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Goodwill Corporate Office Headquarters

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Goodwill Corporate National Headquarters Address HQ

Goodwill Industries International, Inc.

15810 Indianola Dr.

Rockville, MD 20855 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-530-6500

Fax Number: 1-301-530-1516

Customer Care Phone Number: 1-800-466-39455


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STOP GIVING TO GOODWILL! They hire criminals they all steal. We give to Goodwill to help the poor and they are getting rich off donations and you should hear how they talk to the employees . Now they want to put donations on eBay

PS4 CONSOLE JUNK-CUSTOMER SERVICE FAILED! You ARE selling junk. All it takes is an effort to look at the console on a monitor to see if the video output works. All it takes is eyes, to see if the console powers to a solid white light. This is a wake-up call, to remind you that you’re selling as “FOR PROFIT” when listing these items, NOT NON-PROFIT. When taxes are applied, like in these listings, you’re selling to the public with a fiduciary duty to list WHATS WRONG!



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