perimeter Place Ga. and Chamblee Ga. Owe Out company $$ BILL IS A LOSER

  • This is to the Murrell's, I was a manager for one of the fanchiess, When I first started working for this company I felt like I finally found my spot in life. I worked for a few Company's and this one seemed to be like a second family. I was with the company for about 7 months before we had a new Director of operations. This could havebeen the worst move these owners could have done. This man did not have the family oreintation that I was taught by LMS with the Murrels.This man had his own intentions and I must say they were not good at all.I dont no if this guy was a racsit or if he had a problem with afican desent women but he came in and changed the life of 3 afican amrican women. He made the work enviorment so hostial and stressful they all left thier jobs within a month. Thier was one afican arican man that left aswell due do the treatment of these ladies.I never got out the LMS vidios that this was the vision of the Murrels at all. I didnt want to hold on to anger at Five Guys because like I said I dont belive this is the kind of behavior that they would have approved of under thier Family name. This story has a lot more to it however I dont want to take up to much time on the person who had the power to cause so much distuction in some many families. I am writing this in hope that no has to go threw what myself and others had to.I also would IAlso would like if thier was some way that when new Management come down to Corporate they should be taught the Murrel way of running thier company because when they leave you guys they can put on thier other face and with this guy he has a lot of faces and it is not good at all. I hope by me sending in this comment that some changes can be made with the treatment of employees. It is not fair if I put my all in my job and I can have someone come and take that from me or antone eles because of his own dislike for someone's sex or race. I thought this stuff only happened in the movies or in books, until I became a target myself.

    • I have worked at 5 guys for about 6 months now in KC area. I have really enjoyed it up until recently when a new management trainee came to work there. She is very degrading and calls me either hon or babe. She likes to make the point that she is your boss by having you do things just to make you do them. This week she really showed me. While I was doing the fries, she told me to go get a steel pad and scrub the rust and grease off the casters of the fry cart. So down on my hands and knees I went (at 60 years old) and when I was thouroughly filthy, she said get back up and get back on the fries. Well I am looking for another job now but wanted to let everyone know about my pleasant experience. I have complained to the manager prior to this and he said he talked to her about it, but I guess there are no rules for management.

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