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Where is PayPal Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

How To Contact Paypal Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Paypal Corporate Office Address:

2211 North First Street

San Jose, CA 95131 USA

Paypal Contact Phone Numbers:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-402-935-2258

Fax Number: 1-650-251-1101

Email Address:info@paypal.com

Website: Paypal

PayPal is famous for payments using the internet for both Ebay and eCommerce sites. Paypal is the largest internet payment system in the USA. Paypal’s main competitor is Visa and the Mastercard.

PayPal’s toll-free customer support line is 1-888-221-1161. The company does encourage users to use its technical support system and help forums on its website.

PayPal Corporate Office

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Attn PayPal Complaint Department

Rated 3 out of 5
May 22, 2023

I have repeatedly been called by PayPal regarding the return of money from our account. Several weeks ago someone hacked into our checking account via your company and attempted to take monies out illegally. then the bank twice took out the amount that was illegally taken from our account.

the error was on the part of the bank but they refused to deal with the return of the funds. the checking account was frozen and we no longer have access to the funds. I have repeatedly told this to your representative who continues to call and demand that we return the money and refuses to contact the bank and work with them. The error was not committed by us and because the account is frozen we do not have direct access to the money.

I am willing to send back the monies and close this account permanently but I need to verify the address and receive from your corporation a written request and address and contact number before I can complete the transaction.

Given your company’s reputation for fraudulent transactions, I think this is only reasonable.

No more phone calls!!!!

diane scott
Corporate Office Headquarters