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Imo’s Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters

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Imo’s Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 1610 Des Peres Road, Suite 160
St. Louis, MO 63131
Corporate Phone Number: 1-314-822-0443
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-314-822-0443

8 replies on “Imo’s Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters”

my family has a tradition of eating Imos pizza every week Today is the very last time we will have that tradition we ordered pizza and wings for delivery and were delivered the wrong pizza and on top of that it was half eaten well I thought this was some type of prank but it was not the driver drive off and I had to get in my car and drive all the way up to the store to get my pizza apparently the staff had their pizza in the warmer and the delivery drive delivered me there half eaten pizza instead of mine on top of that my food was cold and not cooked properly I complained to the staff and they said they couldn’t accommodate me unless I brought the pizza back to them at this point I wasn’t making a second trip to the store so I threw it all away I am disgusted on how they treated me as a long time IMOs customer

I’m 61 and have been eating Imo’s since I was kid in St. Louis, so I know what Imo’s taste like my favorite pizza, but the last two times I’ve got pizza from 1870 Little Brennen road in High Ridge it didn’t taste anything like Imo’s, no provel cheese barely any sauce and crust like carboard, I feel this franchise is doing a your pizza a disservice.
The last pizza I complained about I got lip service that they would credit my account but when I ordered this last pizza Friday there wasn’t any credit. Will be going to a different location from now on.

Good Evening, my name is Sheré Cotton and I am writing because I have never in all of the years I have patronized IMOs have I been treated this way. I am extremely disgusted and disatisfied with the disrespectful way you employee and your manager if that store behaved. Argumentative, Rude& nowhere near accommodating towards me the customer at all.
I placed an order online July 6th, I paid for my order and was given a pick up time of 11:22pm.
The first issue is, is the website says they close at midnight & that is not what the individual stated when I arrived at 11:30 to pick up my order.
Not only was my food not waiting but it had not been cooked at all. The excuse given is the location closed at midnight, and with that being the case, they should have called and said they wouldn't be cooking the food, the order was placed before 11pm.
Second, there should be a way for payment not to be taken if the service cannot be performed
And last but certainly not least, the employee verified it was this location saw the payment was taken but says all the ovens are off and there was nothing they could do.
Furthermore I call and speak to a manager to get a pissy attitude and a relative remark"that's what closed means!" The site didn't say they were closed or not taking anymore orders, obviously I wouldn't have wasted my time.
This is ridiculously sad, how do you think a customer is supposed to feel after being treated that way, AFTER PAYING FOR SOMETHING THAT WASN'T RECEIVED! I WILL NOT USE THAT IMOS FOR ANYTHING ELSE. I HAVE POSTED ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA HOW RUDE AND HORRIBLE THUS ORDEAL WAS AND I HAVE STRONGLY URGED NO ONE GOES THERE. I am also making a review for Yelp, it's bad enough our country is going through hard times,no one should have to go through all this, really.

Hi good morning my name is Jasmine I feel like I'm being discriminated by Imo's Pizza because I'm a black African woman and I have not got no response from corporate office or anyting so someone can be so kind and email me back or call me back I will be happy because I really love Imo's Pizza and I work there for 2 hours and never got a call back so that's why I feel that I had to go public because corporate office is not responding to none of my emails or calls

I lived in St.Louis for 50+ years. Enjoyed many ,many pizzas from Imos. Retired to Sikeston,Mo. in 2015. We got a Imos opened in 2017, nice. I wont ever order another pizza from Imos here again. They have got my order right 1 time, this is going in to make the order. Things like only make half your order then want you get the rest of the order. now you have 1 hot and 2 cold, with watery sodas. Another time wrong pizza. Took this back they made another one and left of one of the toppings off. So they made another one correct and didn't even slice it. Another time my wife went in to order with 1 person there first and it took 45 minutes to get 2 16 inch pizzas. Last night on 11/30/2017 at6:08 pm,I went in to make an order, the order was correct. Here's the issue the counter were they slice the pizzas on has empty box above. Some guy with a beard climbed on this counter and stood on it to put the boxes up. This while some pizzas were being sliced. Who knows what is on the bottoms of his shoes.I didn't say anything, took the pizza and put in the trash.

My Husband and myself went to the Belleville Imos on Main street in Belleville, Il and spent $49.28 and when we couldn't finish our 2 pizza's they refused, the store manager, to give us boxes to put our pizza's in. She said they couldn't! I asked for the owner and she said he wasn't in so I gave her my name & number to have him call me and when I was walking away she tore up my info and just looked at me and laughed!! How dare her treat a customer like this. My Husband asked her why we couldn't have a box and she said because we didn't order it to go? Then she said something smart mouthed back to my Husband & he told her we would spread the word to our Family & Friends not to eat their. How cheap are they that they can not give us 2 boxes??? We went to the one in Belleville last night by the Fair Grounds and had no problem with the pizza or getting boxes! Your main street Imos will go on Face Book about the treatment she gave both my Husband and myself. She has no business being a manager there or any where. I would ashamed to have her work at my Imos if I had one!

I waited 2-1/2 hours only to be insulted by Dan – the manager at Twin Oaks Imos who could not provide a good reason as to why the pizza was not delivered to me. He laughed at me and then hung up. What type of service is this? I never received my pizza and was told he could not guarantee a time to deliver a pizza to me – what is going on here? Do you not have a responsibility to customer service. What does your mission statement say? I recommend that we all consider a pizza from anyone but IMOs!!!!!!!!!!!

I did a call in for an imo’s deluxe pizza. The order taker was
Very rude on the phone. I’m a senior and as I was trying to
Place my order he was rude to me because I was asking questions. The pizza was tasteless, cheese taste like foam,
Sauce just slid off, crispy on some edges and soggy or uncooked in the middle. Sorry to say $33.95 spent for
A pizza that I was not able to eat.

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