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  • Gallagher Bassett Corporate Office Headquarters

Gallagher Bassett Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Gallagher Bassett Corporate Office Headquarters

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
Address: Two Pierce Place
Itasca, IL 60143-3141
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-630-773-3800
Fax Number: 1-630-285-4000
Customer Service Number: 1-630-773-3800

  • The claims adjuster assigned to my claim is Carla Jenkins in the Duluth, GA office. Does not return calls or emails. Emails are answered with “Out of Office” auto reply. I did all of the work on my claim sending her all documentation and even a spreadsheet I created and still no cooperation. I was a claims manager for 25 years and if I was her boss she would be fired. My claim has been pending for 10 months and unless I constantly make calls and email anybody that will respond nothing is done.

  • Bad problems with adjuster not answering calls, not returning phone calls, and not paying on time. Also being treated like crap by Coventry field agent. It's been terrible and made so much worse by dealing with these less than honest to say the least

  • I have been billing claims for over 30 years & have dealt with Gallagher Bassett for the past 10 years.It seems that the adjuster on all of the claims that I work is Lillian Carroll.In the 10 years that I have dealt with GB she has NEVER answered her phone and has NEVER returned not one phone call.Terrible customer service on her part.Unfortunately we are never able to verify the status of claims or if GB ever received them.I can't believe someone would still have their job after such poor customer service.

  • Called for Adjuster fro assistance in getting a claim resolved was on hold for 28 minutes and then was placed on hold again. Very unprofessional company…

  • I feel as though I have been thrown in the "Lion's Den". Only 5 days of dealing with their Las Vegas office, I understand why people end up hiring an attorney. They literally put words in your mouth that you know you did not say and then call you a liar. They say there are missing forms, when they probably made one call to find it.
    I spent a full day making calls because I knew I filled out the form in the hospital. The adjuster pretty much called me a liar and said I never completed it. It had been filled out and was sent directly to her. No response, no apology. And, I'm still unable to receive the medical care I desperately need.
    All I got was a "supervisor" that treated me just as bad. It's absolutely shameful they are allowed to treat people the way they do.
    The really sad part about this is an attorney will jump at the chance to go after a company like this, but in the end the claimant suffers and doesn't receive the care they deserve.

  • I attempted to get warranty service on a Kohler kitchen faucet but rather than stand behind the defective product Kohler hired Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc who denied that the faucet was even returned then sent a long list of demands that would force any customer to get an attorney to deal with them. Here is a company that has had decades of ill will after refusing to settle one of the longest labor disputes in United States history still eager to scam a senior citizen customer who had a bad experience with a defective faucet made in China rather than simply honor a warranty.

  • They treat their employees like crap at the Pontiac location. Since I have been dealing with them 4 people have left due to the lady who calls herself the boss. She has no respect for anyone, but herself. Corporate you need to deal with this woman before you get slapped with an hostile work environment suit. All employees need to be treated equally. I personally am helping 2 of your employees with some things.

    • Nope.You're not the only one-Adjuster Lillian Carroll NEVER answers the phone & will NEVER call you back.Surprised she still has a job.

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