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ExtraSpace Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact ExtraSpace Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

ExtraSpace Corporate Office Address:

2795 East Cottonwood Parkway Suite 400,
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
United States USA

Extra Space Phone Numbers and Contact Information

ExtraSpace Office Corporate Phone Number: 1-801-365-4600

Customer Support Phone Number: 1-855-234-6922

Website: ExtraSpace Storage

Extra Space’s competition includes Public Storage, iStorage, Cubesmart, LifeStorage, U-Haul, Clutter, Pods, Neighbor, Compass Self Storage and Storage Mart.

ExtraSpace Corporate Office

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  1. My unit in Phoenix AZ 3770 E Bell has has a rat infestation since Oct 6, 2022. They sent out an Exterminator on Oct 26, 2022. No-kill traps were set in the unit. Just “dusting with coyote urine stuff” to ward them off. It didn’t work. I spoke with a “real” exterminator–if rodents have already nested they need to set kill traps. I now have a damaged motorcycle–the insulation was chewed off the wiring. I have an antique car and furniture I have not inspected yet. I set my own kill traps. If I trap them I’m taking them to the “office” to prove the issue. Contacting my attorney to write a letter to corporate for damages.

  2. I am having a nightmare of an experience with this company and have been unable to reach anyone that can actually assist me after weeks of hearing that someone will contact me. My unit is up for auction on Friday because I have been unable to work due to being diagnosed with cancer and having to have multiple surgeries and then getting behind on all of my bills because I ran out of leave at work and disability wasn’t’ coming through quickly enough. I have still in the hospital and STILL trying to save my unit, but I am really freaking out at this point because nobody can get me the assistance of the proper chain of command. I have simply asked for a week because I found out this morning that my disability is approved and I will have it and the retroactive months early next week. I asked them to give me until the 25th and they are simply shutting me down and saying NO!. I have offered medical records as proof or whatever they need and still get the words NO, sorry! There is nothing of value to anyone else in my unit. The entire thing is full of memories of my dad that passed away and memories of my two sons, photos, clothes, etc. Someone is going to purchase that and throw it all away and I am just sick about it. The nurses here at the hospital know someone that is an attorney and have contacted him and the local news station to come to the hospital and speak to me and try to assist me so I don’t lose everything. I spoke to the attorney today and he had the same opinion that I did………what would it hurt them to wait ONE MORE WEEK????? I have been fighting for my life for months, been cut on, and have had horrible treatments and medications put into my body and I am still fighting. I am fighting to save the things that I love and the memories in that unit are one of the things I am fighting so hard to save.

  3. We wanted to drop the 47.00 insurance from our unit 2 months ago, well our call was never returned so when we questioned it again, we were told we would receive an email to electronically sign yesterday but we didnt, instead we received an email stating that it had been electronically signed already. This is forgery and we are pursuing criminal charges against the employee on duty. This company should not employ people that are committing crimes, someone has to be held accountable for their actions.

  4. Run from this company fast I was late on my rent only 5 days and my locks were cut and things were moved around not the way I left it. I moved out all my belongings the very next week and I left 10 days before my rent would be due again and the manager told me I could not get a refund of my money. This company took over Cube Smart who I originally rented from and never gave me a new contract but I know I am entitled to a refund if I left the premises earlier. I never want to rent from Extra Space ever.

  5. Storage. Crooks. For. The. Industry ,thieves. And. leveThen government. ,federal. And. State. Let's. Then. Get. Away. With. It.. Cleveland. Ward. Unit# 336 unit. Is. At. 171. Milton. St. Dedham. Ma.02026. Was. Lied. To. About. Rate. Increased
    by. Me.keep. Away. From. Crooked promised me the elevator and have me the shaft!! Now kicking me me out in a fraudulent supposedly.Do. Not. Use!!

  6. This place is a joke…do not store your belongings with this company. They advertise a price on their website, and once your stuff is in their, possession , they hike the rate up over %100. I have escalated my complaints, without a phone call or solution.

    I used this facility for about 5 years with only two rate increases, until Extra Space took over. In just 26 months I've gotten 5 increases. My rate has more than doubled in the 26 months that Extra Space has owned it. This company is a RIP-OFF!!!

  8. Tried calling corporate office this morning, and just like the services you get from each location of Extra Space Storage, the web site listing corporate office phone number (801-365-4600) is a lie. Same BS, just a recording telling you to send money. It appears that corporate office wants to play dumb about the services their location allegedly provides.

    As of this morning I have spoken with my attorney and am planning a class action law suit against Extra Space Storage and their corporate officers. Hopefully, you that have had the problems with Extra Space Storage violation of the law and what my counsel said appears to be a fraud will join when you receive notice of its filing after the court certifies the class.

    Mr. Kennedy

    1. Did this class action lawsuit ever take place or is it ongoing?
      I am interested and have documentation that may be helpful in proving unethical practices.

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