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  • Reach Out To Mountain Mike’s Pizza Corporate Office – Review and Complaints

Reach Out To Mountain Mike’s Pizza Corporate Office – Review and Complaints 

How To Contact Mountain Mike’s Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters

22320 Foothill Boulevard
Suite 600
Hayward, CA  94541
Corporate Phone Number: 1-510-537-0650

Mountain Mike's Pizza Undercooked

Rated 3.0 out of 5
April 12, 2023

I love your pizza and will continue to buy it. I’m 67 years old. On Thursday, April 6th I bought a large pizza for the Redwood City Mountain Mikes on Jefferson. I asked for it not to be overcooked cause I have no teeth and when the crust is and I can’t eat it. This was about 9:45. when I returned to the car to eat it, I gagged on the first bite. the dough was half-cooked. I went back but it was closed and they already turned the oven off. the nite manager told me to come back the next day and talk to the day manager and he would make me another pizza. the day manager’s name is Jeff. so I came back the next day with the pizza. I talked with Jeff and he just proceeded to cuss me out saying, (I know the game you’re trying to play. I told him I not playing a game, the pizza was very undercooked. I’ve worked in many Italian restaurants and I know when a pizza isn’t done.


Mountain Mike's Pizza Customer Service

Rated 3.0 out of 5
August 4, 2023

I would like to file a complain against your store manger and crew member at pinole. Today 8/4/23 I picked up an order for doordash at 10:40am and the female crew told me 5 more minutes then I waited after 20mins at 11:03-‘ when she’s about to hand me the order she started talking to her manger and she came back and hand me the order so I made a comment of (oh your 5mins took 20mins) then she didn’t apologize then I walk out then the guy aggressively saying (next time you can just leave the order) meaning just cancel my customers order. So I asked if he’s serious and he said yes because we open at 11am so I told him okey so maybe she can just tell me that instead of telling me 5mins then I walk out again but I turn my head back and I saw the manager guy putting his two middle finger on me and the lady were laughing about it and the manager guy told me to never come back at his store and started laughing. It’s for sure a trauma for me because I never experience something like this in my life. This store at pinole ca was discriminating the dasher and treat them poorly like what I experienced today. I don’t deserve to get both hands middle finger on my face like what the manager did to me. Btw the guy acted like he own the store so I’m hoping not because of his attitude and the way he treat the doordash worker.

Ron R.
Corporate Office Headquarters