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Foodtown Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. Went to west Palm Beach Florida food town bought cooked crab ! The next day went to eat when we opened the package the smell was horrible! Clearly they cooked it after it spoiled! Went back next day to return was informed they don’t take back clearly it’s spoiled ! Shouldn’t have to pay for spoiled food

  2. Someone needs to educate the people who put the weekly ads together. The current ad wishes a Happy Chanukah, followed by a beef and 2 pork sale offerings. Pork for Chanukah? Unbelievable!

  3. Went to Foodtown in Houston Tx seen smoke turkey drumsticks was on sale buy three packs got home cook one and next day gave me food poison throwing up and diarrhea sad store selling bad meat . Food town on 2270 N SAM.HOUSTON PARKWAY E

  4. First, let me say I love your store and I am so happy you decided to come to margaretville and also to rebuild here after the flood. However, I have been very rudely treated by 2 of your employees in that store.
    I was shopping in the store on July 3 around 3-4 o’clock and after making my way through a very crowded store, I got in line to check out. The line had 3 people ahead of me. I could have gone to the express line, as I didn’t have that much, but like I said the store was very crowded and all the lines were long, so I decided to stay in the line farthest away from the express line. I waited patiently as I knew it would be crowded the day before the holiday. I waited about 10+ minutes and the person checking out in front of me (who I recognized as one of your cashiers) suddenly turned around and said” she’s closing after she checks me out”. I said, “but I have been standing in this line for 10 minutes!” . And she replied “ I know, I’m sorry”. The cashier didn’t say a word.
    I left my cart and walked out of the store. I don’t mind standing in line once, but not twice.
    When I returned home I called the store and asked for the manager, woman who answered said she would help me. I asked her if she was the manager, she replied she was the office manager. Obviously she wasn’t getting the manager on the phone so I told her what happened. The office manager proceeded to tell me I should have come right to customer service. No, I shouldn’t have to, nor could I with all the shopping carts in line at the time. She never apologized and just kept saying I should have come to the office and made me feel like it was my fault for not coming to customer service and said if it ever happened again to come right to the office. I have never had it happen to me in any store my entire life and she tells me it could happen again in your store! If a cashier is closing, they usually tell you right away if you get in their line, it should never be handled like this. Sorry to say, but it will be a long time before I come back to your store, if ever. I did send an email to corporate with the employees names.
    P Scarth

  5. I have a major complaint about Foodtown/Big Deal on Morris Park Ave. The fish department never has the fish that is on sale and advertised in the weekly flyer. I feel that if it is in the flyer then it should be in the store. Thank you, Barbara Loiacono ,I would like to see a reply to this.

  6. While shopping at the Super Foodtown in Croton, NY, on Saturday, July 1, 2017, sometime between 3:15pm-4:00pm a careless customer in a white SUV who was parked next to me opened their door hard and wide enough to dent my car door in three places. I saw the damage upon my return to the car after shopping. The SUV was long gone and left no note. I went inside the store to get the manager and asked if their were surveillance cameras and told him why I was asking. He walked outside with me and saw the damage.

    Apologetically, he said there was nothing he could do. I went to the bank that is also located in the shopping center and was told they could not release tapes from their surveillance unless it was bank related.

    So, since I have no way to track down this obnoxious, careless driver, I now have to shell out $450 to get the damage repaired.

    Since Foodtown does not care enough to have surveillance cameras for the safety of their customers, I will no longer shop there and have told all of my friends and family as well!

  7. I attempted to exchange baby cereal ($3.19) purchased from another Food Town (located at 47-33 Bell Blvd Bayside, NY 11361) earlier this morning (Father's Day). The manager stated "we do not take food from other Food Towns. We are a family-owned franchise." I then asked him if he knew of another Food Town (not family-franchised owned) nearby. He said he did not.

    There are several things disturbing about this situation in my view. Is there something wrong with food from other Food Towns that I am not aware of? Is Food Town's Corporate Headquarters in the know of such policies? If so, do they agree/support such ideals? Is an exchange for cereal that costs $3.19, a big problem at family-owned franchises? Is there a reason a manager is not aware of other locations that are nearby? I understand he was not going to accept the exchange, but he was unaware of how to redirect me.

    Overall, I'm extremely disappointed with the interaction I had with the manager at this location regarding an exchange or even redirection. I went back to the same store I purchased it from and received the exchange. Also that manager seemed perplexed about the entire situation.

    Should you need similar services from the Bell Blvd. family-franchise owned location, please keep this in mind.

  8. Your website is not working. I'm trying to put digital coupons on my card but it's not working. I know how to do it it's just not going through. Please help.2/13/17

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