Ingles Corporate Office Headquarters

Ingles Corporate Office Headquarters
Ingles Markets, Incorporated
2913 US Highway 70 W
Black Mountain, NC 28711-9103 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-828-669-2941
Fax Number: 1-828-669-3678
Customer Service Number:1-828-669-2941

  • The level of math competence required to count change for a till is usually acquired by 3rd or 4th grade as it is the most rudimentary adding and subtracting process. Not in Elizabethton at Ingles apparently. I just left the store from purchasing a footlong sandwich, a drink, and some fruit. The girl at the register told me my total was $12.61. I handed her a 20 dollar bill and was reaching into my pocket to get out a penny, I told her "just a second, I will hand you a penny so you can give me back 40 cents in change" to which she looked at me like a deer caught in headlights and said "I can't do that, I already put the amount in and have to give you back what it says". I said "fine" and waited for her to give me back my money with 39 cents in change. I then reached into my pocket and pulled out a penny. I added it to the 39 cents she gave me and said "now, do me a favor, give me back 40 cents" and I put the change into her hand. She looked at it, then at me (Again like a deer caught in headlights), then at it again, and said "40 cents?" I said yes, she opened her till, counted it out, and handed me back 40 cents. There SHOULD be a basic iq test given to people before putting them in charge of counting, receiving, or giving out a companys money. Then again, from what I have seen of their managerial staff, it really does NOT surprise me in the least. I have noticed on most of my visits however, the salad bar which used to be well kept up, has a lot of very brown lettuce, sometimes slimy. I used to buy salads at this store, but stopped when it took more time to pick through the brown lettuce to find any green lettuce. Won't be doing that any more.

  • The level of math competence required to count change for a till is usually acquired by 3rd or 4th grade as it is the most rudimentary adding and subtracting process. Not in Elizabethton at Ingles (store 397) apparently. I just left the store from purchasing a footlong sandwich, a drink, and some fruit. The girl at the register told me my total was $12.61. I handed her a 20 dollar bill and was reaching into my pocket to get out a penny, I told her "just a second, I will hand you a penny so you can give me back 40 cents in change" to which she looked at me like a deer caught in headlights and said "I can't do that, I already put the amount in and have to give you back what it says". I said "fine" and waited for her to give me back my money with 39 cents in change. I then reached into my pocket and pulled out a penny. I added it to the 39 cents she gave me and said "now, do me a favor, give me back 40 cents" and I put the change into her hand. She looked at it, then at me (Again like a deer caught in headlights), then at it again, and said "40 cents?" I said yes, she opened her till, counted it out, and handed me back 40 cents. There SHOULD be a basic iq test given to people before putting them in charge of counting, receiving, or giving out a companys money. Then again, from what I have seen of their managerial staff, it really does NOT surprise me in the least.

  • Please be advised your store located at Walt Stephens and Blackhall Road consistently putting out spoiled and old food. They have gauged the prices on the food on their already overly prices since the pandemic. If your stores can't put out fresh food then they need to be CLOSED REMOVED FROM THIS LOCATION to make room for another grocery chain to be established. I've had to return several items to the location and I definitely don't buy any meats from this location I learned that lesson long ago, cause it's never fresh. But you can't even buy something a simple head of lettuce from this disgusting location. This location needs to be addressed or your store needs to CLOSED AND REMOVED.

  • PANDEMIC A grocery store is a place people must visit. Does Ingles check temperatures of their employees before they clock in? At Ingles yesterday the person bagging my groceries was wet with sweat and a continuing bad cough into arm. A thermometer isn't that expensive. A temperature check can save peoples lives.

  • First I feel I need to give a little information about myself. I am a hard worker and take pride in my work ethic. I have been offered two management positions, one from the owner of the company but I turned them both down. My reason is I am a survivor of domestic abuse both emotional and physical for the past three years. I was lucky to get out of this relationship with my life. Yes, he tried to kill me but I survived! He is now serving a two year sentence. The after effects have left me diagnosed with PTSD. This is the reason I turned down those management jobs. I don't like to tell many people about it because I don't want sympathy and I don't want anyone to think that having PTSD makes me a week person. Not to mention the fact that talking about it is something that makes my symptoms of PTSD worse by making me have more flashbacks and night terrors. So I save talk about it in PTSD support groups or to people I feel could benefit from my story. So I came to work at Ingles for a more stress free environment. That being said when I returned home after my near escape it took me awhile to even go out into public period but now with a lot of support I am back in the work environment. I have made progress with my PTSD and I've fallen back a few times.It's something I now realize that I will have to deal with the rest of my life but I also realize that it does not make me week. In my eyes and many who know the details I am very strong. These people are in awe at how I made it out alive. That being said my issues with venturing outside my home stem from triggers and witnessing the ugliness that some people do and say to one another. This is why I turned down these management jobs. Though I hate to admit it, I know that I can not do a proper job as management while dealing with all these PTSD symptoms. I have become sensitive to others behaviors. I don't understand the ugliness that some can express to others. To me treating people with respect and kindness can move mountains in those we interact with. So I find myself making note of the behaviors of the workers around me. That being said this note is not about me. This note is about someone at my work that I see should be praised for her work ethic. Her name is Sam Reville. She is a customer service rep at your Clayton Georgia location. I have observed Ms. Reville in many situations and she has a very good work ethic and manor about her that goes above and beyond. I just wanted to let you guys know about this gem you have. She is someone that you definitely need to keep your eye on! People with her work ethic are very rare in our world today. So if your ever in Clayton Georgia go check out what a true great leader this young women is and pass it on to the higher ups because you don't find integrity like very often in the world today.

  • You have debited money from my bank account for more than my purchase without permission!!!!

    I stopped and got $24 in gas on a Sunday using my debit card. I was on the way to go shopping for Christmas when unknown to me there is $200 missing from my bank account that Ingles has put a hold on for that $24 gas purchase. So my question is, is it ok for anyone to come into my yard and take let's say a Christmas decoration from me without asking for permission? Even with the intent of putting it back 2,3,5,days later? That is straight up stealing. According to Federal Law they have a maximum time of 24 hours to maintain that hold. It is now going on 48 hours that they have stolen that money from me. Not only did it cause me not to be able to continue shopping on Sunday but has also caused a negative balance in my bank account. Who is going to pay for those fees because it is not my fault the money was not there? There is no posting of this anywhere on site nor is there a prompt on the screen at the pump. This is deceitful. I am currently trying to reach someone at the Ingles corporate office to assist me in this matter. I have left voicemails and emails. Of course there has been no response. I am currently looking into the lawful details regarding this practice. I will involve police, and the court system if needed. Someone from Ingles needs to reach out to me ASAP. I am furious and I LOVE social media!!

  • today I went to the engles in landrum.first I went to the spirit store across the street since it was nice out I rode my bike.i bought something at the spirit and wine store.i had a ingles reusable bag I bought at ingles more than a year ago.ok so I went and got the things I needed to make some drinks.tomao juice and what not.before I went into the store I put a bottle of something ingles does not I was paying for my purcheses.the bag woman grabebed my ingles bag,and opened it and reached inside and pulled out in full view of all.please remember this is a small town.anyway if nobody saw me put anything in my bag,what right did she have to search my property.if a old lady were come to the regester would she be able to search her purse.she violated my 4th admentment rights.9/2/2019 thank you

  • Ingles in Brevard NC is nasty. They do not clean the meat machines in the deli department. The potato and other salads look nasty and not appealing to eat. Why in todays world do they still have muffins in open shelves that anyone can touch or slip something into the muffins. I am thinking of calling on behalf of the handicapped people who need a wheelchair. Brevard store has one that is falling apart and HAS GROUND IN DIRT ON THE HANDLES AND SEAT ETC. THEY NEED A NEW WHEELCHAIR.THEY ARE AN INSULT TO THE HANDICAPPED.

    The manager could care less since he made the remark to me that his store does well in sales. I WOULD LIKE TO SEE HOW HIS BUSINESS WOULD DO IF THERE WAS SOME COMPITETION. HE IS A WASTE FOR A MANAGER.

  • Watch out for Ingles Tractor/trailer truck drivers. They are always breaking the speed limit and taking chances in tight situations. I thought they were given plenty of time to get from point A to point B. Aren't they salaried? They drive like bats out of hell sometimes. Watch out for them. A lot of them are evidently rookies. Doesn't Ingles care that their name is pasted all over the sides of these aggressive and speeding drivers' rigs? Leaves a very bad taste in my mouth, especially since I have been shopping there for 50 years!

  • The Jonesborough, TN Ingles has really gone downhill since Brandon the previous manager left. I typically am in Ingles 3 times a week and "Eddie" the store manager has still never even spoke to me or acknowledge me when we pass. He can look you right in the eye and never even speak. Also, he does treat his employees like crap. We know several people that work there and they say he harasses them by making inappropriate contacts. However, I am told that Rusty the district manager is his buddy so nothing will ever get done. So sad that the Jonesborough store is going down.

  • We live in Blue Ridge, Ga Come to find out ingles doesn't care about customers Not at store level but corporate We are little city but with big tourism So there 's no video store except Ingles and now taking it out. Another service taken away because of profit and do not worry about all the customers who use it It's a service for our community that you take away and make many people very upset because you might not make enough profit on videos! You people live in larger cities than this one, I think it is a shame you close one feature that no one else has because you all don't really care about this community, just corporate greed..Ingles makes enough profit on your groceries,pharmacy, deli and starbucks that you could keep it open! How long have you had the video section there! Weii this is one shopper who will be going somewhere else for groceries from now on! Like you would really care anyway

  • I am so sorry all these folks have a problem with Ingles. I shop at the Hogansville, Ga store and must say there is never a problem. The staff-managers and employees are all great. I've never found an out of date item. The store mgr knows our names and faces. Perhaps Ingles should use this store as their training store as they do things for the customers and still manage to look as if they like their jobs. You good Hogansville Ingles Gail

  • concerning the ingles store in gray,ga. the bakery dept manager does not seem to have a grip on her own department. talking down to employees is not how to get employees to work. dianne poole should be fired because she very unprofessional to the employees. when you here her yelling cuss words at employees, it is time for here to go.she is rude to her boss. that is not very good.

  • I worked at the store in Lake lure, NC. The managers there are beyond ridiculous. There are alot of lazy slack workers. Alot make the same hourly wage as others, but over half the people good off and talk on phone and they ignore the customers, while others work their butts off having to do their job and others. No matter how much you complain, the managers won't do a damn thing! And certain ones have their "favorites". All the managers need to be replaced and so does the lazy ass workers there. Then they wonder why they can't keep help or even get help. And the big bosses(cooperate), need to show up there unexpectedly, so they can see whats going on in that place. When they know they coming in, everyone gets prepared. People start tucking shirts in etc. And i ain't ever seen such nasty restrooms as there's. DO A BETTER JOB LAKE LURE!!!

    • It seems to me that it IS the main problem in almost every instance – there IS NO MANAGEMENT!!!!! It's simply crazy! I can't imagine what they get paid- But they seem to stay forever. So, there is a reason for that. Management stinks!

  • I have been an employee with Ingles Markets for just a little over a year. In that year, I can honestly say that the store manager, Michael Mahlum, and his Co-Manager, Andre Touyo, are two of the most corrupt and deceitful supervisors I have ever worked for. They constantly under staff the night crew. They refuse to offer full time to those of us who have certainly worked ourselves to the bone. All in the name of saving a few bucks on labor. They constantly cheat on inventory and require us to do unethical practices or risk being fired. Some of us have no other means of income. Occasionally if we stay past our scheduled time, the managers will actually go back into thwbsystem and edit our time. This is not only unethical but very illegal. The district manager is aware of these practices and yet they still occur. Ingles, why do you allow the management at store 445 in Ellenwood, Ga to treat us like this?

  • We frequent the Bryson City store as we are from there.Usually and for the most part our experience has been okay at best.The staff is friendly and everything looks clean enough.However I have to say that the main issues my immediate and extended family as well as some friends and co-workers have are with other things.Things such as for the past two month (usually make 3 big trips a week around $150,00 each trip we have a big family to feed) are the bags busting before we load them in our vehicles. Also the meats leak everywhere even thru the meat bag's then the grocery bag's. If we are so unfortunate to have to use the self check out they are so slow and freeze if you get within an inch of them.This seriously needs to be addressed at your earliest convenience. thank you so much. sINCERELY Chris & Veronica Lewis GOD BLESS!!!

  • I would just like to say that I will be shopping at Food City from now on! The manager at the Jonesborough,TN store is very rude. I have walked passed him numerous times and he just totally ignored me! I will not shop where I am treated like crap. I used to spend at least $300 a week there. He also treats the employees like crap. He does not know how to manage a grocery store! There are items on the shelves that have expired months ago. Items on sale are most likely not on the shelves! Sale prices do not come up when scanned. I wish corporate could see what a mess this store is and get rid of that store manager.

  • 2 weeks ago someone in the Ingles store, Calhoun Men Hwy, Easley, SC tried to get me to bring my prescriptions to them.
    Tuesday, I took 3 prescriptions to the store. I walk in to the counter. Behind the counter is a man and woman talking. They see me and immediately start to shuffle papers and try and look busy. I stand there for some time. The man even calls out and talks with people passing by. Only after I started to walk away after about 12 minutes did the man come to see if he could help me. I presented my 3 prescriptions, insurance information, phone numbers, everything he would need. He assured me he would check out their prices and get back with me. NOW 2 days later, I still have not heard back from Ingles Pharmacy about the price of my prescriptions. Would you take your prescriptions to someone who obviously did not want to help a customer or someone who had no interest in working?

  • I would like to say that I love to shop at my local Ingles! I've been shopping there for 16 years. Any time I go in there the employees treat me with so much respect. Today they went above their job and the deli department made a Greek salad just for me. I needed something Greek for a banquet and they stopped everything and made it for me. I wasn't sure a cubscout troop would like it, but they ate all of it. I want to say how much I appreciate the people working there! Maurice is always there to help me with the biggest smile. They see me coming and ALWAYS greet me! I hope that someone gives them a raise. They REALLY deserve it!

  • Went to my local Ingles to have something important for my son faxed at their customer desk. She faxed it to the wrong number (number wasnt even similar to the number circled on the cover sheet). Did not notice until later that day when the recipient said she never received the fax and I checked my conformation page, noticing it was sent to the wrong number. Went back to the store the next morning and spoke with the manager. Her response was "Well I wasn't here yesterday and I didn't do it, not sure what else you want to hear". After researching the number my document was faxed to I found out it was sent to a local high school {that my son does not attend}. Spoke with someone at the school. She stated that based on where that fax machine is located ANYONE (staff or students) could have gotten the document. The document had my son's full name, address, phone number, date of birth AND SS#. Everything a person needs to steal his identity and ruin his credit & life. My son is a 20yr college student. Trying to follow a good path. No one at corporate with return my calls.

  • I have a daughter that works at the ingles in Centre, Alabama. The store manager there was transferred from a store in GA and he needs to go back to where he came from. My daughter was full-time around 40 hours a week when he started. He had her moved from stocking to deli to bagging to cleaning then back to deli. He had her working in the deli on a holiday weekend ALONE and expected her to get done with everything 30 minutes after closing. That would have been possible if day shift had done their jobs but they left her in a mess. Needless to say some cleaning that night didn't get done to his liking and he wrote up my daughter 2 times and suspended her, telling her to call back to get her schedule the next week. She called back and they gave her the wrong schedule so the store manager thought she quit, when she went back to work he yelled at her for not strictly talking to him. Then he puts her on cleaning duties, bathroom scrubbing toilets, in the store in front of customers on her hands and knees scrubbing base boards. He also cut her hours down to 12 hours a week. She worked though all of it and got more hours back but he is still trying to make her quit. Recently he is letting every department pull her from her duties in the deli to clean up their messes and he has cut her hours back to 12 a week. She was getting 16 hours and then she asked if she could have 4 more hours to give her 20 a week because Alabama has passed a law for food assistance that ypuust have a 20 hour a week job. When she asked for the extra 4 hours, he instead cut her 4 more hours in turn continuing on his path to get her to quit. She has bills car payment, etc….. I was going to retire from work but I can't due to his treatment of her. What he is doing is not right. She is looking for other employment but in the mean time she has expenses that keep her from being able to quit and to stop putting up with his manager abuses. He should be fire. She is the lowest working houred employee in the store. Everyone else is above 20 hours a week. She is lucky to get 3 days a week now. She isn't the only one getting this kind of treatment but she has it much worse than the others because he wants her out. She scrubbed toilets and trash cans and base boards. He was switching her between departments to do their cleaning for them, she had to pick up trash around the dumpsters outside and even in the grass and wood behind the store. He walked in on her while she was cleaning the men's room and told her he had to pre and started unzipping before she was even out the door. The management there is pathetic and almost everyone knows it. Nobody there likes him they tolerate him. He needs to be repremanded for his treatment of the employees. That store use to be great and now working there is stressful. Every st it is always something new.

  • Ingles on Salem Road in Conyers, GA Manager and asst. Manager seemed unconcerned when I informed them that their take out food was cold. So much for Custmer Service.

  • I used to be a customer at Ingles in Statesville N.C. I want you to know that I have noticed the cashiers and baggers are on there cell phones if they are not waiting on customer in there line. I think that is very unprofessional and they should not have there cell phones on them when they are at work. Why doesn't the manager do something about that?

    • I think you're just looking for something to complain about at this point if they get you through the line and everything is okay you shouldn't have a complaint you made it clear there were no customers around in your complaint so what's the harm

  • I would like Corporate to know what kind of manager you have at Ingles in Statesville N.C. I worked there for a short time and the manager there is short tempered, rude to his employees. He will embarass his employees in front of customers,and at that point the customers are in shock to see his behavior. I have worked in retail and I have never ever had a boss or manager that treats his employees like that. I quit my job because of him. I now have a job where the managers there treat there employees with respect. I was warned about him after I was hired and I should have listen to that person she worked there also. His name is Jeff Bost I thought you should should know this. I hope you send someone in there llike Undercover Boss trust me it won't take long for you to find out what kind of manager you have working there. I even had a customer see the rude behavior and that customer told me he used to work there and the customer appologized for the managers behavior that customer told me he used to work there and he said the manager was just like that and I would just have to get used to it. You don't know me but I just wanted my voice to be heard.

  • I was in a inlges store and the girl in the bakery was on her cell phone and talking to her boyfriend and then order food while people was waiting to be serviced. I filed a complainant on ingles website and they contacted the store manger and the bakery manger Victoria didn't go to the person the complaint was about. Instead Victoria took the information(ingles gave them of the name of the person that filed the complaint) then Victoria went and told everyone in the store about it and the went on Facebook, again ingles gave her this information, and looked up who was friends with the person that complained and then did NOTHING to the girl that is at fault that girls name is Stephine the store is in Acworth,Ga store #411. ingles HAS NO PRIDE IN THEIR NAME any more. ingles has become the worst store I have ever seen. I have seen where employees have young family members watching cars out side and the when the customer goes in side to shop these young people will get into the cars and steal out of them. ingles here is some very good advise, fix the problems in your stores or close and lock your doors, because you have become the worst store ever.

  • I've just returned from shopping at Ingles on Highway 278 in Covington GA. I experienced an episode of being shorted 4 items upon returning home and unpacking my groceries. Before calling the store to complain, I made certain that no items remained in my car or kitchen counter. I spoke with the co-manager who asked that I refer to my receipt and give her a series of numbers, date, time, the items missing and the prices so that she can refer to the store's video tape to verifiy whether these items were indeed misplaced and said that she would contact me within the hour. This experience was unusual to me as compared to other stores that simply ask that you come to the store with your receipt and they will allow you to the get the missing items. Upon receiving the the co-manager's returned call, I was informed by her that after her investigation, it was viewed on the camera that the items were placed in my cart. I for certain did not leave anything in my cart as I returned the cart back into the store after placing the items that I had into my car. While disputing the co-manager's findings, she revealed to me that from the video tape it was found that the bagger of my groceries was NOT an ingles employee, but a CUSTOMER who was next in line who was trying to help out. RIDICULOUS! And she furthermore stated that since she viewed the items being placed in my cart, I am responsible for the purchase.
    First of all, a customer having handled another customer's merchandise without their consent is stealing. And secondly, posing as an employee is unlawful. So by the co-manager's admission that this had occurred and by refusing to grant me the missing items i purchased, Ingles is condoning unfair business practice, instead of taking my word for it in good faith and replacing the items making me whole and keeping me as a satisfied customer. The co-manager's decision and action in this case makes me scorn my local grocery establishment which is so uncessary and a shame.

  • My name is mrs.Amy Thorn I use to shop at Ingles on Salem Rd in Conyers Ga .Up to about a year ago I would buy flowers at least twice a week thete There was always a great variety and the floral dept looked great. I went in Saturday January 2015 .I needed a flower to take to a friend in the hospital so I went into Ingles once again hoping someone else was in floral that knew how to take care of flowers but I was wrong. Every flower in tgere was dead and marked down I cant believe it is still ran this way. About a year ago every time I went in floral looked great. Who do yall have running floral ? Dead flowers what few were there. I am so disappounted once again Does corporate not check on what is going on ? The floral in this store needs to be removed if no one can keep it up. Will continue to purchase flowers at Kroger Very disappointed. !!!!!!

    • I am a bounce around meat cutter and was sent to this store for two days a week for a couple of months. Your post does not surprise me. the management there is a bad joke at best. the store managers name is Elvin Jones the co managers name is Robert True both are very rude to employees and couldn't care less about customers. Aparently this isnt going to change anytime soon i would most certainly contact corporate about this issue the district managers name is Chris Lannem I have been insulted by him several times. I hope that this experience hasnt ruined it completely for you there are good stores such as the honey creek location store number 468 not a big store but nice people and the best butchers around.

  • The Cashiers NC store did not have an Advantage email price of 8/06/14 in their register this morning 8/06/14. Product was Colgate toothpaste 2 for $2.00 for 6.4 oz limit 6 per customer. The register had it $2.68 each when my Advantage card was entered. . The customer service manager did not know of the email special and suggested I bring in the ad for the price to be honored. I have had this problem before at this store even with signs advertising prices in the store. I have brought their signs to register on a few occasions to get the advertised price honored. Incompetence or deceitful behavior ? …but I do not trust this Ingles store and double check everything they do at the register.

  • Can't wait for Publix to enter the market. Just moved to Maggie from FL and find your prices prohibitively expensive. Love your selection, your staffs and your stores but your prices are outrageous. The real reason I came here is because I am in India working right now and tried to look at the weekly ad so I can stop at the store on the way home from the airport this weekend and Ingles prohibits access to their website from India. Newsflash guys, Publix, Bilo and Food Lion do not block me so I will be going to one of those (not Publix yet…but soon) on the way home from the airport. Take a hint from a very conservative southerner….you guys exemplify the stereotypical "southern red neck"…. please come into the 20th century else risk getting squashed in the competitive marketplace….

  • prices are not competitive to Kroger and definitely publix hope they catch on quick or they will down the tubes similar to other non competitive stores if piggly wiggly is more competitive shame on you

  • The Ingels on atlanta hwy in Athens Ga has had their air condictioner out in the deli for over a month now. The employees are burning up and someone could pass out or worse. Ingels should take care of their employees better than that. I work for Resourse at company and that would not be happening. Get the A/C fixed quickly before someone has a heat stroke in the deli.

  • I think this is just a site to vent. It is not being redirected to Ingle's Headquarters. So, if you have an issue, I suggest you contact Ingle's Corporate Office directly

  • Ingles is a bunch of horse crap. I walked out on my job today. I will take take being yelled at in front of customers and co workers by the co manager of the store, jake. I worked at the ingles on hwy 29 in hull ga. They have poor managerment.

  • This Morning I was on my way to work driving my husbands truck and the oil light came on ,and right beside Ingles is a auto zone however they were closed and when they opened I would have been late for work.I made the decison to go to Ingles I asked the the manager on duty Tim Bibble to help me put oil in my truck( I am a Female) he immediately stopped what he was doing and came to my rescue,no questions asked

    May God bless Mr Tim Bibble and I appreciate him (INGLES IN MOONVILLE S.C)

  • I have seen the children's shopping carts with little cars built onto carts, and wondered why one similar with just a bench seat could be made for caregivers to use with seniors whose vision is too poor to use the electric carts, but don't have the stamina to walk all over the store with a walker? Thanks

    • Oh,… me again guess I posted this in wrong place,…. and after reading all these glowing comments from employees,… this may be mute also….:)

  • I know what you mean I was done the same way at the same store been working there for years I called human resource and 4 dsys later they were going to fire me and im gone.we should get together and file together

  • I live in Elberton, Ga – I wish someone in the Ingles Corporate office would tell us why gas here at our Ingles is twenty three cents higher than it is at the Ingles in Hartwell, Ga which is only eighteen miles from Elberton. I asked someone in our local office why and he gave me some b/s about the region we were in. There should not be any difference between stores which are so close to each other. I hope someone can give me a reasonable explanation. Thank You.

  • I would like to let someone know how disappointed I was this morning when I went into Ingles floral dept .I have been shopping at Ingles for yrs and until a few months ago never went into floral .For the last few months I have bought many flowers in fkoral dept .Who ever was in charge of that dept was doung great there were many types of glowers to choose from and dept was arranged very eye appealing .However I went tgere this morning and was shocked to see that there were very few varieties to choose from and very few flowers total .The managers special flowers were dead .I had to leave and go ti kroger and get flowers fir a sick friend .I don't know who made a change but to let you kbow it was a bad nistake .I will not buy flowers there any longer So anyone reading this don't gi to Ingles fliral dept on sakem rd in conyers ga

  • I have shopped at the Walt Stephens Rd,Stockbridge Ga,,. Ingles since they have opened. But as months go by i am finding more and more expired products.Example yesterday while shopping i found 3 different types of L.L. chips that were expired. Also found sour cream expired.This has happened so much that i have stopped shopping for a lot of items at Ingles. Hope that i don't have to stop…. Please train your stockers and suppliers better.

  • I have shopped ingles on salem rd in conyers ga for yrs The floral department was fabalous over the last 4 or 5 months My husband and I was in there Saturday and was going to buy a gift in floral for our daughter and when we walked in the door we noticed that it was just a mess .There were empty baskets where cut flowers were suppose to be and boxes in front of glass shelves .We were so disappointed that we didn't even look any further .Just thought I would mention this and to let you know that this was very disappointing to see the department look like this since it has always looked very nice and clean prior to today .

  • If you work for Ingles, in a low paying position, you simply take what you get. There are people waiting in line for these jobs. It is best to improve your education and training and move on.

  • I was in Ingles in Temple Ga. There was an ad in the paper this week if you bought 3 coke products (12) pack for $3.33 each you would get 2 12 packs free any less than three would be regular price of $5.55 each. The same ad was in last weeks paper for Pepsi products I was shopping last week at the Bremen store. I was charged $5.55 for all 5 cases. I pointed this out to them and they changed it to charge me 5.55 each for 3. I did not accept that because the ad said they were$3.33 each for 3 and get 2 free. The total should have been 9.99 and 2 free. I was told the ad was wrong. I pointed out the fact that the same information was put on the pepsi products there at the store. She replied that they had to do that to match the ad. I got the Pepsi products for the ad price by being persistent in making them honor their ad. The Temple store said the ad was for a total of 5 products at $3.33 each. This is not what the ad said. Some of the above comments about price being higher there is true. They are the highest price store I have shopped in. I went there for the organic products. I will never shop at an Ingles again. Costco warehouse has a lot of Organic groceries and I will do all of my shopping there from now on. I know one customer is not going to hurt this corp. but if one by people shop shopping, they will soon begin to show a loss In revenue. By the way my name is James Justice. and I will never grace their doors again even for the gas.

  • I do not understand just how ingles tolerates a woman named jenny that evidently is a corporate employee .My husband and I were there at the Ingles in conyers ga on Salem rd as we walked in we saw here throwingv away flowers and talking ugly about the lady that works in floral .My husband and I have been shopping at this store for yrs and we noticed how good the floral dept has been looking in the last few months . If I were the lady having to tolerate this woman I would have some nasty words to say ti her .My husband said we will no longer shop at Ingles due to how rude this corporate employee was acting and talking so that customers could here her . I cant believe Mr Ingles would employee people that evidently dislike their job so much that they do not care about insulting another employees and in front of customers .

    • I am aware of the woman you are speaking about . I was in the floral dept one morning and there was a shopping cart filled with plants .My mother was looking through them whenva lady whos nane wasJenny came over to her and told her to put t ghost e flowers back they were going to the trash and she couldnt buy them This was very insulting a d we havent been back since them Corporate must be really hard . Up to tolerate such rude employees and by the way the lady that works in floral is the sweetest person and very helpful with chouces on flowers . Floral looks very nice but if I was the lady that works there I would make a formal complaint to head quarters on her .Just thpught I would let you know about the rudeness of this lady Thank you

  • My husband works for Ingles in Asheville, NC. He was recently put out of work for 3 days, with a doctors note. Upon getting his paycheck today there was no sick pay on it. When he inquired about it he was told that you have to be out of work sick for at least FIVE days to be able to get sick pay!! Does anybody know if that is actually legal? He had a doctors note, and has accrued sick pay. Can they get away with that policy?

  • I went to Ingles at Rockbridge Road in Stone Mountain Georgia yesterday this store charges more for grocery items that are listed in the paper such as Fab detergent the add price is 3.99 but that store price was 5.48 I pointed this out to a employee and the buy one get one free items were not that and to top it off I bought a 3 pack of trident gum that had expired Jan 2013 this store need to close or get new mangement at once before its to late and expired food hurt someone.

  • I am not sure if I have the right place for the comment I want to make. If not please pass this on to the appropriate dept. I live in Farragut, Tn. and shop at the Ingles on Kingston Pike. Last week I paid for my purchases and left the store to go home. My battery