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  1. Received my blinds they looked nice one of them was fringed my wife called the store had the man who installed them pick up rep a store said we would have blinds back in two days with an attitude. Well the came back too us the same way they left after having them five days they did nothing!!
    We were told they saw no issue with daily use up and down they will fringe more and fall apart, they should of made it over we paid good money beige and brown two in one shade (Day and Night) is the name of shade.
    My wife called store on Friday 7/1/22 left a message no one answered phone answering machine says we will call you back in 24 hrs. no call back.
    I called on Sat. 7/2/22 same thing no one answered phone nice they use caller id to their advantage!! I left a message for a message to call me back no one call me back even after 24 hrs. I left a message saying if they don't call me back I would leave a nice review and go one step further contact cooperate office still no call back so here we are do not buy from Blinds TO Go 203 205 Old Country Rd. Carle Place, NY 11514 their customer service and quality control is very poor once they have your money they don't want to know you.
    Now I will contact credit card a dispute charges just not to let them get away from doing the right thing and making a fool out of me and my wife they will never see my money again hope CEO of Blinds To Go see's my review and other bad review and puts a stop to this bad customer service horrible!!

  2. No one ever answers the phone at the Deptford location. The message says that someone will return your call within 24 hours. I made a change to my measurements after the man was here to measure. No one ever called me back to let me know that they received the new information. I suspect the roman shade is going to be made with the incorrect measurements. I would think that someone would have called me to confirm the change. Nope! Very bad customer service!

  3. We purchased 7 blinds on August 3, 2019. The new design on these blinds is not made to hold up. All of the blinds are falling apart where the blind is glued to the top. We have blinds purchased previously and have not had any issues. The blinds have been up less than one year and falling apart?? Workmanship is poor!!

  4. The consultant Millie got my order incorrect. Blinds were wrong. She fix them in the store and re send them back to be installed for 7 windows and a door $1700 for everything and they were still wrong. Do not every buy from there. They do not like give nothing back. I had to file a complain. I am still waiting for the correct blinds and have miss two Saturday for the consultant error to make commission.
    I still

  5. installer was supposed to come tuesday, he never gave me a time salesperson did'nt know anything with regards to my install this is her sale!! she gave me the great news he's coming tomorrow i was in sales for over 30 years this is pitiful this girl should be involved with the sale from beginning to end nishs doesn't get it she needs re-training

  6. Just picked up my blinds from store 216, I took a day off went alone to pick up the blinds not realizing they were heavy. When I arrived home the color was incorrect. Doesn't someone, independent of the person cutting the blind check each blind before the customer is notified to come and pick them up? When I called the store I was told me taking a day off is not their problem but they can contact the company to correct the order. I would like to be offered a discount and have someone bring the new blinds and pick up the incorrect order. I could not believe the response that I received from Jessie (not sure of spelling) to tell me me taking a day off is not the stores problem. I am shocked at this response. I asked why they don't check at the store to confirm the order and was told that is not their job. Maybe quality control check at warehouse and also when it arrives in the store should be done. I look forwarded to working towrards resolving this issue.

  7. Lakewood/Cedar Bridge Road Store- If the factory gets it wrong and the customer comes back with one of a 7 blind order, they should be able to leave with the new correctly cut blind. Doesn't someone, independent of the person cutting the blind check each blind before the customer is notified to come and pick them up? It's called quality control/quality assurance. My window is bare, I wanted to leave with a a replacement blind after three trips back and forth to the store. I was told the factory is working on other orders right now. I told the clerk to tell them to stop and do my blind because it's their error. He said no we'll UPS it to you when it's ready. POOR customer service. I guess inconvenience to the customer doesn't account for anything when your staff make the mistake!

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