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Ice Cold Air Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. To whom it may concern:

    Almost everyday that goes by, we are always hearing about bad business, scams, or rip offs. Well today, I had the absolute pleasure to meet and become a loyal patron almost instantly of a woman who goes above and beyond any business ethics I have every come across in my 49 years. I wanted to share my story to let other hardworking people know, that there is still good old fashion work ethics and caring for your fellow American still out there.

    I was on my way to work, when I had the misfortune of my car suddenly overheating. I immediately pulled over and started to look for a service station near my location. I found, ICE COLD AIR DISCOUNT AUTO, 1180 COURT ST, CLEARWATER FL, 33756. So I called 727-461-5727 and spoke with a woman named Sharon. I told her my situation, and she was legitimately concerned about me getting to her shop, (which I later found out she owns). I was really impressed with the way she handled my inquiry and I made it to this ICE COLD AIR location safely. She quoted me a very reasonable price, and I accepted. She then proceeded to call an UBER ride for me to get to work. Which I was not charged. She completed the repairs in one day and my car was ready for me when I got off work. Sharon called to ask if I needed a ride back to pick up my car, which I thought was just going above and beyond customer service.
    But what really made me write this letter, is the fact that, when I chose to get a coworker to drop me off, and we were running late and did not arrive to pick up my car until well after closing. The repair shop closes at 5:30. There they were, waiting for me, Sharon and her staff. They would not let her stay alone and she wasn't leaving till I got my car. I thought to myself here is one lady who knows how to run a business, happy workers and return customers.
    She explained what was repaired, and went over the repair bill with me so I had a clear understanding of the charges. I noticed she had pink ribbons and pink windshield wipers everywhere. Sharon was running a special; pink windshield wipers, for Breast Cancer Awareness all for the month of October; installed and the proceeds got to Cancer research. I just thought to myself, all this and she cares for those in need. So, I made an appointment to get my pink wipers, and went to get in my car to leave. But Sharon from ICE COLD AIR DISCOUNT AUTO had one more thing in store for my repair experience… She had left in my car, a pink gift bag. Attached to the bag was her business card, a note from the mechanic who worked on my car, introducing himself and taking responsibility for the repairs. But inside, was dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness. Stickers, bracelets, buttons, and of course candy. Thank you Sharon, I will never forget, and I will tell as many people as I can, if you need repairs, go to:

    1180 COURT ST
    CLEARWATER FL, 33756

    They know how to treat you and your car right!
    You go Girl!

    People may forget what you said but they’ll never forget how you made them feel. –

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