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Reach Affordable Home Furnishings Corporate 

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Affordable Home Furnishings Corporate Office, is headquartered in New York. More information about Affordable Home Furnishings, including their corporate address, contact numbers, and an overview of the Affordable Home Furnishing.

Contacting Affordable Home Furnishings Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Affordable Home Furnishings Headquarters: An Overview

  • Corporate Address: 53 Main St Cortland, New York, 13045 USA
  • Corporate Phone Number: 1-607-218-6060
  • Customer Support and Help: 1-800-893-6711
  • Affordable Home Furnishings Customer Care: Accessible via their website or customer service line
  • Website: Affordable Home Furnishings

Affordable Home Furnishings Corporate Office

Maps and Directions To Affordable Home Furnishings Corporate Headquarters


Affordable Home Furnishings Competition

Affordable Home Furnishings faces competion from Rent-A-Center, Aaron’s, and local rent-to-own stores.


Please be aware that CorporateOfficeHeadquarters.com is not officially affiliated with Affordable Home Furnishings. The content provided is for informational purposes and serves as a platform for customer reviews, feedback, and corporate complaints.

Affordable Home Furnishings Port Arthur TX

December 13, 2022

Please stay away from this store. Their so-called workers came to my house banging on my front door like they were crazy behind a two-hundred-dollar TV. Went to complain to their boss and he made excuses about both of them banging on my door at one time. I showed him a video of the ones banging on my door was laughing like it was funny. Please think twice before buying there. Ms Erica is the only one who is very professional and always kind. This is the store in Port Arthur TX. I thank god I paid that TV out in full. I have bought two bedroom sets, two dining room table washer and dryer, a stove, and a TV, and every item was paid off. I did business with them for about four or five years and have never dealt with disrespectful workers like the two that came by my house I will be posting my doorbell video


Affordable Home Furnishings Shreveport LA

December 13, 2022

I came into the store at 2710 W. 70th Suite B, Shreveport LA 71108 to lease a BRAND NEW BLACK refrigerator because it would match my other kitchen appliances.

Well, I believe that I was sold a USED black refrigerator, because, about 3-4 months after having the refrigerator in my home the refrigerator stopped freezing and getting cold at the bottom.

They sent me out a used loaner (white) refrigerator. When I asked about a new black refrigerator that I paid for. The manager told me that I would have to come make a new leasing contract agreement.

I’m like what? You sent me out of a used refrigerator and got mad at me.

Your Affordable Home Furnishings breached the contract.

I want a black refrigerator like I paid for.

Spend your money elsewhere


Affordable Home Furnishings Customer Service

December 13, 2022

I need to speak with somebody from the corporate office! They said they would work with me and lied. Not only that they acted like a detective calling my phone threatening me and being rude and ugly !

Corporate Office Headquarters