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  • Nebraska Furniture Mart Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Nebraska Furniture Mart Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Nebraska Furniture Mart Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Official Address:
700 South 72nd Street
Omaha, NE 68114 USA
Email: Online
Corporate Phone Number: 1-402-397-6100
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-336-9136


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  1. I am livid at this point! We purchased our furniture on September 5, 2020 and at that time we were told our head boards and frames were in stock for our mattresses. We proceeded to continue building our house and with a few changes in closing which was ok because a lot of items were not in stock at the original purchase date we continued on and the day before complete delivery of items we were called and told everything was in stock and would be delivered the next day. Upon delivery and completion none of our bed frames were delivered. So basically they sold our purchased frames that we initially purchased to someone else. So now my family and i are sleeping on mattresses on the floor until God knows when because we continue to get delays on shipping. I have never been more unhappy. I will give a 1 star review now and report to better business bureau this is absolutely ridiculous.

  2. On April 9, 2017, someone was able to go onto your site and create an account using only my first and last name and my email address. With the account that was created, this individual was able to book reservations at a hotel that does not require a credit card upfront. I called that hotel to have the reservations cancelled, they then informed me to call Booking.com. This was an absolute joke calling Booking.com's customer service. First the customer service representatives are very unpleasant, I could not speak to a manager or supervisor at all. They had a difficult time cancelling this reservation under my name that was allegedly for a business trip. I was told the only thing that I could do was change my email address and password. Newsflash, that does not stop anyone from going onto to your site to make reservations under someone's name, or even creating an account on your site. I even received the email asking me confirm my address for making the reservations, it was never confirmed because I didn't make the reservations. This also means that whoever made the reservations does not know my password to my email address. Think twice before using this site at all, because if someone ends up with your information and makes reservations the only thing that they are willing to do is cancel the reservations. They do not care about about your personal information being used by an unknown person. They only care about reservations being made through them.

  3. I have been going to your Tallahassee store since it opened several years ago. I do not understand what has happened here recently, I would say within the last 6- 8 months. The quality of food has declined, staff is horrible,the few remaining decent employees look as if they are on the verge of a breakdowns, because of the way management's treating them. I have sent in a complaint, he manager addressed it, but to be honest, a 20$ gift card didn't compensate for a sirlion tip roast , that was not a TIP roast. But may be a sirlion roast that was tuff as leather….and then I had ground sirlion that after being in the frig overnite, smelt putrid the next day. I was appalled. This has never happed before, I use hrew it away , 3 PDS . in the trash!!! Waste of money another roast 20$ in freezer, guess I'll feed to my dogs. I just can't were my money at a store that no longer carries decent products, does not care about staff or its coustomers. Your store is a sinking ship. You can go in there at 8_ 9 am no staff just take food. Everyone is depressed, produce is rotten, selves unstocked, bakery stale foods. You're told ground round is equivalent to sirlion, its a mess.

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