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  1. Jeff Robertson has not only mismanaged the property but a lot of residents do not like him and have left because of him. Some found out that he came back and they were furious. He gets parts orders from us maintenance guys and won't order what we need for 2 to 3 weeks. we run out of a/c filters for 2 to 3 weeks. he says he orders our stuff when we give it to him but he is lying. Your poor residents suffer for this guys inability to manage the property and the budget. He is only thinking of his bonus and keeping the budget low because of this. But the damage is done. If you were to audit his budgets, the work orders from when they were put in by residents and finally finished. You see a lot of mismanagement and micromanaging of parts and the property. You have many dissatisfied residents. Its gotten so bad that I had to take parts from other units all the time. I had to take all the ceiling bulbs from my 3 ceiling fans in my own apartment just to finish make readies because we have no parts. He and the regional manager Janice refuse to believe that there is a shortage of parts. I had to rob peter to pay Paul as the saying goes when you take from other units. I also believe that maintenance should have control of the budget and that maintenance should be equal to management. I have made many copies of this and will be forwarding it to

  2. I would like to say that I was wrongfully terminated by IMT Kingwood's property manager and the Lead maintenance manager. I was set up to fail and I have proof. I was the assistant maintenance / make ready tech which is 2 jobs in one. The lead maintenance manager Victor is so slow in doing work orders that he is always behind. He just drives around on his golf cart all day while on his phone. Even other residents have noticed. The property manager  Jeff Robertson and the regional manager Janice think he's god around here. I had to tell him how to fix some things. Here's what happened to me on Thursday the 17, 2017. I was finishing a make ready before lunch and had to start another one after lunch which was of high priority. A move in the next day. So at 4:30 my supervisor(Victor) told me to stop doing that priority make ready and take care of a work order instead and that it was more important and needed to be done right now before 5:00 o'clock. I said ok if this is what you want but it's not as important. Someone's dryer taking 2 to 3 cycles to dry is not more important than an urgent make ready. It was his job to do work orders. They knew I had to finish that make ready which takes precedence over anything at that moment. They deliberately gave me that work order knowing it would make me upset and frustrated. I was! So I decided to clock out after I finished the work order at 5:30 pm. My supervisor saw me clock out and said that I needed to clock back in and go finish that make ready that night. I said sorry and that I could not do that. So he went to the Assistant managers office and got her to come back where I was and rudely demanded that I clock back in immediately and that I needed to finish that make ready that night. I told them that there was to much to do and that it would take another 3 to 4 hours to finish and they said oh well that I had to. I was already upset and frustrated and they knew this. The next day Jeff Robertson the property manager had a meeting with me and Victor the Service manager. We talked about what was said and done the day before. He asked if there was anything else that was bothering me or concerned about and I said yes. There is this half sheet of paper with my name on it with an expectation time to finish make readies and dates and level of turnover being light, medium or heavy. The lead maintenance is to go in to my make readies before me and ascertain the level and time of completion. I told Jeff that this paper is discriminative and singles me out. Know one else in or at IMT has this paper (with my name all over it) but me. Not the housekeeper, porter, Victor or office staff. Nor does any other make ready at any other property for IMT. I was terminated for refusal to clock back in and finish the make ready and for that sheet of paper with my name on it.

  3. The corporate world has taken "the life" out of living!! Be cautious if you have to break your lease – you will be charged an ENORMOUS penalty – regardless of the situation. And the staff will tell you many different figures. Over the past 6 months, I have received incorrect information from at least 2 people in the IMT office regarding fees for early termination. This policy lacks any grace of human dignity and smells of corporate greed! I may also mention the inconveniences of this complex with fire alarms at 10:30 at night because of tenants’ negligence (twice in the past month), abuse of property rules, dog poop that tenants refuse to dispose of, abuse of the jacuzzi (families think it is a baby pool and allow their children to “play” with floats in the jacuzzi – any child under age 5 will obviously urinate in the pool as a natural reflex!!), abuse of garbage rules. I have put up with this for 2 years and made every effort to indicate improvements needed and monitor my pet and behavior.

    I feel punished for this career incident beyond my control. I will most definitely speak up on internet sites about this property!

  4. the new maintainence manager has unkind words to say if any. why is he leaving the keyed entry to the pool by the office , as he would say, "i check the temperature every day myself" and still for over a month , allowing the gate to be loose , unlocking properly and leaving our children at risk by death . all it needs is a person who cares about the safety of all and common sense. many residents here do not get that secure feeling with him in charge . please be aware .

  5. linda the manager at the meadows apts in mesa Arizona seems to not be "putting you first " . unfortunately I am amongst many who has been spoken to ,more than once by her manner that is without professional ethics. Also, trees above some bbq grills are hanging close with dead dry branches within 3 feet from grills tops. damaged palms in front of office are riddled with obvious termite damage . the heated pool only stays heated till march ,leaving many disappointed . the heated pool is also not heated again till late November. I am speaking up because i am wanting to feel safe and appreciated as a member of the meadows community of mostly hard working people. linda also has "her own disabled parking spot" leaving residents with a long walk to other spaces far beyond their capabilities . i am unfortunately not alone in saying i want better action taken toward these issues i present to you at this time. . on behalf of many, your urgent attention is requested by many who may not be speaking up as i have today . sincerely , Not being put first.

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