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  • Round Table Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters

Round Table Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Round Table Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters

Official Address:
1320 Willow Pass Road Suite 600
Concord, California  94520 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-925-969-3900
Website: Round Table Pizza

Round Table Pizza’s main competitors are Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut Little Caesars, Papa John’s, Papa Murphy’s, Marco’s Pizza, Jets Pizza, Sbarro, Cici’s Pizza, Pizza Inn,  California Pizza Kitchen, Chuck E. Cheese, Hungry Howies, and Blaze Pizza.

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  1. We placed an order at 3:10 today. After 2 hours and no pizza I called. Amanda the manager stated their system went down and we should have our pizza within 20-25 minutes. After 30 minutes called again. Amanda stated it will be there in 30 minutes again. It is now 6:47 and the pizza just arrived. $73.00 and a 3+ hour wait. Her excuse was it was football time. If you know this you should get all hands on deck. 3+ hours to wait for pizza is ridiculous! . She didn't offer a discount NOTHING. Shameful. Never again will we go to this Round Table.

  2. I work at a hospital in san jose, ca Im a nurse and myself and some coworkers ordered pizza and other items from 2615 The Alameda Santa Clara, CA Round Table Pizza. 3 hours later we still have not received our pizzas. I called the supervisor and he said they sent out another delivery person. Still no pizza, but my atm card was charged. I want my money back since I never received my order. How do I get my money back from Round Table plus my tip? lajeunj@yahoo.com

  3. In these trying times, its very hard to let this go. I placed an order online at 9pm and the wait time was set to deliver at 11pm. My wife works at a hospital and got off at 10pm so the wait was fine. The issue is I NEVER RECIEVED my Pizza even after I recieved a confirmation number, time for delievry and an email of invoice. Nothing! Not a phone call saying they would be late, or email, text, nothing. At this point Im so frustrated because now we have nothing prepared to eat. I couldnt reach anybody, they took the money out of my account and have ZERO to show for it. they basically robbed me Tonight! Im extremely disappointed! If I do not get a call from SOMEBODY by Tomorrow Morning you can bet I will never order another pizza from round table again! my entire family is not happy with this service

  4. Im absolutely disgusted in the way the manager talked about my husband tonight. Calling his horrible names and speaking to a employee about how f****** stupid he is. How he is a f****** as*****. So lets start from the beginning. Tonight i ordered online a pizza for dinner for myself my husband and our daughters. From the very beginning it went wrong. Online says will be delivered at 8pm. I was totally fine with that because i had a movie to go see for my birthday with my aunt. Well 815 comes around and i look at my invoice which was finally sent to me and it say delivery time is 11pm. What the heck?? I already missed dinner i was not going to miss out on my movie as well. Called round table to be told it would be delivered at 9pm. Well me and my husband share a joint account so i thought it would be fine. I used my card. I get a call in the middle of my movie from delivery driver she couldnt find the house. I explained to her how she was on the wrong side. She says ok. I told her i apologize its so loud im at a movie. She says is the person home thats name is on the card. Now remind you its a joint account so i say yes. Well five minutes later my husband calls and says they will not give him the pizza and they left. Great so not only has my children been up waiting on said pizza for longer than expected now we have to figure out dinner. Well i call round table to speak with a manager. I was put on hild because she was on the phone with another customer. Who just so happened to be my husband. They take me off hold and i hear their entire conversation. Beyond disgusting the way she was speaking about my husband. Ive never in my life working in customer service have ever heard nor talked about a customer the way this woman was about mine. I sit there trying to get their attention. I finally do and this manager say please screen the number please tell me that is not the wife. Well guess what he does and she says oh f*** gets on the phone and acts like nothing has happened. I cut her off completely and tell her you will never get my service again and if you talk about customers this way i can only imagine what has been said about anyone you guys have an issue with delivering pizzas too. I told her i will be contacting corporate and letting them know how disappointed i am in your services and possibly filing a law suit for defamation of character. So if you chose to support a business that quite possibly sits there and degrades you after they take your money go on ahead but i will never support them again!!!! Round table pizza in Oroville ca

  5. Does corporate ever do any quality assurance? At 1324 El Camino Real, San Carlos they are very skimp on toppings. I ordered the Ulti-Meat and it was the saddest pizza that I have ever seen. Your affiliate CHEATED me.

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