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Pottery Barn Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. Pottery Barn Kids…Absolute worst higher up customer service I have ever dealt with. I’m talking condescending supervisor to snotty corporate. Do yourself a favor and stay away from ordering anything from this store.

  2. horrifying! I was talked into ordering through the store instead of online because "they will be there to help" Sure. So the rep placed the order for me. guess what? totally WRONG order!! she Cancelled it but returns department STILL holding the funds as pending almost a week later. I've called customer service…RUN AROUND, they "can't help". First they said funds will fall off in 23 to 48 hours, then they said 72 hours, now they don't know!! maybe SEVEN days they say, Maybe. People, we are literally talking about the click of button to release the "pending" status so my funds can be released. They tried to put it on the bank but that's NOT it, it has to be released by POTTERY BARN. IMPOSSIBLE for them!!!! and it was THEIR mistake. lazy Incompentents, Please corporate, FIX THIS. This order was cancelled SIX days ago!!! it shows CANCELLED! RELEASE the funds!

  3. On 1/13/2020, I placed an order online with Pottery Barn for a $50 Gift Certificate, to be sent to my daughter in another State, for her birthday. She has been a loyal customer of theirs for many years, & has spent lots o $ with them, as well as Wm. Sonoma. On 1/17/2020, I cked 'Tracking' online & it showed "delivered 1/17/2020" altho' I had heard nothing from my daughter. I wanted to surprise her, however after about 4-5 days of not hearing anything about the card, as well as her birthday had passed, I came right out & asked if she got it. As I suspected, the answer was "No". On 1/21/20, I called PB, the first of several calls thru 2/7/20. By then, I had spoken with 6 different Customer Service Reps (hereinafter referred to as "CSRs"). I have to admit, not one of the CSRs were rude, and 'seemed' to be helpful, however nothing I was told ever happened! To me, they are taught how to give "a run-around". In the end, a Gift Card was finally received 24 days after the order placed, however it was received by me! Now I have to arrange to get it to my daughter 2 States away. It was a real learning experience for me. Unfortunately, due to my 'lesson' – a waste of my time & efforts – I am reluctant to consider doing any kind of business with Pottery Barn ever again!!!! Fortunately, they aren't the only company with which my daughter shops. As far as I'm concerned, it is just 'their loss'. Barb (apparently another dissatisfied customer)

  4. Ordered and paied for a coutch in December, I call every month to find out whats going on, and in addition to customer service never having answers, I still dont have a coutch. just an even further delivery date! they are now telling me May… half a year for furniture is beyond ridiculous!They're saying l cant cancel the order, and if I wasnt worried about losing the money I've already spent, I wouldn't give pottery barn another cent of my money. Corporate never answers calls, customer service is horrible. overall worst experience Ever!!!!!

  5. Pottery barn has the WORST ghetto customer service! Rude and could care less! The gal I spoke with was power tripping so hard she refused to forward name to a supervisor because of her ego.

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