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  • BBB Corporate Office Headquarters

BBB Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact BBB Corporate Office Headquarters

Better Business Bureau


3033 Wilson Blvd, Suite 600,

Arlington, Virginia 22201 USA

Website: BBB.com

Corporate Phone Number: 1-703-276-0100

Customer Support Phone Number: 1-703-276-0100

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  1. I filed a complaint #15696606 against the baker law group and it was taken down?? Are you now taking down complaints when consumers look to you for trust for a little cash? Can someone explain why a review, only two month old suddenly disappears? The matter is before a judge now and the dispute is off the website. So much for BBB Integrity

  2. the BBB is a joke, in all its forms. There is no corporate office, phone # just routes you back to the satellite office you're already having trouble with… Austin TX BBB is most likely on the take. I have called 4-5 times, speaking w/ "Antonia," finally, the one "handling" the review, and others, each time there is a "reason" why they're not publishing my review against "Kingsisle Entertainment, each time, each BBB employee comes to the conclusion that, yes, my review should be published, and yet, for months now, its a no-show. The truth is my review is so damning and I provide screenshots which prove it, Kingisle has most likely "arranged" for it not to be published. Stay far away from Kingisle Entertainment, stay far away from the internet game, "Wizard101."

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Corporate Office Headquarters