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Foodtown Corporate Office 

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Food Town Corporate Office in the United States is headquartered in Houston, Texas. Below are comprehensive details about Food Town, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company.

How To Contact Food Town Corporate Office Headquarters

Food Town Corporate Office: Overview

Foodtown Corporate Office

A Snapshot of Food Town’s History

Food Town is a local supermarket chain in Texas, known for its personalized service and community focus. Since its establishment, Food Town has been committed to offering a wide selection of quality products, including fresh produce, meats, and everyday essentials, catering to the needs of the neighborhoods it serves.

The Grocery Retail Industry and Food Town’s Position

In the grocery retail market, Food Town competes with both local and national grocery stores. It differentiates itself through its community-oriented approach, focusing on local preferences and needs, and offering a friendly, convenient shopping experience. FoodTown competes with Kroger, HEB, and Publix.

Food Town’s Dedication to Community and Quality

Food Town is dedicated to being a neighborhood store that prioritizes customer satisfaction and community involvement. The brand emphasizes providing a wide range of high-quality products at competitive prices, along with exceptional customer service.

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Food Town Corporate Office Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback

We encourage you to share your experiences with Food Town’s product selection, store environment, and customer service. Your feedback helps others understand the company’s operations and commitment to providing quality grocery shopping experiences in the local community.

Foodtown HQ - Manager is biased

November 13, 2023

I love shopping here but will not continue to do so with my family they are very bias at this store, I applied to thus store for overnight stock position & was hired I worked for a night the next day I was taken off the schedule when I called the hiring manager told me she doesn’t know what going on because she hired me but she’ll give me a call 2 weeks went past I came back to the store for an explanation the hiring manager told me she don’t know what to say it’s out of her hands, I spoke to to wallly almost a month later and was told no one ever spoke to him about anything but he’s willing to give me training upon talking to him Joe entered the conversation and started yelling becoming belligerent to me yelling he doesn’t care what happened it’s his store he’ll do what he wants he’s biased when anyone needs to speak with him about anything he’s belligerent and yells it’s his store he can do what he wants , you ask the other managers for help and no one has anything to say but it’s out of their hands people spend thousands at this store , the disrespect to customers is unacceptable. Fulton Street in Brooklyn

Dwayne jones

Foodtown Rudest Cashiers

December 13, 2022


The cashiers are the rudest as they come. I was told I couldn’t get cash back because I was only buying a piece of candy ?? and was told to go to my bank with the worst snottiest attitude ever. AS if the $20-$40 cash back I’m requesting was coming out of their pockets. I was made to feel ashamed and embarrassed as she said it loudly in front of another customer. I work in a store in the same shopping plaza and as neighbors we should not be treated that way. APPALLED to say the least. She said I should buy more instead of a piece of candy ?? As if it her business. Another incident a few weeks ago with another cashier – super snotty. Customer Service classes should be held regularly for your employees.


Foodtown Red Bank NJ is Beautiful

December 13, 2022

I have shopped at your Foodtown in Red Bank, NJ. My home store is in Port Monmouth, NJ. When I saw how beautiful the Red Bank is now since you upgraded the store,

just shows how horrible the Port Monmouth store is.

Is there a chance Port Monmouth will get the same treatment as Red Bank

Sesrene Hemberger

FoodTown West Palm Beach FL

December 13, 2022

I was at your FoodTown in West Palm Beach at 45th Street and Military Blvd. I parked in the front of the store to run in and run out for dinner at your Takeout. I was told I was allegedly blocking the pathway to the Handicapped Ramp that leads to the front door. Now I was partially parked in the way but there was clearly enough room for anyone to get through. So, after I got my food, I drove off and was immediately flagged down by one of your workers who decided to Chastise me like a little child about what I did because a customer allegedly couldn’t use the ramp which was a blatant lie. He said I call the number on your car to let your boss know what you did, and I said sir I’m the owner of the company. I then asked him what his name and he immediately said to me Just like a BLANK and walked off fast. I asked him what his name was and he refused to give it. I was taken aback by how he used a racial epithet to describe an issue that wasn’t that serious at all. Calling a class of people this leads to someone getting hurt. I’ve never had this problem before and have parked in the front for years and patronized this location. This incident happened around 6:30 pm on 4/18/2023. Once again, the Staff member should have advised me in a RESPECTABLE way about what happened rather than being combative with me. We are living in a time where you can’t come at people in any type of way, which could cause an irrational person to feel fear based on the interaction and could end badly in a Stand Your Ground State. This STAFF MEMBER needs Immediate RETRAINING on how to handle Customers while working. Please DO NOT take this matter lightly but a chance to school the staff member on the Do’s and Don’ts.

Ted Taylor
Corporate Office Headquarters