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Grimaldi’s Pizzeria Corporate Office Headquarters

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Grimaldi’s Pizzeria Corporate Office Headquarters
15005 N Northsight Boulevard
Scottsdale, AZ  85260
Corporate Phone Number: 1-480-947-7100

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Tonight myself and 10 other relatives had the WORST EXPERIENCE in your Scottsdale Quarter restaurant. First and foremost the manager on duty, an African American, (I didn't get his name) expressed to my wife and sister-in-law how he didn't care about yelp ratings and suggested we write anything we want. With that attitude I can understand why the workers are terrible. We waited 20 minutes to get our drinks and had to find another waiter to take our food order because it was getting late. Once the food came, which was good, the waiter NEVER came back to see if we wanted anything else or ask how the food was. My wife had to go to the bar to get a second glass of wine. When we were done we had to track down the waiter to ask for the checks. There were 4 couples each requesting, (up front when we gave the order) separate checks. When we got the checks there was a 20% gratuity already on the bill. That may have explained why the waiter was so uncaring but after rereading the menu I was able to confirm that there is no gratuity notification for large parties. When I brought this to the attention of the manager he said he didn't know if it was on the menu or not. I told him he would have to call the police for me to pay 20%. After another 15 minutes of waiting the waiter came back with newly adjusted checks. I NEVER NOT TIP BUT TONIGHT WAS THE UNFORTUNATE EXCEPTION. I actually told the waiter that he needs to get trained properly but not to expect it there. My wife managed several restaurants and knows how to make sure the waite servers are taking care of their customers. Not so here. All your manager did was hang by the bar. To put a little icing on the cake I asked for a small to-do container for the salad I did not finish. I HAD TO ASK THE WAITER 4 TIMES FOR IT. My sister-in-law had grabbed a pizza box since they were right in back of us and I was going to put the bowl with the salad in the box since I couldn't get a container. AS I PICKED UP THE SALAD AND BOWL THE WAITER CAME BACK WITH A TO-GO CONTAINER. THIS WAS THE ABSOLUTE WORST RESTAURANT EXPERIENCE MY WIFE AN I (and others) HAVE HAD —BAR NONE! And now, since your manager doesn't care about Yelp I'm going there next then google and any other social media reviews I can find.
T I P S = To Insure Prompt ( some say professional) Service NEITHER WAS FORTHCOMNG AT THE SCOTTSDALE QUARTER GRIMALDI'S

Terry Reale

I was at Grimaldi's Prairiefire in overland park ks, on Tuesday there was a manager Tom that was more entertained by a server named Kim than running the business. Do you always allow your management and staff to get involved?? Maybe that's why my food was slow, server was not attentive because she was to busy with Tom. And look like Tom and her were very close. I run my own business and this is not how things are ran. Not Impressed! I was from out of town and first time there. I wont be back!

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