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  1. i have tried to upgrade my phone for 2 days, was on the chat yesterday to find out what my bill would be, all was good and fine. called to make a quick change on my apple watch plan and double checked the bill, Jennifer told me i could order the phone on the chat with no money down and could get it the next day, ok lets go for it so she sent me to telesales, telesales proceeds to tell me that the phone wasn't up for sale until the 30th, LIE NUMBER 1, i hung up, calmed down and decided to get onto chat today, was told today that i can't order it on chat and that i would have to pay 71 on the phone LIE NUMBER 2 and 3, then the guy on the chat kept arguing with me when i demanded a supervisor, didn't agree to to get me a supervisor until i told him i was leaving the chat, yes i have that transcript, calmed down again and decided ok i am going to do this one more time, my bank card had been compromised so i got back on the chat and asked if it could be ordered on the phone with my bank information, Yes Becky said, Again i have the chat transcript, LIE NUMBER 4, i called and was told no i couldn't do that, when will the lies end with your company, i am currently looking into other options if this isn't fixed within 24 hours

  2. USCellular, I have just experienced yet another negative experience with customer service/financial services. so I had to move to Texas which United States Cellular doesn't servie. I have had nothing but horrible issues with this company. I am charged at a per G rate and my phone is horribly expensive and you are not flexible. I have experienced being shut off on a weekly basis in February. even though I had made payments and was unemployed at that time. in March I had made arrangements for a Friday and was shut off on Friday even though I had made a 200.00 payment because the rep made an error and scheduled it for Thursday which is not my payday. so I had to go to mcdonalds to ask them to borrow their phone so I can get turned on even though and it was an argument to get that done. it was humiliating and degrading when the staff of mcdonalds and their customers are having to hear this call in public. I have always paid on my bill no matter what. I have been customer since 10/2015 and so unsatisfied. whats worse is that you will not let me out of my contract even though you don't service Texas. no matter what I pay. no matter what I call. no matter what I do my best. I had already paid 125.0 this month. needed to pay 40.00 due to my check being a shorter then normal and its the rent check. but I called asked to make that payment and on the next check june 8 two weeks later I could catch up the rest. I was refused. I also don't appreciate being charged by per G basis. its wrong. It is not my fault that you do not service Texas. and yet im heavily financially penalized for it. the bill has become so expensive that I have to break it down little by little because I am unable to afford a 400.00 data bill. luckily I just started working at a cable company so I can get free wifi/internet to help relieve the ease of this additional financial stress and usage. I have been a good customer I always pay and now my phone will be shut down today even though i continue to make the effort. I will be charged yet another 50.00 I have to say…come November I am all too excited to move to a different provider. the customer service has been horrible, the customer experience has been horrible, the service has been horrible.

  3. I am not even a US Cellular member and yet for a month in a half I been getting automatic phone calls Daily from 888-939-3900!! Waited the 10 days to have my number removed but yet a month after daily calling me again!!! Called them again today June 1, 2015 and said STOP calling me!!! Listen to your supposed recordings and see I been calling daily about this issue!! I will be filing a report and my number is on the Do Not Call list like your employee told me to do!! Better stop calling me this time, I have a way better service then this crap company!!!!!!

  4. loyal customer for 8 years, was told i could keep my points if i changed my plan i have had for years to a non contract plan,i had enough points to get a new galaxy s-5 or any other phone i wanted for the lowest cost because i had so many points. well i go to pay my bill today and check on why i can't access my account to see my points etc..and was told my points are gone because i switched plans, explined i was told by the customer service rep on the phone i could keep my points and get my new phone whenever i wanted. but no,i get screwed! this is a pretty blatant bait and switch1 and if i don't get my points back and a new phone i will be changing companies and making sure everyone knows about these shady business practices.

  5. Your Company has continued to allow the 611 call service center to lie about my comments and about what I have stated and twist my words and now you have caused me and my family to almost lose our baby from stress and you have almost cost my wife her job you are immoral evil corporation

  6. Purchased two GALAXY S5 AND TWO G2 WATCHES from the first day we had problems with my wife’s phone going straight to voice mail, me standing next to her. Then my phone devolved problems as well. The store associate put in our records after about ten trips in in over a month time period with no results. Then got so feed up I called 611 they took my information and transferred me to tech support. My battier died while on the phone waiting for tech support, this is one of the problems in the phone 4hr battier life.
    Now I have two other phones shipped from US cellular and they have more problems then what I had in the beginning one of which is the phone locks up no microphone.
    My only choice after 27 years of business with US Cellular is to leave and find a phone that works and a company that respects their customers. My home phone and two cells are currently with you but not for long.
    I will be returning the equipment to the store located in Weaverville N.C. 28787 today 09/08/2014. You can reach me at ??? ??? ???? or ??? ??? ???? I doubt that my phone will even work but you can try ??? ??? ????.

  7. The worst carrier I've EVER had! US Cellular is constantly screwing up our bill. If their customer service department at least acted concerned and/or respectful, I might be more patient. However they are some of the rudest people I've ever dealt with. I may be locked in to a contract for a couple of years, but I promise you I will go out of my way to discourage ANYONE from using this carrier.

  8. My name is Carliss Haltom and I have been with us cellular for over 8 years. Since you guys have done some changes my bill has been screwed up. I paid my bill every month even though I didn't receive a bill from you. I have now paid twice on one bill even though I had paid it on time. I will be faxing it to you so you can see I have paid this twice. One was paid in October of 2013 and it was paid again December of 2013. Will I have to keep paying the same bill every month or do I need to do some changes like go with another company. I called in to let you know that I had paid this bill two times and a guy named Shannon was rude and told me that he would disconnect the call on me. He told me I had to pay again or my service would not be turned back on. I'm not sure who you got hired to do your customer service but as I see it this man has a problem with his job. Just a FYI I am not very happy with this company right now. I am in hopes all this gets straightened out but I really don't see it happening. If it does then I stay if it don't i'll go with another company. Sincerely yours Carliss Haltom 580-317-3912

    1. Mine has too and now they have added reconnect charges i did not get a bill for 2 months and now all of a sudden it seems all i have been doing is playing catch up maybe if enough of us cellular customers file a official complaint for all the issues we are having they will starighten up if anyone wants they can email me cindyh2615@yahoo.com

  9. This company is the WORST!!!!!!! I hope to get the news involved, BBB, attorney general, Federal Communications & anyone else that can put a stop to this AWFUL company!

  10. your company has taken my payment no problem and guess what i cant use my phones for now 2 days……..really then get excuses from your employees not happy and it is theft from a company

    1. I purchased 2 Samsung Galaxy S5 for $492.00 each on 7/12/17 and on 7/11/17 my phones,both of them starter messing up. I cannot send or receive a text or make or receive a call without losing service and then I have to restart my phone to have service. This happens every time and because I didn't call US Cellular on the 11th I'm told I'm out of warranty and it's going to cost me money to have my phones fixed.I have spent hours on the phone with tech support and also Samsung. I have been with US Cellular from the beginning and when my contract is up in a year I will no longer be with US Cellular.I have been in management with large companies and I know there is someone with the authority to say you get those customers new phones and get that situation taken care of. But according to everyone I have talked to nobody has that authority. They didn't offer me a new sim card to try I had to ask for one. I just can't believe US Cellular would rather lose a lifelong customer versus getting them taken care of. You want me to upgrade and wind up with another two year contract. Well it won't happen,if your company will no fix my situation quick then I am done with your company when my contract is up next July. I will go with someone else within the week and still pay my bill until my contract is up but I will not be using US Cellulars service nor phone which I can't use anyway. This customer is saying so long and I will not be recommending your company to anyone but I will share my phone problems with anyone who will listen.

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