Pizza Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

Pizza Inn Corporate Office Headquarters
3551 Plano Parkway
The Colony, TX  75056
Corporate Phone Number: 1-469-384-5000

  • To pizz-inn my brother-in-law was a manger for 25 year'sat the pizz-in- in Gaffney SC he passed awayon thew 28th of this month I was wandering if yall would be kind enough to send a flower to show your kidness to shuford and hatcher funeral home in Gaffney South Carolina his funeral is Wednesday thank you so much.

    • His name is wayne carroll manger 25 year's at pizza-inn in Gaffney South Carolina. he is the one that passed away.

  • I will never return to the Pizza Inn in Red Oak, Texas at the truck stop at 35 and Red Oak Rd. Pizza is terrible and salad bar was nasty they have a employee by the name of Paul Anthony Garcia that delivers in his 2006 Dodge Ram truck with NO INSURANCE,he backed intoo me and gave me false insurance info, but he was ignorant enought to give his DL… tell me what kind of company lets drivers deliver for them with no liability.

  • IF only I could post a picture of the mayhem! Apparently I ordered my wings "extra saucy" and forgot to tell myself. Needless to say, the box became completely saturated halfway home and now I have a brand new truck with stained seats. Learn from Pizza Hut, wrap your wings in foil you genius. I will never go back. Also, I will post the pictures of the mess AND the nasty looking wings to every website you have unless something is done about my truck.

  • Pizza inn in Greenville Ms are very prejudice and they have terrible customer service. The Indian owners are very unfriendly and rude.

  • I really miss pizza inn. I am a transplant from Texas to Indiana. Will you ever open locations in Indiana. Please.

  • Pizza inn in Shelby NC is very nasty and gross extremely unsanitary. Dirty floors napkin holders and tables looked as if they hadn't been cleaned in days and my refill drink looked like the cup hadn't even been washed. When I brought this to the managers attention all she could say is they have had a busy Sunday. She needs to be fired or reprimanded for uncleanliness there is no excuse when it comes to clean public health. I will never ever be back to pizza inn in Shelby NC AND I DONT RECOMMEND ANYONE GO THERE UNLESS YOU WANT TO CATCH SOME KIND OF INCURABLE DISEASE!!

  • Pizza Inn in Abingdon Virginia is pathetic. I've eaten here on and off for nearly a year now, and have seen the store manager perhaps 3 times. I even asked other employees where she was, and many of them have said she had left for the day. Mind you, this is around 2pm, a mere 3 hours after the store opens for business. The look of defeat on the employees face when I had asked for the manager tells me that this is something that the employees are used to and sick of. Some of these people I've seen in there everytime I've been in there! The other people working there do their best to work as hard as they can. But you can just tell that they are all worn down from trying to make up for the constant absence of the store manager. On one occasion, I did see the store manager come in, wearing street clothes, not in uniform, and looking a bit like she was intoxicated. Thats just ridiculous. Something needs to be done about that store manager before the rest of the hard working people end up without a job because that place went under from neglect. I will not be taking my business here any longer. I refuse to pay money to a place where there isn't even a store manager making sure that the employees are happy and able to work without all the stress brought on by her not being there.

  • On the Sunday evening of April 19th my son and were visiting my mother. My family and I are devoted customers to the Pizza Inn pizza restaurant in Durant Oklahoma. In fact, my mother orders pizza from them at least once per week. But starting now, we will never do business with them again. On Sunday evening (4-19-15), my mother ordered 2 large pizzas, one super supreme, and one meat lover's. She requested thick crust and was told they were out of thick crust. So already we were paying and not really getting what we want. She ordered them to be delivered. When we opened the boxes we discovered that they were both super supreme. She called the restaurant and told a young woman who answered what happened. A man who refers to himself as "the restaurant manager" by the name of Alex got on the phone. We have reason to believe that he was misrepresenting his position there, as we know the manager to be a middle eastern man, and this "Alex" was definitely not him. My son and I were in the same room with her, and could hear the entire conversation. Alex got on the phone and rudely told my mother that the ticket said "two super supremes". My mother replied that she didn't care what the ticket said, that's not what she ordered. Alex replied that he didn't "like my mother's attitude", and then hung the phone up on her. I got the phone and called the restaurant back. Alex answered, and identified himself to me as the restaurant manager. I demanded to know why he was rude to my mother, and hung up on her. He told me that he "didn't appreciate her attitude". And I replied that she didn't appreciate spending $25.00 plus tip, on a food order that was not correct that we couldn't even eat Alex told me that he would have made right on the transaction, but because my mother "had used rude and vulgar language, he had no choice but to end the call".. Alex is a bold faced liar. And I told him that. I told him that he had no right to try and lie to me, when I heard the entire conversation, and that was not how it went. Alex told me he was" hanging up on me, and if we called the restaurant again, he would call the police on us". Why would there be the need to call the police on a customer who is calling to complain that they paid for something that they did not get? Because of this, we had to spend more money at another restaurant the same day! Alex is a cowardly, and incompetent, liar, who has no right to be managing a restaurant. Pizza Inn has lost three good customers because of this.

  • I hate pizza inn in Statesville NC its worst one ever somebody called Alex owns its and he is just rude don't know what he's doing and yells at his employees for his own mistakes. Not going back to this place.

  • Pizza Inn in Oak Ridge Tn needs better managers. Some that will stand up for their employees. Some that doesn't show "favorites" in the workplace, some that are "fair" with all employees. This place has HORRIBLE management!!! The managers need to be "trained" to handle situations and help the employees as well as the public. I go in there and eat offen, but the way I see managers handle some situations, makes me not want to go back there and support the local business. I hear the same complaints from other friends and co-workers about Pizza Inn. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE, before this place goes under!!!

  • The pizza inn in winnboro Texas is the worst one I have ever eaten in. The buffet was cold and not a variety at all. Not the first time it's happened – but the last time I will eat there. Thank you.

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