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  • Affordable Home Furnishings Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Affordable Home Furnishings Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact How to Contact Affordable Home Furnishings Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Official Address

53 Main St
Cortland, New York, 13045 USA

Phone Numbers and Contact Information

Email: info@ahfshop.com

Corporate Phone Number: 1-607-218-6060

Fax Number: n/a

Customer Support and Help: 1-800-893-6711

Website: Affordable Home Furnishings

Chat: Scroll to the bottom right of the webpage

Affordable Home Furnishings’ main competitors are Aaron’s Rent To Own, BestWay, Rent-A-Center, also Best Buy, Walmart, and Target.

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  1. I came into the store at: 2710 W. 70th Suite B, Shreveport La 71108 to lease a BRAND NEW BLACK refrigerator because, it would match my other kitchen appliances.

    Well I believe that, I was sold a USED black refrigerator, because, about 3-4 months after having the refrigerator in my home the refrigerator stopped freezing and getting cold at the bottom.

    They sent me out a used loaner (white) refrigerator. When I asked about a new black refrigerator that I paid for. The manager told me that I would have to come make a new leasing contract agreement.
    I’m like what? You sent me out a used refrigerator and get mad at me.
    You affordable home furnishings breached the contract.
    I want a black refrigerator like I paid for.
    Spend your money elsewhere

  2. Please stay away from this store.Their so called workers came to my house banging on my front door like they were crazy behind a two hundred dollar tv.Went to complain to their boss and he making excuses about both of them banging on my door at one time .I showed him video of the ones banging on my door was laughing like it was funny.Please think twice before buying there.Ms erica is the only one that is very professional and always kind.This is the store in port arthur tx I thank god I paid that tv out in full.I have bought two bedroom sets ,two dining room table washer and dryer,a stove , and a tv and every item was paid off.I did business with them for about four or five yrs and have never dealt with disrespectful workers like the two that came by my house I will be posting my doorbell video

  3. I need to speak with somebody from the corporate office ! They said they would work with me and lied . Not only that they acted like a detective calling my phone threatening me and being rude and ugly !

  4. I'm done dealing with affordable they running my card with out my consent when my note is not due and they jus took money out my account with out my consent right before christmas and left me broke

  5. We did business with the Bastrop office. They delivered a bedroom suit with a broken frame, broken knobs and MOLD in the drawers. Nicole is the rudest person and her facts are way off. That's ok. That's what attorneys are for. Thank goodness I have witnesses and pictures

  6. I'm beginning to wonder if this kind of customer service is a part of employee training at Affordable Home Furniture and Rental.

  7. I have been renting from Affordable for years, I have actually become a VIP member of the Natchitoches La store.
    Recently, at the beginning of August I received a flyer saying I could pick an item and not make a payment until September 1st. I ignored the flyer because I am disabled with no transportation.
    About a week before the end of the month Tanya (a worker at the store) called and asked if I wanted to take advantage of the offer…so over the phone I ordered a deep freezer and a 32 inch TV…the television arrive with dust that had turned to dirt, the labels on it had started pulling away from the tv…I called and asked that it be replaced with a New TV…6 days later I received another used TV that they were charging me for as a new TV. I personally took this one back to the store…did I mention that it arrived to the house without remote or owners manuel. I'm told that they didn't do refunds and they would not apply the tv payment to my deep freezer. She reached in her desk drawer (not Tanya) the nasty one and gave me a remote still swearing that it was a new tv that she had just taken out the box,
    F N LIAR…remote had lost its shine… Apparently she doesn't keep the tv manuel so it had been thrown away since she took it out the "box" yesterday.
    I was told I might as well take the TV home since I had paid for the month…which I did…still a waste of money because I put it on an bed in an unused room. I will be returning the TV when the nxt payment is due. I will start establishing credit with another funiture store. The whole staff department in this Natchitoches stire needs to be gutted out especially management no onee has any thing good to say about Marcus.

  8. My name is dorthy shead i went online and started a new rental agreement and made my first payment online have Not received item are a refund and can not get anyone on phone at the corporate office have been calling for 5 days and have sent emails and left message do they really have a corporate office IT IS 8:37AM I AM CALLING NOW 3183839430)I AM THINKING I JUST NEED TO GET IN TOUCH WITH THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY OFFICE TO SEE IF THEY CAN HELP.

  9. My concerns is I rented a washer & paid it out this the second time i need a tech out & the washer is not a year old.I've been calling Affordable on Airline & JUST getting told a tech will call & thats been about 2 weeks please can someone contact me asap 2254139086 nita.lovely75@yahoo.com in need of a tech asap Please!!!!

  10. Baker store i've been doing business for years there. Walk in see a sign no public restroom. So I tried to shop but I couldn't cause I really had to go so I asked can I use the restroom cause I'm a paying customer and I really have to go so I can finish shopping the lady with the red shirt told me when some lady came in and messed up her restroom cant nobody even paying customer that are trying to shop cant use the restroom Never have I ever had to deal with that. Then on top of that I had to wait 35mins2 till he finished doing my app and my 7 year old had to go I thought no public restroom mean for people that's not shopping. Not people that's paying and have to wait I think she was rude and unprofessional for a manger and her appearance was horrible. After this sell I will not be taking my business there anymore. How can you shop for furniture if you are uncomfortable. Very horrible customer service every.

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