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  • Hungry Howie’s Corporate Office Headquarters

Hungry Howie’s Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Hungry Howie’s Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters

Corporate Address
30300 Stephenson Highway
Madison Heights, MI  48071

Phone Numbers and Contact Information

Corporate Phone Number: 1-248-414-3300
Customer Care Phone Number: 1-248-414-3300
Email & Chat: Contact Hungry Howie’s
Website: Hungry Howie’s

Hungry Howie’s main competitors are Domino’s Pizza, Little Caesars, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Papa Murphy’s, Marco’s Pizza, Jets Pizza, Round Table Pizza, Sbarro, Cici’s Pizza, California Pizza Kitchen, Chuck E. Cheese, Imo’s, Ledo Pizza, and Blaze Pizza.

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  1. I tried to place order at 10:30 by the time someone answered it was 10:45 when man came on phone asked for my order half way through order he said sorry store is closed I asked why's that when guys are open til 11 he responded by omg lady so they wouldn't take order kept saying store was closed this was at 10:45pm

  2. I’m in Saint Petersburg Fla . Whoever took the order should not be talking to the customer 1st call either hung up or got disconnected halfway thru the order didn’t bother on calling back. 2nd call asked if there were any specials and was just told NO like my wife bothered him by asking the question. after she finished with her order she wanted to tell him to call when the driver got here because we live in the back of the trailer and we don’t hear the doorbell because it’s broken but he hung up and on the third call I got on the phone. so I don’t care how good the food is my wife’s upset so I’m upset even if it was the best food I ever ate I refuse to call them again so it’ll be a while before I order hungry Howie’s again all over a rude employee.

  3. Online order from store #00135
    I ordered a two-topping pizza. I chose the regular pepperoni and cupped pepperoni making this a double pepperoni pizza. There was less pepperoni on this than a one-topping pepperoni. I called and spoke to the manager who would not make it right. I order from here once a week until now. You lost another customer!

  4. I have lodged 2 complaints on your website, I have also lodged a complaint via messenger on Facebook. One of your employees has been grooming my 12 year daughter on Whatsapp, I would like to lodge an official complaint with your HR department to investigate the matter, I can share the conversation history. We are based in South Africa, but please do not assume that we will leave this alone. One of your employees has made a disgusting attempt at grooming my child, he is in contact with other children wearing Hungry Howie's branded clothing and if you continue to ignore me I will be contacting local news agencies, I have already alerted authorities. I want nothing from you other than for an HR person to reach out to me so that I can share what has happened and for an investigation into the employee.

  5. P.S. I am not leaving my name due to safety precautions, the store has the customer names, phone numbers and addresses in their system, as it prints out on the receipt.

  6. I ordered a pizza at 9:51PM online with an estimated delivery time of 40 minutes. It is now 11:08 and it is still not here. The tracker says the order is complete, but I never got it. I have tried calling the store multiple times. I was on hold with the automated message the first time for 5 minutes… this time is now at 8 minutes. Still have no pizza, and cannot get ahold of the store. I am infuriated.

  7. Hungary howies off Drew street in Clearwater Florida smell like pot and management is always walking around on there phones and there is a couple always together hovering over the register cuddling all the time and whispering. i had a very shady experience and my family and i are never going back ever again.

  8. Every time we order from the Holland Mi location the receipt says one thing and they give me something different. they make a new one but we had to wait 30 mins to a hour to get a new one. No refund no free food no nothing.

  9. Purchased pizza at hungry howie Bloomfield hills, MI. On telegraph and long lake. The pizza was raw! Raw dough! Also they put two gallons of sauce on both pizza. Third time trying this location and will not return. All times were bad experiences. Rude employees, raw pizza and too much sauce.

  10. I placed an order and went to pick it up. Used my credit card. I was checking my account online and realized they charged me three times. When I called them to let them know what had happened. The manager said they have been having issues with that happening. If that is the case then why take credit cards. Now because of $22.86 work of pizza I have over drafted my account because of this. The manager was not helpful at all. very dissapointed in this company and will never go back. He said I had to contact my bank. That is unexceptable. They messed up and I get punished for it.

    1. I order from the place.in Birmingham..very disappointed they have been taking money from me and I go to call them and they pick up the phone and hang it up I call again and he says hello…..and I tell him my name and my situation and he said can't help you thank you and hangs up.

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Corporate Office Headquarters