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Thomasville Furniture Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. Customer service should be renamed "argue with the customer". After calling 5 Thomasville store I was unable to find the Ernest Hemmingway, Pauline Sofa at any store. The Corporate office was not helpful and lecturing in their tone. I simply wanted to know where I could find the piece I wanted to buy. They would provide no information other than to try and call other stores. I will buy a new sofa, chair, and incidentals….but not from Thomasville. Horrible people.

  2. Getting the run around after delivery of (2) chairs a table and dresser. All damaged have yet to receive any feedback on resolution which is simply a new order and new delivery date. Its as though the expectation is to accept damaged goods when paying full price. Senseless, no other recourse but to contact Thomasville Corporate offices for resolutions.

  3. I made my "Thought would be my last purchase of furniture". Thomasville Furniture has the name only; the quality of the furniture is like buying from Big Lots. They say you get what you pay for; in this case I didn't. I had a custom sofa designed I thought to my liking, when the sofa arrived the leather looked stretched and scratched. The seat cushion corners were bent in and white marks were on the leather. The pattern I picked for the Zebra was wrong and not the one I had chosen when designing my sofa.
    The Representative stated they no longer carried the material I seen online, that she apologized. In my opinion this should have been stressed to me in the beginning. They sent a guy out to my residence, all he did was add filler in the corner and took a pen, that didn’t match and covered the white spots. Whatever material they used under the leather for the cushion shows the undesirable prints through the leather.
    I spoke with one of the representative for Thomasville who stated they would take care of it; she also said she could see the issues of concerns I had from the pictures I sent….based on that I figured I would give them another chance to get it right so I ordered two chairs and custom designed them to my liking also. I received the chairs on July 2, 2016 and once again things were wrong. The material I chose was not where it supposed to be.
    The chairs look as if they were thrown together. I've spent over $9000 for three pieces of furniture and my furniture look like it’s on the cheap end. I will NEVER buy or recommend Thomasville Furniture to anyone. I had plans on re-DOING several things in my home with their furniture, which will not happen. I am also assuming now after reading all the reviews that this poor customer service has become a custom of Thomasville.
    I spoke to the young lady who helped me with both purchases. She said she would send it in, and I know she can only do what she can at her level. This was the WORST purchase I have ever made it my life and I normal make good choices. THIS WAS A LESSON LEARN, THE NAME DOESNT MEAN QUALITY…I GUESS THEY WILL TELL ME LIKE ALL THE OTHER CUSTOMERS "SEND PICTURES", pictures don't show the issues and problems, they need to send someone out who can make a decision. Rather sending the guy out with a bag to fill and camouflage the problem. I would like a full refund if this issue can’t be resolved correctly.

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