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Taco Cabana Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Taco Cabana Corporate Office Headquarters

8910 Tesoro Drive
Suite 200
San Antonio, TX  78217
Corporate Phone Number: 1-210-804-0990
Corporate Fax Number: 1-210-804-1970

  • I recently visited the Taco Cabana at 415 S.MacArthurs Blvd. in Oklahoma City, OK. The experience was horrible. The chicken fajitas were dry, tortillas small and wilted looking, no flavor! Bean and cheese taco barely had any beans, and it was the dirtiest TC I've ever been to and I've been going to TC since 1990's. Flies were all around the soda machine and the condiments table. Tables were dirty and we were there 30 minutes and no one cleaned the tables. I've contacted and sent pictures to Cesar Jimenez,Supervisor, Social Media & Guest Metrics
    Guest Relations. He said he will look into the complaint, hopefully he will. I hope corporate will also look into it. We only have 1 TC that I know of in OKC and it's a shame for it to be that bad. Will be heading to San Antonio for a week to work, can't wait to get back to a good, clean TC!! Devey Ratliff

  • i went to TC yesterday and i really love the barbacoa meat but i also love the nachos with a passion. i tried to ask if i could put the barbacoa on the nachos. i was willing to pay the difference. the cashier kindly explained they did not do that because the computer wont let them charge it for me. so he asked his manager who rudely scolded him in front of me about how if the computer wont let him charge it then he cant sell it. He told me the shredded beef was a very tasty option so i settled for that. Please allow barbacoa to go on nachos. its very good meat.

  • Cheryl Wright at store 335 is a weak manager. She lets her shift managers on 1st shift bully this one employee in particular. THEY train employees in general to fail because they suffer from dinosaur syndrome. Service is awful most of the time. If you wanna know why employees don't stick around very long, Shift manager Sue and Shift Leader Ann are the problem.

  • We waited 30 minutes to get one fajita plate. The lady who refilled the sauces cleaned up the area and used the same hands to place them. She had no gloves. She kept touching her hair and pulling her pants up. Imagine her thumbs inside the bowls ;-( That just killed my appetite. The tortillas are not cooked and it's like 2 inches in diameter. Urgh…I can go on and on…For sure I can't go back again.

  • First of all before I begin I would like to advise everyone to never work at a Taco Cabana. It is not worth anybody's time. There a lot more better options out there. I myself am a formal employee and I recently got done speaking with the corporate office about an issue I had to address but she was responding to me and a really rude and unappealing manner. When I was speaking to them, they simply kept saying is that "all you need" in such a rude manner. and she to top it off she didn't even end the call with a proper conclusion. She just kept saying "Okay is that you need? Okay bye" This company just cares about making money. They are very careless about their employees and rarely ever employees get promotion or recognition for what they do. I mean employees have to deal with a lot in this place and yet they dont receive a little thank yoy for handling this situation nor nothing. Its just not a fair company. And the food is not all the great here. I could honestly say that little places like the little taco stands you see on the corners give you much better experience. That's where the real food is actually serve cuz they actually care about their customers and employees.

  • Taco Cabana is not and never will be good place to work!. Its filled with too many crooked managers who cannot do their job right as a good manager and constantly put too much stress on the employess by bullying them or trying to get them to quit on purpose so that they do not have to pay the compensation. Of course the top dogs of this company DO NOT CARE! because they are filled with complete greed and they dont make sure their employees are doing okay when the employees are the ones keeping their company alive. Without employees, Taco Cabana would be nothing and the top dogs wouldnt be receiving a dime if it werent for hard working employees. Taco Cabana has a very small number of actual good/hardworking employees and managers but has a larger number of bad/unprofessional employees and managers.

  • I have a compliant for store #158 and the staff is name David from Russia and I love all people and believe in educating people as a Educator. Now arrived at store # 158 a couple of days ago, it started like this I ran into people I haven't seen in a long time now I am recognizing that David is very upset because wanting me to order and I was the only one in line. Now I still haven't order but I asked David can I borrowed a pen ,the first thing that comes out of his mouth is don't run away with the pen then I used it and gave right back to him so ,I educated him about black people and we are not all like you read in Russia. Last, I have decided not to order and interacting with everyone including the sercurity on duty didn't have a problem but David did because I didn't buy anything. Now I'm on my way to my to leave but I ran into one of my student in the patio area David comes out frustratred and told in a ugly way to leave property then he goes inside to beckon the security and he didn't have any proplem at all. Well go back again to see if anything has change.

    Thank you,
    Waynmond Watkins
    210-842-5929 cell

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