Ledo Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters

Ledo Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters
2001 Tidewater Colony Drive
Suite 203
Annapolis, MD  21401
Corporate Phone Number: 1-410-721-6887

  • I order a large with chicken and a medium cheese, 12 wings.the wings was fried dry and hard over crispy, The pizza was hard and cold this was not what i expect from ledos,I choose ledo over Diminos but I think I
    will be going back to Dominos

  • Your Ledo's Pizza on Martin Luther King Highway has the most rudest people working there. I understand they want people to still wear masks but when you are driving someone else's vehicle and you forgot yours they wouldn't even bring the order to the car and take payment had to have another employee leave work with a mask to come get the order. We will not be ordering from them again ever. The mask mandate has been lifted and person was fully vaccinated should not of been a problem to go in and pay and pick up order. Or at least bring the order to the car. Ledo's is going to lose weekly weekly orders because of these rude people.

  • We visited the Westminster, MD Ledo Pizza on Saturday, February 8, 2020 and were sooo disappointed with the change that has been made to the french fries!. We were so looking forward to the "shoestring" type (the only place around that had these) and our favorite pizza place no longer offers them! Please bring them back; the new fries are no good 🙁 Thank You!!

  • Today my husband and I visited the Ledo's in Eldersburg,Md. and we had the most delicious medium cheese pizza there. We told them it was the absolute BEST Ledo's around. If you want a fabulous crust ( FRESH ) go the this restaurant ! You won't be disappointed ! We will definitely go back to Eldersburg for Ledo's pizza !!!!!

  • Today I went to Ledo's in Glen Dale/ Bowie,MD. Picked up my orders and requested for a cup of ice water. The cashier charged me 75cent. I'm at work now, something told me to open up the lid, and there it is, first thing I saw were legs and hair floating in my ice. Dig deeper,the roach was at the bottom of my cup of ice. Either the place is dirty or they never cleaned the ice machine. Called them back and reported the incident. The cashier was very nice, and was in shocked as I am. Asked me to bring it back for a refund. Is it worth it to drive all the way back for a refund for 75cent? It's the principal behind it all. I will never ever go back. January 12, 2018.

  • Just ate a pizza at Warrenton Ledos. Ive been going to Ledos for years… but I wont go back. You have changed your crust… bad…

  • I phone ordered a plain cheese pizza from the Colesville Ledo's. I arrived at the restaurant 10 minuets late. Told it would be 15-20 min wait. They were busy so OK. Ultimately I was given a barely warm cheese pizza with extra cheese and almost no sauce. They offered to replace so I went back. I was given a HOT plain cheese pizza with extra sauce and a HAIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We eat half the pizza before finding the HAIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is how Lido's treats customers who complain.

    Ledo's pizza? Never again!

  • What is wrong with this company? Even accepting a "100 percent" carding policy, when the waiter asks a 63-year-old man for his driver's license to "verify" that he is old enough to order a beer, THEN TAKES THE DRIVER'S LICENSE TO THE BACK OF THE STORE, OUT OF MY SIGHT, there's a PROBLEM. Identy theft scam going on at Ledo's Rockville store????? That's the only explanation that makes any sense to me!

  • Hello, I am reaching out to share a complaint about your Ledo's Columbia location, 6955 Oakland Mills Rd, Columbia, MD 21045. It was Valentines Day, so I figured it would be a little crowded, but when my mom and I showed up they told us it would be a 5 to 10 minutes wait that would be fine considering it was 5:50pm and we were going to a 7pm movie across the street at the Regal Snowden River. As we waited another women entered the building and a person came from behind the take out counter. A male waiter called our name, and the women that came from behind the take out counter proceeded to show the other women to our seat. We waited a little over 10mins, and this lady came right in was able to take our seat. The attendant never once made eye contact with us, neither did our gentleman waiter jump in to defend us or even our table. My mom and I are African American women over 40, and I feel like we were discriminated against. I have been going to that Ledos for over 10 years, and I WILL NEVER EVER RETURN! I hope that something is done about this so that you will not lose any other customers. RESPECT and COMMUNICATION is the key, and NEITHER were shown to my mother and I on yesterday. I thank you much in advance for taking the time to even read this concern, but trust me when I say that I'm sure nothing will be done 🙁 Good day.

  • Horrible experience at the Columbia Md Oak Mills establishment. I will never patronize Ledo's pizza especially this one. I had the same experience as another reviewer. We had a party and while there was room in the restaurant which was filled with white patrons I was told that they couldn't accommodate our party. I used the concept of basic math and suggested to do separate tables and checks( which was doable) and was told no that cheating the system. Please keep in mind that I walked in with one other adult a teenager and a four-year old who wanted pizza for her birthday. I was basically told I wasn't gonna get served and that I had to leave. NEVER AGAIN WILL I EVER patronize this or any other Ledo's establishment.

    • Why does it matter if the people in the restaurant were white? That has nothing to do with anything you complained about previously

  • Ordered a pizza that cost me $20 for a 14 inch from Arlington S. Edgewood store. I called in because they skimped me on one of my toppings (chicken) and the person on the phone says I can offer you 5% off of your next order. What a joke, total rip off! I told them not to worry about it. Poor customer service.

  • Please investigate the Ledo's Pizza in Dunkirk Maryland this store is giving Ledo's a bad name. It is being ran by a bunch of young people and driving business away with their rudeness and inability to get orders right and to properly prepare the food to the Ledo's standards.

  • I purchased two items from Ledo's on Ordnance Road in Glen Burnie MD in late February for $14.35 on my debit card. I did not mark thru the tip line or write the total on the total line when I was handed the receipt and simply signed it. When I got my bank statement the amount of $20.35 was on there from Ledo's. After talking with my bank they told me to go to the company. I went to Ledo's and after having giving them my info the manager came out about 45 minutes later with a copy of my signed credit card receipt from that day. He asked, is that your signature. I said yes. It seems that someone in the store had written in a $6.00 tip. I told him that I did not leave a tip for a carry out and if I did it would not have been for 40%. Anyway, lesson learned. I won't visit there again and am telling all my friends not to as well. Also, always cross out that tip section when not being used and write in the total amount of the check. They may not cut corners on their pizzas but seem to know how to cut you out of your hard earned money.

  • February 13, 2016, I had my first and worst experience at Ledo pizza in Columbia,MD. We celebrated my sons birthday with a bunch of his friend and we wanted to take the boys out for pizza. We get to Ledo and was refused service. Mind you it was around 9:30pm and they closed at 11pm. The manager stated that it was his policy that he doesn't take parties over 12 and we cannot split our party up. He refused to serve anyone who was with my party. The manager was extremely rude and couldn't provide a reasonable explanation of why. He even lied and said that it was because he didn't have space, but the whole back section was "closed" and empty. It was more than enough room to accommodate our party. This was my first and last time at this location. I just don't understand why anyone would turn down business.

  • Terrible customer service. Tried to charge me for 2 large pizzas at takeout, clearly I only had one. I had to wait while my food got cold and the manager tried to figure out the problem. Hello, just give me my refund and figure it out later. Will not be returning to the Ordnance Rd. location in Glen Burnie.

  • Last night after needing to take care of some running that had to be done. My husband and myself called several locations to find out what was open. It was about 9:30.
    We had decided to settle on Glory Days.
    We noticed Ledos was also open and love the steak Subs there. We decided Ledos it is!
    Imagine our disappointment when we went in unnoticed by not one person in the restaurant.
    The manager was in the back with another employee vacuuming. The chairs and such in disarray. The waitress so engrossed in her phone or something that we eventually went over to her and asked if we could order something to eat because we at that point were starved.
    The waitress went back to the manager who then told her they would only do a take out order…
    What's up with that? The restaurant post on the door specifically says open til 11:00pm
    This was 9:40 and they would not let us sit down for a quick quiet meal.
    We frequent Ledos for pizza and Subs etc. Ledos treated us very badly and obviously does so very well that they turn down customers that patronize the restaurant regularly. Guess what…not any more. I will never, I promise you go into a Ledo again. Fortunately Glory Days loves their customers. Even at that time of night.
    We got great service and good food. We were NOT TURNED AWAY AT THE DOOR…SHAME ON YOU LEDOS!
    I put my complain on yelp. I hope it impacts this restaurant so others can see the lousy service we were given. NO WE DID NOT WANT TAKE OUT…DUMB!

  • I found the Rockville location very rude. I am from Virginia, but was ordering a pizza to take over to the Senior Center in Silver Spring. I was trying to figure out if going to Silver Spring location was closer than going to Rockville,. Yes I have internet on my phone, but I needed some help. Needless to say, the person who answered the phone SAM, refused to help me, or let me speak to anyone and he hung up on me. SO VERY RUDE. GOODBYE ROCKVILLE YOU WILL NEVER SEE ANOTHER PENNY FROM ME. And shame on you Ledo's Pizza for allowing so many nasty comments on your website without addressing them. My first impression, you just don't care.

  • Let me first say that I have dined in many of your restaurants in MD and have always had appetizing meals and pleasant interactions with your staff. Last week I was in the Damascus area and ate at your establishment on Main Street. Our waitress was friendly and knew the menu well. She served me a glass of water. The glass with Ledos written on it had 2 relatively large chips on the rim – kinda like a jagged edge, very close to each other. I called her over and pointed out that if I had drank out of the glass, I probably would have had a severe cut and bleeding lip – she immediately took the glass away, saying, “We try to keep our glasses as long as possible.” Seriously, I don’t want anyone to be fired over this incident, but perhaps a general discussion about safety and sanitary rules in a food environment would be in order. Thank you, and by the way, we did enjoy our food, although somewhat apprehensively.

  • Went to Ledos Pizza in Severna Park, and the service was great. The problem is I paid for my bill with my card and gave the server a $20 cash tip. While at work he went on his twitter page posted a copy of my reciept as well as a picture of me and my son's football team. He tried to say that I didn't give him a tip all. I had people make comments saying it was because I was black that I didn't tip him. I have screen shots of all the comments that this your man and his friend made. This is unacceptable and this needs to be taken care of.

  • Ledo's in Clarksville has gone completely to hell in a short time span, pizza is terrible and the service is even worse and I've been eating Ledo's pizza since 1958.

  • Our server in Martinsburg named Caroline is fantastic. Every time we come to Ledo Pizza she is our server. She is very accommodating as she specialized each and every one of our complicated orders. She checked on us regularly and made sure our family had everything we needed. Also, a special thanks to whoever made our food in the kitchen, it turned out perfect. Despite all of this, I was very disappointed when I asked for a manager and was told that he/she was nowhere to be found although was supposedly present in the store. Thanks!

  • Please please please help the Ledo's location in Sterling VA. Poor quality of food and service is setting up this restaurant for disaster. So many of my friends and family won't eat from here anymore. They should revamp and model themselves after the Ledo's on Westlake Dr. in Bethesda if they need inspiration. Save them!

  • We have been regulars at the Germantown Ledo's for years — cannot say enough about the wonderful staff — Jake, Thomas, Devon, Sebastian, Claire, Justin, Matt — wish I knew the names of the behind the counter crew — just a great staff, they make the place what it is — hope Corporate will let them know how great they are.

  • We we travel from NC periodically to see our children and grandchildren in the Frederick, MD, area we always try to have a get together at a convenient Ledo's. Since our motel was right around the corner from the one at 490 1 Prsopect Blvd. I stopped and asked the Manager, Kevin Facemire, if he could set us up a setting for 14. He checked his schedule and said he'd be happy to. When we arrived at 6:00 pm all was set as he promised. Our waitress for that evening was Melissa Kline and she did a fantastic job as the ordering was quite diverse. Please pass on our sincere appreciation for a job well done to Kevin and Melissa. They are a definite asset to the Ledo Family. Jim & Donna Stueve (Tell Richard Trott I said, "Hey!")

  • Hello,
    I have been ordering from the Hanover location for several years. I have had enough of the rudeness when I phone in an order. I think the folks here need to learn some MANNERS. You DO NOT hang the phone up on someone. You say THANK YOU. You also can show some RESPECT when someone asks How are you, by responding THANK YOU and How are you. Is it really that difficult to be respectful and nice. I have had the phone hung up on me the past several times I have called in an order. This is causing Ledo's to have a bad reputation. Is that how you want Ledos to be represented?

  • Went to the Ledos in Largo and had a carry out order for a large pizza with everything and the crust was so thin and doughy that we got sick from it. For some reason their crust is getting more thin. We have been customers with the Ledo chain for years. We would go the Adelphi location for years. For some reason this one in Largo is not a good one. Have they all changed?

  • Work for a major employer in the Greenbelt, MD area. Colleagues and I were taking a class and had a limited amount of time for lunch. Because of the time crunch, I called Ledos to order our lunch in advance so it would be ready when we arrived and we could sit down and eat. Was informed by the individual who answered the phone that I could not do that. The employee went on to state that the dining area was empty and that there were plenty of seats. I let her know that wasn't the problem. The problem is that the kitchen gets busy during lunch and service can get bogged down as a result. She continued to state that I could not order in advance and wasn't even remotely interested in accommodating the request. So we took our business to another restaurant in the same shopping center that was willing to accommodate our needs.

  • I was at your Sterling location on 2/15/14 at about 8:48 pm. I ordered and when I left and walked about 10' or so, my feet hit a patch of ice in front of a minivan with headlights on.The woman jumped out of the car and assisted me to get up. We exchanged a few words and she went inside to tell. There was no concern from the employees to even check to see if I was ok. Seems to me that there should be that the area should be maintained for safety. When I got home the pizza wasn't even cooked through. I have lost 2 days of work because of this.

  • Ranson, WV store. Should adjust there management attitude, along with ower really listening to customers instead of brushing them off.. When customers don't come too your restaurant your doors will close. Take it from someone that had been dealing with customers for over 30 years.. They are your bread and butter. Just saying….

  • My family has been long time customers of Ledos Pizza in Ranson WV, but not anymore. Ordered chicken, received half raw, sent back requested it be taken off bill. Manager did not want to remove, so I called her to front counter. Karen manger was RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL. She tried to blame waitress REALLY.. Called owed to report as well. Will not revisit this location…NOT GOOD BUSINESS Practices..

  • I called the corporate office to let them know my thoughts on the chopped chicken salad and the woman that answered the phone acted like she could care less. The store said it was a corporate issue and corporate said it was the stores issue…. I think they really don't care and I will not eat there again!! Thanks for nothing Ledo's, your customer service sucks!!

  • Ordered 2 chopped chicken salads at a cost of almost $15.00. I laughed when I saw them! They were the smallest salads I have EVER seen and I bet there wasn't the meat of a chicken thigh on both. I have ordered from Ledos in tha past and loved their food. Guess they are looking to save money. Never again… this salad is a real rip off!!!

  • got great service at the glen burnie location 18 east ordnance rd my server was Kayla she has served me many times just wanted to take the time to let someone know what a great employee she is hope this gets to the right person

    • I do not bye this I have had her before I think. Was she the tall blonde one? If so she completely forgot about me and my family when it got busy on a Friday evening. And we just kept on seeing her texting on her phone
      that is so rude.

  • Ledo Pizza in Accokeek, MD was the worst experience that I had with a Ledo's. A friend of mine and I walked into the restaurant and we were told to get out. There was a liquor bottle in there and Martin, the manager, told us to leave. He did not allow me to explain 1.) That I was not with the person who brought in the liquor, 2.) That I was trying to order. I called to complain and was told that if I call again, he will consider it harassment. Now I am going to the corporate office.

  • Wow… That was too much work. Ledo in Largo… I wanted a veggie out pizza with no olives, and was told I could not buy that with out paying for each topping extra, because it was no longer a specialty menu item? Yet they did not even have any spinich to add the pizza anyway! WHAT? that is okay though because Pizza Hut did it for Less!

    • Worst experience ever. Horrible food terrible service. Employees including manager all sitting down at a table doing g nothing. Even lost customers bc they walked out bc nobody came to wait on them. Probably won't return to prince Frederick ledos.

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