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  • 84 Lumber Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

84 Lumber Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact 84 Lumber Corporate Office Headquarters HQ:

84 Lumber Corporate Office Address:

1019 Route 519
Eighty Four, PA 15330

84 Corporate Contact Phone Numbers and Websites:

Website: 84Lumber.com
Corporate Phone Number: 1-724-228-8820
Fax Number: 1-724-222-1078
Customer Service Number: 1-724-228-8820

84 Lumber Corporate Office

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  1. Made over 15 attempts to call your 4 Points location at Birmingham Homewood. I got through 2 times. Most of the other attempts ended in either getting hung up on or I could hear the person working the front desk talking to someone. Either that phone system does not work or the person that was working the desk around 5pm EDT on 9/3/20 does not know how to use the system. I used number 205-942-6070

  2. I just call your Brookhollow location in Houston about a Conference, your sales association (MJ). She spewed out some acronyms that she felt I should have known about & I assumed completed. It was as if I had interrupted her. Then she proceeds in a condescending tone as if I should have known how to divide up the 8000 sq ft to accommodate our functions needs. I then told her never mind & Thanked her for her time. Decided to call back to speak with a manager she answers I give my name ask for manager, her reply "She Right Here" places me on hold. The Manager (MS) after tell about my experience did ask if she could help. After my encounter with MJ I couldn't bring my conference to this Hotel. Consumer service training would help her (MJ). This was a horrible experience.

  3. I thought I would try her shepard pie, since we love her pot pies..The shepard pie was disgusting..I wouldn't serve it to my worse enemy..After reading some of the reviews, whoever is test tasting her products before market..should be fired..

  4. My friend and I made a reservation on line and stopped at a rodeway in Summerville SC. The first room they gave us was #412. I immediately pulled back the covers on the bed and this is what I saw!!! The box spring looked like some one was murdered in the room! The box spring had dried blood all over it!!! She immediately gave us another room. The box spring looks like it has been treated for bed bugs! It has dried blood on it!

  5. I made reservations to stay at the Salt Lake City N Temple location and while there noticed that there were only 5 cars in the while parking lot which included the employee and restaurant patron cars.
    During our stay while outside smoking we noticed that they were leaving lights on in unoccupied rooms which has no bearing on my statement.
    After I had been home for a few days I noticed that my charge card had been charged twice which has happened to me in the past but I received a refund.
    I called the motel and tried to get a refund but they said that the charges were for two different dates and that I was a no show for the first date and refused to refund my money.
    It's not like they lost money over an empty room as it seems that they didn't have a bunch of business as I eluded to earlier. I could maybe understand if they had a lot of business and they lost out on occupying an empty room but that isn't the case.
    I live in Idaho and go to Salt Lake City once a month for treatment of my Multiple Sclerosis. I have no other reason to go there. The first reservation (The one they wouldn't refund) was for the Saturday prior to my medical appointment . The last I checked doctors don't have regular office hours on Saturdays.
    I live on a small disability check each month and can afford to have any unnecessary charges on my debit card. The motel management were not at all understanding of my situation and it is obvious that they are hurting for money but they shouldn't take advantage of people especially ones in my situation.
    One last thing that I am embarrassed to say but I will as I feel an obligation to make people aware of this. Shortly after I got home I developed a rash around my waist and went to my doctor. I was told that I had scabies and likely picked it up from this motel.

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