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  • LaRosa’s Pizzeria Corporate Office Headquarters

LaRosa’s Pizzeria Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact LaRosa’s Pizzeria Corporate Office Headquarters

2334 Boudinot Avenue
Cincinnati, OH  45238
Corporate Phone Number: 1-513-347-5660

  • I love larosas but I don't understand why I'm at batesville store right now being told I can't order my nice cold beer because there's no one old enough to serve it pisses me off I like to unwind after a hard days work and get a no then the server is either new or doesn't know what she's doing doesn't know if my wife gets a side with her meal either way this is unacceptable not to have adults that can serve beer

  • Please tell all of your locations to stop putting ketchup packets in the container with the French fries. This also applies to salad dressing containers sitting in the salad. This spread germs of all kinds

  • It Sucks that you guys are not worldwide I live in Georgia but I'm from Cincinnati, Oh but there are not any LaRosa's nowhere located in this state!!! I crave LaRosa's a lot but I will not drive to Ohio or Kentucky which are the states that are closer to Georgia its ridiculous please expand.

  • We've eaten several delicious pizzas at your Miami U store. Tonight we ate at the Dublin store. I thought it was odd that the place was nearly empty when we arrived at the dinnner hour. About two bites into our pizza I knew why. It had to be one of the worst pizzas I've ever had. I suggest that you get the pizza maker trainers to Dublin asap if you want to save the store.

  • I ordered pizza over an hour ago I called to see how much longer on my order they tell me they sent it to beaver creek I live in Hamilton and all they can say is sorry for the inconvenience you do know the big OSU game is on and I have no food for the game cause now your closed so thank you for ruining game night

  • I have no problem with Larosas corporate I do have an issue with the Batesville, Indiana store. This seems to be the only one in this state. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND DO NOT EAT THERE!!!!!!! The management was rude, so rude in fact you could hear him using the "F" word out in the dining room and calling the woman he had just gotten off the phone with a 'Btch". We ordered a large pizza and it took over an hour and a half to get. On top of that, the plates we were given were dirty. Then I asked the server for another plate, she came out wiping it off with her dirty apron. After all of this, I did go to the manager and asked why everything was the way it was, and the explanation I got was abrupt , short and very abrasive. I told him that he needed better training to deal with these issues and the employees needed better training as well. As I was standing there he just looked at me and told me I didn't have to eat there. As he was being rude to me, I noticed that the cook was standing in the kitchen behind him picking his face. He was a young man with an acne problem which didn't set well with me when he walked over and started making pizza dough without washing his hands. This is just some of what I dealt with while we were there. Someone needs to do something about this store. I tell all of my family and friends what occurred and they now refuse to eat there as well. So my words of warning if you do not want to get sick. DO NOT EAT AT THE BATESVILLE INDIANA STORE!!!!! So now due to this experience at this store I refuse to eat at any of the Larosas anywhere. Cause you never know what your gonna end up with.
    A Concerned Consumer

    • I have a simular problem at Boudniot LaRosa's
      Lying rude mangers lied to cover themselves
      Then an nasty dyed black haired manager used a fake I'd and lied and tried to justify her bad service skills
      This place has no business
      So your experience is Horrible
      Prime example of some of the bad apples they hire
      I hope you had a better experience elsewhere

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    Corporate Office Headquarters