BBB Corporate Office Headquarters

BBB Corporate Office Headquarters

Better Business Bureau


3033 Wilson Blvd, Suite 600,

Arlington, Virginia 22201 USA


Corporate Phone Number: 1-703-276-0100

Customer Service Number: 1-703-276-0100

  • I filed a complaint #15696606 against the baker law group and it was taken down?? Are you now taking down complaints when consumers look to you for trust for a little cash? Can someone explain why a review, only two month old suddenly disappears? The matter is before a judge now and the dispute is off the website. So much for BBB Integrity

  • the BBB is a joke, in all its forms. There is no corporate office, phone # just routes you back to the satellite office you're already having trouble with… Austin TX BBB is most likely on the take. I have called 4-5 times, speaking w/ "Antonia," finally, the one "handling" the review, and others, each time there is a "reason" why they're not publishing my review against "Kingsisle Entertainment, each time, each BBB employee comes to the conclusion that, yes, my review should be published, and yet, for months now, its a no-show. The truth is my review is so damning and I provide screenshots which prove it, Kingisle has most likely "arranged" for it not to be published. Stay far away from Kingisle Entertainment, stay far away from the internet game, "Wizard101."

  • The BBB in Little Rock Arkansas does not answer the phone,block emails to the supervisor and is the only BBB that handles Walmart and Sams club. They have only one person Jana Davenport who and is biased and over worked. She processes some complaints others like mine she blocks and or looks up how many complaints and ignore my complaints and she behaves coldly towards me. They have got it set up so you can not file a complaint against them with the headquarters as it is redirected to Little Rock BBB, What a farce.

  • This is the information I found about Safelink Wireless online @Safelink London, which did not mention anything about Miami, Florida being their corporate headquarters as your site stated:
    Legal Business Information:
    Safelink Services Limited is a company registered in England & Wales.
    Company Reg: 02738688 | VAT Reg: 830 8154 42
    Registered Office: Treviot House, 186-192 High Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 1LR
    Safelink is an ISO9001:2008 registered company.

  • My name is Joshua Pagan. Work for Cumberland farms less then 2 Years. My hours worked for Cumberland Farms in Epping, NH under the store manager Randy Leflore. Randy Leflore incorrectly punched in what he wanted to punch in. When or before my pay check was submit by him for the hours I worked. He punch in the full 40 hours on a good amount of pay checks. Let alone he never approved my overnight pay as well. I was a full time overnight never received the 40 hours on most of my pay checks when I was work in their. I had never received the overnight pay after midnight in the time I worked. I work there five days a week. I have put my two notice a week ago.

  • I filed a complaint with BBB West Florida office against Minton Water Treatment (Case# 67310779) . The owner was paid in full and then never returned to complete the job. I was left hanging to incur additional expenses for work I already paid for. When the company didn't respond to the complaint, they called him. He lied and told them he had resolved the matter with me. So when I disputed his claim of having settled with me they attempted to contact him again but he had changed his PO Box mailing address and his phone number. When informed of this, it took me about two seconds on Google to find his new phone number and with a little searching I was able to find his physical address and promptly gave the info to the BBB rep. They once again attempted to get him to respond and when he never did they closed the case and gave him a grade of " B-" . Really? Just what would he have had to do to get an "F"? I never expected the BBB to make the individual do right by me…but what I did expect was the BBB to give him a grade that would give others pause to use his service. So what message did the BBB of West Florida send to this unethical person by giving him such an undeservingly high grade? I am person of means and he did this to me…so obviously he will have no issue taking advantage of the many elderly on fixed incomes in west central Florida. Shame on you BBB…I give West Florida BBB a grade of "D-" for enabling rather than helping prevent this individual from taking advantage of others.

    • Same worthless response in Colorado Springs with a car scam. Two locations, same name,
      only one a member. Same principals in both locations. No rating on the non member
      scammer, A+for the member. BBB in membership business, follow the $

  • I feel for the few of you that didn't get what you want. The BBB only has so many resources to assist people. They have been around for 102+ years, so they must be doing something right. I take all the above complaints with a grain of salt. They are not a policing agency in that they do not have the power to sanction companies etc, they can put alerts on their websites, but if you don't read them…….It pays to be a smart consumer as well. Consumers want a lot for nothing and they are NEVER wrong….really. I too post this anonymously – I don't need the harassment that might come from this comment.

  • The BBB does not appear to the the honest company that it wants to us to believe that they are. I filed a complaint against Veteran Energy at the BBB in North Eastern Florida. The complaint was not resolved and therefore the BBB covered it up by not posting as promised the written complaint to the web. For those interested the complaint number is #10341036. From the Email that I received and the attempt to recover the complaint the BBB conveniently deleted it. I for one, no longer trust the BBB as they are just about profits for themselves and DO NOT serve the general interests of the public. I only posted this as anonymous because they didn't have a format for private emails. There are other websites to file public complaints against the BBB. So if I DO NOT get satisfaction I will publish a complaint against the BBB on that forum.

  • I feel your pain…..tell me about it…I'm dealing with las Vegas and they don't in a timely manner and it's behind the scene there. They're not as honest company to put a complaint for justice haslf the time. They act like they're there for u when the are not.

  • BBB of west FL reporting on false complaints that customers are complaining on wrong company. We have court documents that proved our company was a victim of fraud but west FL BBB wont take down the complaints. They are being accessories to FRAUD in addition they are reporting we have three unanswered complaints which were indeed answered and John Zajac the VP of West FL BBB was provided copies of but didnt do anything about them. To this date the complaints remain unanswered according to BBB file and none of my calls to the BBB are being answered or returned.

  • The BBB is the most unorganized business joke I have ever dealt with. So bad, that they can't even handle cancelling my membership! Seriously? You are the BBB!!! Who do I file a complaint to against the BBB themselves? I can't even get anyone on the phone to resolve my problems because they all get the entire holiday season off work! Upon calling corporate someone finally answered the phone and told me "How I am I supposed to help you when I have 50 million other calls to answer". BBB, get a life.

  • I agree on the NY office for sure. I filed a complaint against a company who's data mining and stealing money through the ACH banking system. They took money from my account, and I have no idea how they got the info to do that! BBB NY said they sent them a letter for an explanation. Then BBB NY said they received no response from the company. (Big surprise) Then BBB NY contacted me and said, since the company didn't respond… we're closing the complaint. THE END! Beware all the company stealing the money was I didn't even know this company existed to they stole the money from my account!!!

    The BBB has become too lazy to investigate and help people… instead they depend on their laurels as a protector of consumers when in reality their no better than the people who run the scams against consumers. The BBB is a waste of time.

    • Follow up to above comment. I learned the company involved in this complaint WAS NOT INeedTech. com. The perpetrator was actually a company in Thailand named EDUINITIATIVES.ORG. Actually the BBB had posted an scam alert for this company January 24, 2014. All else stands on this complaint except for the company.

      I received a call from and the individual was very helpful in resolving the complaint. Apparent the number I called while doing my own investigation was a number once used by and the EDUINITIATIVES.ORG was answering the phone using the greeting to cover their thievery.

      Wow… how convoluted can this all get. My apologies to for dragging them into this. Thank you to the individual from for helping me straighten this out.

      About the BBB NY… I had to sent them another address to get them to move on researching the original problem. They were too lazy to do it on their own. Guess I won't be counting on or depending upon ANY BBB location. If you do all the work… they'll send you an email asking if you want to accept the companies' non-compliance. What a joke.



  • I want to file a complaint again the VP or the Dallas office Lee Stalling. There is no communication in the BBB and they are completely bias. This should not be the correct way the BBB should be run. I have complied fully to continuous receive a run around.

  • I want to file a complaint again the VP or the Dallas office Lee Stalling. There is no communication in the BBB and they are completely bias. This should not be the correct way the BBB should be run. I have complied fully to continuous receive a run around.

  • New York City office sucks. They pick up the phone then hang up, 3x. Why is it so hard to find a contact number to the BBB?

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