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Haggen Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Haggen Corporate Office Headquarters

Haggen, Inc.
Address: 2211 Rimland Dr.
Bellingham, WA 98226
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-360-733-8720
Fax Number: 1-360-650-8235
Customer Service Number: 1-360-733-8720

  • I interesting. Since Hagen was bought by Albertsons a couple years ago, the whole staff changed . Prices went up, and hours down according to the employees . No union , or if there is it needs challenged regarding wages . Either you are or not union. IF SO , your wages should be above the wages of lower scale grocery stores , The y are not. Personally after all this went down, so did the service . Labor and Industries really should be contacted , and a complete investigation done . Is there union , or not ? If not , than start out at 12 an hour, if yes start out between 15 to 18 an hour. this sucks . As for the pharmacy?? a complete difference from the grocery end . WTH happened to getting medication there on time, no mistakes, and people who know how to read ? It has become a real problem at Hagen pharmacy. I have all my medications there , all of them. My insurance pays them upwards of 4 K a month in meds alone. YET, they run out of things ???? Dangerous things. Parathyroid meds .. seriously ? insulin tips ? really!!!???? Something needs to be done. Probably a call to the their heads of heads . it is a very dangerous mess.

  • Septsember 11, 2015. I worked for Safeway and took a transfer to Vons, after a year Haggen's took over Vons, right out the gate Haggen cut my hours from 37 to 20 a week. After a short time I was let go along with several other employees. Now the good part, Haggen's Supervisor informed me 5 weeks after I was let go my final pay check was in the Store and I had them mail it to me. When I went to the Bank they would not cash it as Haggen had filed Chapter 11 B.K. Went to there Bank and they would not cash it. Went to a Haggen Store and they refused to Cash it. This is a very bad Co. to work for. They held onto my pay check for 5 weeks until after they filed B.K. so it could not be cashed and even they would not cash it. Upon my final day of work when I was Layed off they did not give me my final check that is in violation of State Law. I sent this information to the Union and they are working with me on this issue, adding to the list of issues they are suing them for Violation of the Contract they have and violation of Employee rights. Haggen's can go to HELL. Worst Super Market there is.

  • I want to make everyone aware of the double charges nation wide that Haggen's has done. On August 28th if you used your debit card that day Haggen's then charged you again the same amount on August 30th. This has created a huge problem for me and I am very sure for many more people. It has taken up my time since Monday August 31st and they have had all of our double charged moneys since then too. I find this very alarming!! Since on Wednesday Sept 2nd they told me it was going to be five days from then until they would correct the bogus charge. What are you doing with all our money's for all those days? Why can we not get it back straight away? There is no excuse for this. And when I ask them what they are going to do to comp us for our time they just say we are going to debit your money back. That is not correcting the situation when you have not just taken peoples money but all so you have taken up there time. What, you can not even give people a coupon or something? What is wrong with you and your customer service? I will never step foot in your store again. And anyone reading this be aware of them double charging you.

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