Haggen Corporate Office Headquarters

Haggen Corporate Office Headquarters
Haggen, Inc.
Address: 2211 Rimland Dr.
Bellingham, WA 98226
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-360-733-8720
Fax Number: 1-360-650-8235
Customer Service Number: 1-360-733-8720

  • I interesting. Since Hagen was bought by Albertsons a couple years ago, the whole staff changed . Prices went up, and hours down according to the employees . No union , or if there is it needs challenged regarding wages . Either you are or not union. IF SO , your wages should be above the wages of lower scale grocery stores , The y are not. Personally after all this went down, so did the service . Labor and Industries really should be contacted , and a complete investigation done . Is there union , or not ? If not , than start out at 12 an hour, if yes start out between 15 to 18 an hour. this sucks . As for the pharmacy?? a complete difference from the grocery end . WTH happened to getting medication there on time, no mistakes, and people who know how to read ? It has become a real problem at Hagen pharmacy. I have all my medications there , all of them. My insurance pays them upwards of 4 K a month in meds alone. YET, they run out of things ???? Dangerous things. Parathyroid meds .. seriously ? insulin tips ? really!!!???? Something needs to be done. Probably a call to the their heads of heads . it is a very dangerous mess.

  • Septsember 11, 2015. I worked for Safeway and took a transfer to Vons, after a year Haggen's took over Vons, right out the gate Haggen cut my hours from 37 to 20 a week. After a short time I was let go along with several other employees. Now the good part, Haggen's Supervisor informed me 5 weeks after I was let go my final pay check was in the Store and I had them mail it to me. When I went to the Bank they would not cash it as Haggen had filed Chapter 11 B.K. Went to there Bank and they would not cash it. Went to a Haggen Store and they refused to Cash it. This is a very bad Co. to work for. They held onto my pay check for 5 weeks until after they filed B.K. so it could not be cashed and even they would not cash it. Upon my final day of work when I was Layed off they did not give me my final check that is in violation of State Law. I sent this information to the Union and they are working with me on this issue, adding to the list of issues they are suing them for Violation of the Contract they have and violation of Employee rights. Haggen's can go to HELL. Worst Super Market there is.

  • I want to make everyone aware of the double charges nation wide that Haggen's has done. On August 28th if you used your debit card that day Haggen's then charged you again the same amount on August 30th. This has created a huge problem for me and I am very sure for many more people. It has taken up my time since Monday August 31st and they have had all of our double charged moneys since then too. I find this very alarming!! Since on Wednesday Sept 2nd they told me it was going to be five days from then until they would correct the bogus charge. What are you doing with all our money's for all those days? Why can we not get it back straight away? There is no excuse for this. And when I ask them what they are going to do to comp us for our time they just say we are going to debit your money back. That is not correcting the situation when you have not just taken peoples money but all so you have taken up there time. What, you can not even give people a coupon or something? What is wrong with you and your customer service? I will never step foot in your store again. And anyone reading this be aware of them double charging you.

  • I go to haggens a lot and it was a grate store. now the store is not the family store it wants was. the workers don't have time to help you or they don't have workers to help you.

  • Its good you are expanding to the west coast. But adjust to the west coast prices. You are charging East Coast prices in the west coast. You wont get the volume of customers you think you will. The A & B financially stable customers dont to to Haagens and D rated customers dont go to Haagens they go to the Asian markets and Mexican markets and the 99 cents store. And the in-betweens go to Ralphs Albertsons, Sams club, Costco and the Asain and Mexican Markets because they have better prices and Normal Name Brands. not Haagan brand whats a haagen brand. its like a no name brand to most you are charging higher prices for a no name brand. when in other stores Normal brands are the same price as a haagen brand Change your pricing or you will not make the revenue you anticipated.

  • Bad taste in my mouth on Haggen store on Canyon road. I went in to put an order in on the 19th for my sisters 40th Birthday cake which was a 2 tiered design. Went back in on the 20th to take a picture of the design I wanted on the cake, went back on the 22nd to confirm the cake and design was in place and correct then they misplaced my order form and lost the picture that I dropped of 2 days before . I was frustrated about that but the manager was able to print out a new picture for the order which put me at ease. I then got a call the next day from the baker to confirm the order which was good to go for pickup that afternoon. We picked up the cake for the party when we got to the location the cake fell apart , the top tier slide off and the rose flower designs all slid of the sides of the cake. I was so frustrated, upset, angry and in tears because the cake is the most important item of a party now its ruined!! Called manager on staff and his reponse was Im sorry and that he would refund the cost of the cake. WTF!!! how is that ok, we have no cake for the party, everyone is upset im in tears and all u can say is im sorry and u will get a refund. Is this how Haggen handles a huge problem like this, is this how they handle a customer who is upset and in tears because of there mistake. How am I to feel comfortable to go back there and do business and shop there again if they can't even handle this situation to the satisfaction of the customer…they get 2 thumb down in my book!! I had to call the store manager because I never got a call back regarding this huge issue that was not resolved. I filed a complaint so lets see how long it takes the reginal/district manager to contact me to resolve this problem. I expect to be fixed with more then just a stupid refund..ThEY RUINED OUR WHOLE CELEBRATION which is something we can never get back!!!

    • So the CELEBRATION was the Cake.. I thought you came together for your sisters 40th birthday. Word of advise.. Roll it off and laugh at the fact it happened and go on with good cheer for the birthday party. Crazy that people would be upset crying etc over a cake. ENJOY THE TIME YOU HAVE WITH YOUR FAMILY . The party should have been about that and not the CAKE …

  • My husband and I went to your new store here in Wenatchee Wa, just want to let you know we will not shop there again your prices are so outrageous we who are retied can not afford it, Safeway is even cheaper and then there is WalMart close by, the store was very clean and nice the check out girl was also very nice, she stated that most all the people she has checked out had the same remark would not be back because of the prices.

  • For store 2392, the assistant manager needs to either get transferred or terminated. Actually, ill rather you terminate her cause i would hate for other employees especially if they have families to have to deal with her ugly heart. There is no compassion in this women and she speaks to us as if we are nothing but trash. She lacks to understand that we are humans and if spoken to in a correct manor, we can get a clear understanding on what to fix in certain areas to better ourselves. If spoken to in a bad manor, it only distracts us from work and also; we cant even give a customers the proper greeting we want cause theres just so much on our minds due to bad management.

    • I absolutely agree. The assistant is allowed to run rampant, alienating every decent worker, making life difficult for everyone. Then again, it's not surprising, given that the store director couldn't care less about what is happening in his store. I've seen New clerks, and other low paid positions not care, and just be there for a paycheck, but never a store manager. He's so checked out, I seriously wonder if he even knows where he is, half the time. I once worked for a manager that was forced to fire a clerk, and he literally cried while doing it. now that was a good place to work, where it felt like we were a family. Here, it's more like management wants us to be lacking in emotion, empathy, and humanity. Be like your manager, be a soulless robot! A truly soul sucking, horrible place tI work, and it all comes from the top.

  • (cont from above)

    Whom ever organized this event is creating a very negative first impression in a community that is difficult enough to deal with a business owner or public servant, (trust me on that!)

    If the store had only been open 20 minutes, that just made Haggen look even worse. That meant MOST of the cars were NOT customers. Oh, the check stands were virtually empty.

    I almost didn't go at this time of the day because it is just beginning the busiest 2-3 hours of the day.

    The coordinator of the event not only didn't plan the logistics well, but they are also didn't react when a problem was pointed out to them.

    As I walked out to leave the store, the lot was still full, and there were twice the cars in all portions of the lot, possibly even 3x as many since there was now a steady stream backed up at two of the entrances, which there wasn't before.

    Not a real good message of customer care or concern on the first day. Hope it gets better.

  • I just returned from a bewildering and frustrating experience at the Haggen in Lake Grove, Oregon. Fortunately, I went to the store today to drop off some Rx's and take a grocery cart back to the store that appeared in front of my house a couple of days ago.

    As I came in the back driveway, I noticed that section of the parking lot was full, which is unusual. As I drove through the main part of the parking lot, heading for the opposite end where the pharmacy is, I was surprised at the traffic jam in the lot; there was about 8-10 cars I could see immediately. I started scanning for a parking spot and saw none.

    I got to the other end of the store, and the 'auxiliary' section of the lot, and saw a workman of some sort with the side door of his van open, getting tools, and a couple of people working on shopping carts, or some display items, taking up two spaces. Three more spaces were being taken up by fork lifts and such. Another couple were being taken up by pallets and other store fixtures. I drove through that lot, along with 5-6 other cars, and back through the main lot. There was not one empty parking spot.

    I ended up circling once more, then left the lot and parking across the street. The street adjacent to the store, 4-5 cars were parked illegally, (this is the only place even remotely close to park. I parked across that road in a lot where a friend has an office, knowing he would get mad since I was only going in and back out.

    As I walked back to the store, a steady stream of cars were leaving the lot, some heading off into the neighborhood and others heading to the store across the four lane road.

    I went in and saw employees in black shirts all over, easily 3 times the normal staffing. The pharmacy had twice the staff.

    I immediately wondered how many of the employees and contract workers were parked in the lot. I saw several faces I recognized, so I sure they were parked in the lot, since they have done so every day since the store opened.

    I walked up to the nearest black shirted employee and asked who was in charge, the response was "I am." I responded with, 'You are in charge of the entire show today?' "Yes", was the response.

    My first interaction with a Haggen employee was to be lied to. Great first impression. Why do I know she was lying? She was one of 7-8 people standing at the entrance of each check stand AND her name tag did not say manager, or anything else. Am I wrong.

    I had expected to be directed to one of the 3-4 older people standing in the middle aisle of the store; their behavior spoke out as "supervisors". I went with the flow and explained there was no parking spots, NOT ONE, and a stream of customers were leaving the lot.

    The response was, "I know." I said I had circled the lot several times and saw workings and equipment in spots that could be moved into the loading dock area. The response was, "There's nothing I can do."

    I then asked her how many of the extra employees had parked in the lot. Response, "There wasn't enough parking when it was Albertson's." Lie two. I've been shopping here since I bought a home around the corner in 1998. I have NEVER seen the parking lot overflowing.

    I told her this, and she responded, "I'm not going to argue with you. Everyone is working as fast as they can. We've only been open 20 minutes

    There's nothing more insulting and belittling than to be told, 'I'm not going to argue with you'. Especially when you aren't arguing, but trying to point out a problem AND providing a slight solution.

    They may be working fast, but they are not working smart. (cont…)

  • I wanted to salute "John" who I ran into at the Haggens in Carlsbad-formly Albertsons' for greeting me enthusatically this morning. I asked what happened to Albertson's and he shared the transformation. John was very helpful and shared wonderful insight to the newly changed store. He was informative and I appreciated that. I will continue to shop at my favorite store on La Costa Ave, Carlsbad. John you are definitely an asset to Albertson's- now Haggens. Sorry didn't get his last name- he greeted me in the produce department and he was awesome!!!! Best of luck to the new name & the employees who I've always found helpful & knowledgeable.

  • All I've heard is that your a family orientated company, I pray you are. I'm hoping you will let the employees do an evaluation on management. This needs to be done, someone needs to go!!! Cant wait for our transformation to Haggens. Las Vegas needs a change.

    • I totally agree!! We all need a vote because some managers make it really difficult to concentrate on our work and besides that, we can barely focus on giving customers a humble greet without thinking about what we are going through based on how management is treating their employees.

  • Why do you pay hard working employees who have worked at Haggen for a few years barely making above minimum wage? What good does their union dues do for them? It certainly doesn't help their income and, if anything, just takes even more money out of their already ridiculously low pay. Look around at other pay scales, especially after being a good employee for more than a year. I can see it being a beginning wage, but good grief, working at Subway or the Goodwill where there is often downtime can see greater pay after the first year or two. You should be ashamed, and if not, you have no conscious.

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