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Haynes Furniture Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Haynes Furniture Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 5324 Virginia Beach Blvd
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-757-497-9681
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-757-497-9681

  • Your delivery service leaves a lot to be desired. I purchased several items, including a bench. When the furniture arrived, the bench was dirty. I decided to keep it and requested that someone come out to clean it. When the bench was cleaned and it dried, the stain was worse. I waited nearly 1 1/2 weeks before they bought out a new bench. Unfortunately this bench too was stained. That day (Thrusday) I was told they would reschedule a new delivery for that Sunday. Sunday came and no one came with the new bench. I called and after several tries, was able to talk to the manager by the name of Malita. She advised me that no one scheduled a new delivery for that day, which was Sunday, and that another delivery date finally was made for next Thursday, which is 10/04/18. Because of these issues I wanted to cancel the bench but was told I could not, even though Haynes is responsible for the problems I am experiencing. I will no longer patronize this company!

  • The delivery men were friendly however extremely dishonest. I have completely lost faith in this company. My mother has been a long standing customer since the Newport News first opened. My husband and I purchased our first home in MD so she gifted our entire living room set. Since deliveries to MD only occurred once a month we were only able to have the set stored in our garage as we did not get the keys or settle until 3 days later. The delivery men were made aware and stored everything against a wall in the garage on Tuesday, June 13th. Since everything was stacked we did not get to look over everything for approval. I am 100% positive they knew the condition it was left in. The arm was completely broken on one of the chairs, the table was stacked on top of the servers and china cabinet. Out of all the items (10 chairs, china cabinet, and server) only ONE chair was wrapped. No other item was placed in the garage wrapped. The chairs have several knicks, scratches and dents and to top it off we are MISSING all of the shelves to the china cabinet and server and the server is missing all the mirrors. I took photos of all. I called the store immediately once we started to assemble the pieces 3 days after delivery (Friday, June 23rd) when we settled on the house. The phone rep did not seem to think this was any sort of an issue she could handle and said I would need to discuss this with the warranty dept. My mother went into the store that night and spoke with the same rep. She again instructed my mother to call the warranty number. My mother has sense made several attempts to speak with the warranty department with no answer. I am embarrassed to display a brand new set in such poor condition. I am extremely disappointed in your staff for not having any sense of urgency in assisting with the situation and, especially the integrity of the delivery men.

  • My wife and I were in you Va. Beach store on the 28th and purchased a couch.
    After the first sales person handed us off to the second salesperson and she was ringing up the sale we saw a Swivel/Recliner rocker the we really liked.
    It was marked $699.00. We thought 2 of those would be great.
    The sales person said they were $999.00 and had to be special ordered and they were discontinued by your store.
    We have been talking about this on the ride home to North Carolina and are very confused about this practice of have a price clearly marked on the showroom floor and being told a much higher price.

    Here is a picture of the advertisement that was next to the chair.
    We are still interested in these chairs but not at the $999.00 price.

    I have email the store and the manager and no reply.

    Thank you,

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