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HEB Corporate Office in the United States is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. Below are comprehensive details about H-E-B’s corporate office, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company.

How To Contact H-E-B Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

H-E-B Corporate Office: Overview

HEB Corporate Office HQ
HEB Corporate Headquarters Address And Phone Number

Map and Directions To HEB Main Office in San Antonio, Texas USA

A Snapshot of H-E-B’s History

Founded in 1905, H-E-B is a privately held supermarket chain primarily based in Texas and Mexico. Known for its fresh food, quality products, and commitment to community service, H-E-B has grown into one of the largest independent food retailers in the United States.

The Retail Grocery Industry and H-E-B’s Position

In the competitive grocery market, H-E-B competes with major chains like Walmart, Kroger, Publix, Meijer and Whole Foods Market. H-E-B sets itself apart with a strong focus on local products, a high level of customer service, and innovative store formats, including the upscale Central Market brand for gourmet shoppers. Other competitors include Ingles Markets.

H-E-B’s Customer-Centric Approach

H-E-B’s success is driven by its dedication to customer satisfaction, offering a unique shopping experience with a focus on fresh, quality products and community engagement. The company’s emphasis on innovation in both products and services has helped it maintain a strong market presence and loyal customer base.

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HEB Complaints, Reviews, Feedback, and Comments

We invite you to share your experiences with HEB Stores, customer service, and overall quality. Your feedback is valuable in helping others make informed decisions about food products. Feel free to leave your comments and reviews below.

HEB HQ - Apple pie bought for Thanksgiving but was moldy.

November 29, 2023

I called the store at Perrin Bitel, where we shop, but was informed by the manager that the pie was past the sell by date and therefore would not refund the 15.98 since it was meant for Thanksgiving. We also bought a half pecan pie and ate the last slice yesterday morning. It was delicious. I don’t understand. Can anyone explain or help. Thank you in advance.

Gloria Green

HEB Service Dog Issue

January 25, 2024

Small service dogs are not allowed in the basket seat!

I would like to see HEB Corporate change its policy about small service dogs not being allowed in the seating area of the basket. They’re are more small dogs being registered with ADA now and if a service dog is less than 10lbs it should be allowed in the basket seat area. On a couple of occasions, my disabled grand daughter’s small service dog has gotten stepped on and run into by a cart. If hygiene is your concern, I personally have seen and know more clean and vaccinated (required) service dogs in the stores than I have children sitting in the baskets. It would be very considerate for HEB to support their customers who depend on the smallest of service dogs.


HEB Pharmacy Issue Sugar Land TX

January 25, 2024

The store at 59 and 99 SW F The Fountains in Sugar Land, TX needs an overhaul. attitude adjustment for Pharmacist and increase in staff for peak hours!

I Live in Great Wood across the street since the store was built. Had good service from the pharmacy for many years. Age increased my med usage and more contact with staff. Some recent changes in policies have caused a lot of stress with seniors and with those of limited mobility. There was free delivery for needed drugs. Now another $7.95 per delivery. add that to the cost of meds while on medicare supplement plans. You get a phone notice that the drug is ready, but when you arrive, it is still in process. If you stand in line at a peak time.. there are usually 3 ahead of you and three cars in the driveway. BOTH are serviced by just one rushed attendant. Your new policy of trying to force old timers to use an app to pre-pay or check if ready is a drag to have to traverse the phone prompts. Highly irritating to be reminded that we can just download the app and just be a nice guy and use it and shut up. NO! Older people have a slightly harder time with testy computer programs. Granted there are peak and slow times.. but you are understaffed. Today, my wife had to pick up my meds and had to beg to pre-pay so she could have the meds ready when driving through. Wife had to give up and deal with the roll-out window routine. The lady before her waited 15 min and finally had to just drive off as no one would service the window. By the time the wife was served, there were 5 cars behind her. The wife had difficulty communicating and using the info input through the roll-out window. Constant rain tested a lot of tempers. Time to update that pharmacy.. re think about your service budget and re-set delivery to free. Try to remember most of the area prefers to shop at H E B due to proximity. There is a lot larger community of senior citizens than one would expect. This week at 84, my walking ability was brought down due to medical pain problems in my legs and feet.. Normally I will use the pharmacy and also take time to buy extra groceries in-store. But, the call ahead and pre-pay and drive-thru is a time saver. When it is serviced. Harsh suggestion…. send a trained troubleshooter with some tact to survey the pharmacy. I might even suggest you send a remodeling expert to re-adjust the work space and re-vamp the gondola displays ..

Donn Shands

HEB Vegetarian Section

January 18, 2024

Surplus food, food waste, Too Good to Go

Will HEB join the “Too Good To Go” movement? I’m also extremely concerned about the horrible use of plastic packaging used in the “improved” produce section of my store! Does HEB have any sort of program for surplus food going to food banks? Also to help curb waste, is HEB willing to lower prices on foods nearing their expiration dates? NO FOOD SHOULD EVER BE WASTED!! There are options!! Thanks! One more thing… as a long term vegetarian, it would be great to have a complete vegetarian section where I could choose my items. I shop the entire store anyway so there’s plenty of impulse buying, but a more dedicated section would be great! Thanks. Side note: a million years ago, like 1970, I worked at a bank in Victoria, Texas, as a bookkeeper and I was specifically given the HEB account to handle because it was one of the most important accounts the bank had. It was an honor to be trusted with such a high ranking account!

Ms Jerry Bradford

Heb Location Request

January 14, 2024

Look at building a new HEB off highway 6 outside of Waco, Texas near Lake Waco! Asking for you to build a new HEB outside of Waco, Texas off highway 6 near Lake Waco. There is land for sale on this side of the lake. Even though there is zip codes that shows parts of Waco in this area, there is so many small towns in this area, were the census hasn’t even been taken since 2010. New homes are being built, people moving to Texas in this area from California, and various different parts of the United States. Just as we speak we have 5,000 new homes being built in the 76708 and the 76633 zip code areas. I know that the 76708 zip code is a part of Waco, Texas, but there is a part of that zip code that is more China Spring Area. There is Clifton Texas, Meridian Texas area, Whitney, Texas area people that come to Waco, Texas to do a ton of shopping, that come through the Valley Mills and China Spring area on Hwy 6 to their Drs, office which is off Hwy 6, were these small towns has a Brookshires or Brookshires Bros but their prices are so high that they come to a bigger area to get the best deal on gas and groceries. I know I was one of them. For years I would come to Waco, Texas to do all my shopping and drive 50 miles just to come to Waco, Texas, but beings I’m in Waco now I love it. Everyone out here would love to have one on Highway 6, there is plenty of land for sale there, and a ton of people in these smaller towns work in Waco, Texas that go home through highway 6 and I do believe that a store built there would be busy. Doesn’t hurt to look into it. Plus, I believe it would bring in more people in the area, to build and buy more homes.

Tracey Lynn Trawick
Corporate Office Headquarters