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Qdoba Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Qdoba Corporate Office Headquarters

Qdoba Restaurant Corporation Address:
4865 Ward Rd., Ste. 500
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033-1902 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-720-898-2300
Fax Number: 1-720-898-2396
Customer Service Number: 1-888-497-3622
Email: Online Only

  • Tried Qdoba for the first time yesterday in Lubbock, TX. The experience would have been so much more if the tortillas were actually warmed up for at least 30 seconds more. This would allow for them to be much more pliable, and keep them soft enough so as not to crack and tear.

  • As of today you may have lost me as a customer for good. I stopped at the Janesville Wi store today to order the one thing on you menu that I like. Tortilla soup and Loaded Tortilla soup. I was told that it's no longer available, BIG mistake HUGE. Like I said the one thing on your menu that I like. Plus not being asked if I'd like to try something else. Now for someone that spent over 16 years in food service 6 of those years as management in some of your competitors stores. Now I know that it beyond unlikely that you'd give me the recipe, I'm going to need to shop the net for a knock off. And before you say it's summer why would you want soup, well I'm the customer and I'll order anything that I like.

  • My husband and I went to Qdoba in Noblesville, Indiana today April 24, 2021. After paying for our meals at about 1:25 pm and turning to walk away from the register, I slipped on one of those yellow "wet floor" signs which was lying on the floor, not standing upright!! Why would that be lying on the floor right near the register?? Upon stepping on it my entire body flew out from under me. My husband and another customer helped me up. I am lucky I did not hit my head and bust it open. In fact that was the first thing the customer asked me, if I hit my head. My head did bump the floor because my body fell backwards. None of the many workers behind the counter came out to help or ask if I was okay!! I know they heard the fall and saw it. It was like a plastic skateboard under my foot. I had to ask one of the workers to see the manager. He said for me to leave my name and phone number with him. Two other customers stopped at my table to see if I was okay before leaving. Needless to say I am extremely upset!!!! My left wrist around the thumb hurts everytime I pick up something! My back is tight!!! Where do we go from here? I expect a response.

  • So i just got fierd from qdoba herr lane louisville ky because my co woker that is 26 and brother who is 30 told me he would beat (oifj)and im only 16 and the gm said she dosnt care and i need a good number to call

  • Horrible treatment from whites at the Westland, MI location on
    Warren Rd.. Boycott qdoba restaurants black people!!

  • At the Westland Michigan location we witnessed several day's white server girl snatch a drink from a black employees hand. She was very impatient and unprofessional as he handled the award display of disrespect tactfully as they often do. We were going to mention this to the supervisor/manager, however we overheard him mention to a potential employee, that he was "looking to upgrade his staff", while looking at one of the black employee's!
    What a disgrace!!
    This is workplace bullying, intimidation, and against the law!!

  • My husband and I had tried to order at the Cherry Hill, New Jersey location, today May 9th 2017 and 9 30pm, but the website was not working properly and would not let us place an order. This was our first time trying to order from this restaurant and was really in the mood for some good Mexican. Upon calling the Cherry Hill store, while my husband was trying to order the 3 cheese nachos, right after he said what type of beans he would like, the employee started asking him what he wanted on the second one, and he wasn't even done the first….He started to continue with the rest of the ingredients from the website, and the employee commented, "Wow". Like, excuse me? What gives you the right to actually exclaim something as rude as that? Then after finishing the order, the employee just hung up. I had called back to speak to a MANAGER, and the manager was even disrespectful. I told him I don't appreciate this type of attitude, and all he could do was agree with the employee and say that it is not our policy to take orders over the phone. Then fix your website? We had tried to place an order on line 5 times and got the pop-up error message of 'pick a date and time' and then it terminated the order. So, basically they our blaming me for wanting to eat there and for the website not working. Sounds about right. The manager didn't even take this seriously and just gave me attitude the whole time. It is safe to say the first time eating there won't even be happening because I am telling everyone of the outrageous experience. You DO NOT treat your customers like dirt, it's completely pathetic. What would be nice is if something were done about these kind of people, but I know it won't happen, so I am alerting everyone about this atrocious location. Absolutely pathetic.~ Samantha Allen

  • Hello.
    I was recently let go from your moline Illinois store due to a medical condition I can not control. I was wrongfully terminated and the owner didn't even talk to me or the manager on the shift about it before deciding to let me go. I will be contacting the better business bureau and will be calling the cooperate number often until something is done. It's not right and I'm very unhappy with this owner.

  • I visited the Qudoba in Nashville, TN on West End Ave Friday April 14th, 2017. It was the worst experience I've ever experienced from this place. Usually going there a couple times a month, this time really disgusted me. My girlfriend and I visited to grab a quick, good bite to eat. It was right around the end of the dinner rush, and they were out of main things. They were out of chips, fresh produce, almost all the queso was gone. They stated that they wouldn't make anymore for the night, knowing they were open until 2 A.M. Then walking past the register to get my drinks, it reeked of garbage. Looking to the register the trash is piled high and overflowing into the area where not only employees, but customers walk through. The trash bins were overflowed and none of the employees seemed to want to work that night. With the five employees there, only 2 were working. The others were socializing. Im not one to usually complain, but this visit was so terrible and disgusting, I had to say something. If someone could contact me please, that would be awesome! I can be reached at j.taylor.brooks@gmail.com.

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