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  1. All I can say about Taco Bueno in Abilene Texas on Judge Ely Blvd.. I really did enjoy working there three different times and my problem is NOT the company itself it is the people that they hire they get that certain position and let it get to their heads and don't care who the screw over in the process because I was one of the best workers there knew almost everything in the store but when I got rehired they had just hired a new gm she knew what she was doing just took it to the dome…..she hired me telling me I would start off at 9.50 an hour was gonna try nd get me 10.00 but I didn't hold her to it then within two weeks I became shift manager with a 1.00 raise well when I finally get my check and i was at 9.00 so where did she go wrong by not talking to me and letting me know when she hired me and instead I got shorted 1.50 for almost 27 hours now tell me what would you have done? Then to top it all off I can not get a copy of my w-2s for 2017 bc I got locked up and was not able to file they say that they don't have it like really Bro. WTF????????????

  2. Not here to complain, just need info on my 401k for when I worked at taco bueno. Called and Leo getting ther answering machine. Need top speak with an actual person

  3. I am a shift manger at taco Bueno store 3191 my general mangers name is Stephanie.i am contacting HR today because I have went through the chain of command and nothing has been resolved. I am being intimdated and bullied by my general Mayer Stephanie, because I had sent a picture to Mike our AD that that she was clocking in and leaving, and not doing her job. After she had found out that I was the one that sent that picture to Mike the AD so has been treating and telling other employees that she is going to try to Wright me up for every little thing possible to try and get me fired.
    Then Friday December 14th Stephanie had caused me out for being 2 minutes late, so hade me in tears. Thats when I called Mike and had told him everything that's going on and he told me he will look into it. So then on Monday December 17th Mike called me and asked me if I would transfer to sandspring because Stephanie didn't want me there. I told him no I can't do that I don't have a car and my ride won't take me to sandsprings.after I hade rejected the transfer Stephanie had made the schedule and only scheduled me 30 hours. And put me on 3 closes this week. She purposely messed my schedule up to get back at me for sending him a picture of her clocked in and not there and rejecting the transfer.when I got hired on as a shift manger my only avalibilty was mornings because I have 2 kids under 2 and no baby sitter at night. I was promised my full 40 hours. I did have another job lined up but Mike the AD have asked me to stay with the promise of 40 hours, so I stayed. So I called Mike again and told him that Stephanie is scheduling me hours I am not available for and he said he was going to call her and figure out what's going on and give me a call back.
    Mike never called me back to then I called Joe wall and told him everything that's going on and he said he'll talk to Mike and someone will be giving me a call back. Well no one has called me, that's why I here today. I fell unsafe at my work place and it's becoming a hostile environment because Stephanie is spreading rumors and lies to fellow employees. I don't want any drama and no problems I just want to come to work and do my Job and get the hours and shifts I was promised.

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