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  1. My husband and I visited many furniture stores on Barrett Parkway and finally went into Ethan Allen thinking we would give it a try since all the other stores didn't have what we were looking for. We did place a Custom Order on the sofa with a Chaise attached. The sales person who was very nice and helpful told us the cushion SIZE on the chaise would be the same as the cushion SIZE on the couch because I asked that to make sure it wouldn't look odd. This was August 22, 2021 and we put a deposit down. We also order a standard leather recliner, which was not in stock. Fine we can wait. A week later we went back into the store to upgrade the upholstery material on the sofa/chaise. Estimate delivery date was to be 1/19/22. On October 9, 2021 our sofa/chaise was delivered. Hoorah came in early. Well, delivery was quick and I trusted a custom order to be correct. Signed in hurry and off went the delivery guys. After seriously looking at it I see something odd all three (3) BACK/TOP cushions are different SIZES. The CHAISE BOTTOM CUSHION IS ONLY 23 INCHES WIDE WHILE THE BOTTOM CUSHIONS ON THE ACTUAL SOFA ARE 30 INCHES WIDE, TWO (2) OF THEM. NOW ALL THREE (3) BACK CUSHIONS ARE DIFFERENT SIZES AND THE CHAISE AT 23 INCHES WIDE FEELS AND LOOKS VERY NARROW. Why in the world would a customer pay extra for a custom product (which is no returnable) that looks funky and given false information at time of ordering/purchasing. Well I told the salesperson how unhappy I was and she got in touch with a warehouse/factory rep. That rep. offered to give us EXTRA CUSHIONS – NOT NO BUT HELLO NO. After I refused that offer she said she'll see what she can do and get back with me. After a few weeks I had to contact her – name is Jackie. She then offered us another similar style of sofa with a chaise with TWO (2) INCHES MORE BOTTOM CUSHION ON THE CHAISE WITH DIFFERENT LEGS. THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AFTER GETTING A GOOD LOOK VIA EMAIL SHE SENT ME TO REVIEW. I see they are trying to stay within the same price range. WHY NOT OFFER ME SOMETHING THAT LOOKS LIKE WHAT I THOUGHT I WAS ORDERING CUSTOM MADE??? Even if price is a little more??? Well last contact I had with Jackie was 11/24/2021. Today is 12/4/2021. I understand about the holidays and even the salesperson said Jackie was on vacation one week, which ended up being a two week period before I had to contact her.

    Very poor customer service on her part. I am wondering how long will this process be before an agreeable solution can be reached. Remember the supply chain is slow and custom orders take time. It takes half a day to travel from our home to and from this store, my time is valuable just as much as other people. We refuse to have the recliner delivered because we believe once they get the money for that, this problem will still exist, from the experience we are going through at the present time.

    As I am reading other bad reviews on customer service and products regarding Ethan Allen I wonder how their REPUTATION IS GOING TO STAND UP IN THE NEXT FEW YEARS. I had always heard quality products came from this company, gee what is happing in this world now even when you are willing to pay more for products to get QUALITY. I AM NOT A VERY YOUNG PERSON AND HAVE A LOT OF EXPERINCE IN PURCHASING FURNITURE AND OTHER PRODUCTS, WILL THIS COMPANY SURVIVE MY GRANDCHILDREN'S GENERATION????

  2. It amazes me the that people continue to purchase substandard, overpriced products from this company. Unfortunately, it cost my wife and I a large sum money to learn our lesson. I’m writing this review, in hopes that I can help others avoid the same fate. We purchased roughly $40K worth of furniture (including a sofa) from this the EA store in Frisco, TX. After using the sofa, we purchased for about 4 months we noticed, we noticed the cushions turning blue from denim dye transfer. We filed a claim with Guardsman; technician came out and stated that the cushion shells would have to be replaced and that this was a very common problem with EA fabrics. Was also informed that the Guardsman policy "is a one and done" type policy so when it happens again, we would have to replace the cushions at our own expense. Contacted our salesperson and her manager to express our concerns and see if we could agree to a more permanent solution. We basically told in so many words "EA can't control how a customer uses their furniture" and was given a lot of excuses about how it's due to the "latest trends apparel industry and how much dye they are using in their denim" Have to call BS on that since, the jeans we own are over 3 to 4 years old and have been washed well over 40 or 50 times. EA, what difference does it make anyway? " Are you suggesting that customers tell their guests they can't sit on the sofa if they come over wearing newer blue jeans. Seriously????. It's a sofa! To make matters worse, we had ordered a second sofa before we received this one. For obvious reasons, we would like to cancel the second one but are being told by EA that we can't because its "custom". Great, so now we will be the proud owners of another worthless $3k EA sofa. No attempt to work with us, no attempt to resolve the issue. Just a lot of excuses and pointing the finger at the clothing industry. FYI, Son-in-law and daughter have a light-colored sofa they purchased at NFM that has been used extensively by a family of 4 with very small children, but no issue with their denim discoloring the sofa.

    When you walk into an EA store, it is very easy to get lured into the experience of working with a designer, having custom furniture built and receiving EA’s so-called premiere delivery service.

    • Working with a designer = How quickly can EA max your credit card with their overpriced pictures and pillows.

    • Having custom furniture built = No matter how bad it turns out; how lousy it looks or what a crappy job we do when we manufacture it- YOU are stuck with it!

    • EA’s premiere delivery service = Hurry up and tells us where you want it, so we can dump it and get the hell out of here before you notice all the flaws and we have to put it back on the truck-Because once you accept delivery you have even less chance of getting any issues resolved.

    The whole experience is like buying a gym membership. Everyone is all smiles and ready to help until you sign the papers and authorize your credit card. If you have a problem after that all you will hear is excuses and crickets.

    Before you get sucked into the "higher quality, designer shopping experience" marketing scam that is EA, please consider some of the big box stores as an alternative. You may get the same questionable quality and substandard service, but at least it will be at a third of the price. EA is not the same company your parents used to dream about buying their furniture from.

  3. I am currently having a major customer service issue with Ethan Allen. After reading all the comments highlighting their poor customer service practice, rest assured multiple delays from them will not be tolerated. If this order cannot be received by the specified day, it will not be accepted period. Collectively we need fight back against companies like this; otherwise how feedback will never be heard. Too bad, you have to always hit them in the pockets ontop of issue bad reviews, to get the attention up top. This is an executive management problem, no doubt hiring folks below them that only have the capacity to effectively destroy the brand. They are not capable of guaranteeing anything good or positive. Shame on Ethan Allen and the corporate morons that represent the brand.

  4. Buyer beware! I wish I would have listened to the reviews. I ordered artwork and custom chair. I ordered the bold black and white stripe chair. I don't live near an Ethan Allen store so I placed my order by calling the Glendale Arizona store. I didn't get a receipt emailed even after calling on 3 separate occasions. I did finally receive on March 24, 2018 an invoice after making the purchase on Dec 21, 2017. If you call the store itself, customer service and speak to managers they do not return your call. I have had to make several attempts to get information about my order, shipping and even received the items damaged.
    I called and spoke to customer service this morning and was promised a call in return and the day has came & gone and again no phone call from Ethan Allen.
    My advice is shop somewhere else, they do not care about customer service what so ever. And this is at all levels of Ethan Allen. From the store to headquarters.

  5. I pondered ordering my new dining table for months. Saved my pennies and finally, happily ordered. My "Quick Ship" items ordered on 2/7/2018 have still yet to arrive. I was basically told to 'suck it up'. Greatly disappointed. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB for this companies false advertising.

  6. I pondered for months before I purchased a dining table and two chairs. The website said contact within 2 weeks from order. Here I am 25 days and still no furniture. The "third party" delivery company scheduled and then called to re-schedule. My "Quick Ship" items are now who knows where. I will never buy from this company again. Very disappointed. Only hope I don't have to return due to damages.

  7. If i had realized how terrible the supply chain (logistics, delivery, manufacturing) – not sure where the problem IS – I would never have ordered over 20,000.00 of furnishings from Ethan Allen. I STILL do not know WHERE my furniture is! The designer doesn't know where the truck is? Seriously? It's been 5 months. Really?

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